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Mobius Universe 13, a brand new universe to the Sonic world. But unlike all the others, Sonic and the others do not exist, rather its OCs that inhabit the universe. The universe was created by 8 Elemental Divines, 8 Ancient Tribes that go all the way to the current age of 2020. Are you from a Royal Blood line, or a follower?

-OCs only, no Canon
-Brand New RP server
-Always evolving
-Kind but strict Staff
Set after the events of Sonic IDW #12 and the Tangle and Whisper miniseries- a branching narrative from the Zombot Arc!

Doctor Ivo Robotnik or as he is formally known by the members of the Resistance; Eggman has continued to threaten the world with his robotic menaces of mass destruction on his goal for build an amusement park- Yeah, not too terrifying right? Well, don't let it deceive you; the Doctor has been working on something in secret..

The Resistance however has blossomed back into it's full power with recent additions from all over Mobius! The team has never been stronger then before with members such as Whisper and Tangle and many many more! Including some faces that you've never seen before..

This is MobiusLife; an ever evolving Sonic Roleplay server that constantly cranks up the ante while allowing you have to fun with your friends!


Hello! I'm Saryn and I'm one of the two owners that run MobiusLife; which is a 13+ Sonic Roleplaying and community server dedicated to giving everyone regardless of where you're from in the franchise; a place to hangout, relax and roleplay! While we do specialise in roleplay- it's not a requirement to join in the slightest.

What we offer is the following;
- A tight and safe verification system to prevent raiding and anything of that nature.

- Roleplay areas from across the various Sonic canons!

- Monthly events which include crossovers from time to time with franchises similar to Sonic such as our Freedom Planet event!

- A rich narrative pulling from the best parts of the Sonic chronology into a simple and easily understood timeline! If you don't know a certain topic or are confused about something? We made a handy document for you to read or you can ask me!

- Faction events which only members of those factions are able to partake in- it does take some work to join these factions but when you do? Fun awaits! Just a couple of factions include; The Diamond Cutters, The Chaotix and the Egg Bosses!

- Our narrative while taking queues from IDW has incorporated ideas and some story beats from Archie Comics when it comes to characters and some timeline bits!

- OOC events such as movie nights, game nights and places for artists to post their work or share other peoples as well!

At MobiusLife; we take pride in every single one of our members and we hope to see you soon!
Welcome! to a literate and story-heavy Sonic themed RP server based loosely round the Archie Comics / SatAM lore, and catered to the older fans looking for serious RP in the Sonic universe.

• We're looking for Semi-paragraph to Novella posts from our players, if you enjoy writing then this is the place for you!

• Expect dark/adult RP themes, 18+ only. ('Adult' does not mean we're a sex/lewd server.)

• OC's are welcome, but we're also in need of people to fill canon roles for story purposes!

• Participate in events, collaborate your own arcs with other players, and rally people to your side to achieve great things-- When necessary.~

[ Creativity is highly encouraged here. Players may come up with their own magical artifacts/weapons, factions, plot arcs, and more!
The admin team have worked together to make things as straightforward as possible for new players, but if you have any questions or need some assistance then please don't hesitate to ask. We don't bite unless you do. ]
The war between Overlanders and Mobians has been waged for years now. Sonic and his friends continued to battle against Eggman, but now that he is dead, new threats have been rising from his death. Enerjak, Finitevus, Battle Lord Kukku, and the anti's have all teamed up in order to defeat Sonic. Will you be a hero and help save the world, or be a villain and destroy the world?