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Patriarchist Paradise is an 18+ server for male doms and female subs with a misogyny kink.
We VC, play games, talk about life, share memes and a lot of other fun stuff. Other than that we offer a place to either watch or participate in public play, meet and talk to like-minded people and live out your misogyny fantasy in a safe place.
We have members from around the world, 100+ self-assignable roles, helpful staff, server currency and lots of channels to explore
‘Misogyny - dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.’

We are dedicated to belief in male superiority and the devaluation of females, our fuckmeat.
If you are honored by attention of the superior gender and yearn to serve them, come join us and take a tour. If you are a member of the superior gender, you are welcome too!

Tired of fakes and catfish? We have age and identity verification and age and identity verified roles to help you sort through the riffraff. (verification isn’t mandatory but at least age verification is required to look at our raw meat display.)

Our one request: We know respect is give and take. As our fuckmeats grow in to their role, all we ask is you observe, honor and respect the limits of the fuckmeat and our fuckmeat will always respect and honor you as a member of the superior gender.

Too much use and abuse? We also have games, movies and fun events to fill in the gaps between faps!

Our friendly staff of Superiors and seasoned fuckmeat are eager to help and we look forward to meeting you. Please ping a mod with any questions and someone will help you asap!
Welcome to Space Club, we are a community of mates who talk about space while we're fucked up. Everything you talk, think, smell, hear and taste must be space related- conspiracy theories are welcome as well. Join if you like space n shit.
˚˳⊹・`🌸` 。˚⋆﹕ Welcome to Glisten 綺麗な `🌸`・˚˳⊹

ʚ꒷꒦`🍥`𓏲✦ ₊˚· Glisten is a nsfw server that has the most adorable soft aesthetic you’ve ever seen.
Our goal is to create an accepting server of all genders, ethnicity, and believes. However the op pat respect for your superiors is expected, after all what are you with your master?

₊˚︶︶︶ `🎀`︶︶︶༉✧‧₊˚

`🌸` ꒦。˚⋆﹕ pleasantly active and welcoming community

`🍥` ꒦。˚⋆﹕over 100+ adorable emotes to use.

`🌸` ꒦。˚⋆﹕150+ self roles!

`🍥` ꒦。˚⋆﹕daily activities/giveaway hosted by our lovely staff team

`🌸` ꒦。˚⋆﹕simple verification system!﹕

`🍥` ꒦。˚⋆﹕ lewd vcs where subs can talk dirty to their superiors.

`🌸` ꒦。˚⋆﹕daily events!

`🍥` ꒦。˚⋆﹕Gaming, art, and debate clubs.

`🌸` ꒦。˚⋆﹕Hentai, porn, bdsm, and a nudes channels where members can post slutty pictures of themselves if they’re verified of course.

`🍥` ꒦。˚⋆﹕ lewd vcs where subs can talk dirty to their superiors.

`🌸` ꒦。˚⋆﹕Nitro giveaways!

`🍥` ꒦。˚⋆﹕Category dedicated to littles, which includes homework with rewards.

₊˚︶︶︶ `🎀`︶︶︶༉✧‧₊˚

ʚ꒷꒦`🍥`𓏲✦ ₊˚· We can’t wait to meet you!
*We'll make sure to provide you with an experience you'll never forget!

˚˳⊹・`🌸` 。˚⋆﹕ See you there! 綺麗な `🌸`・˚˳⊹
Welcome to Embrace Tradition!

We are a new and small community based BDSM server. Embrace Tradition was created with the sole purpose to have friendly discussions about misogyny and patriarchy, but also focusing on the experience for both Superiors and Servants. This server is dedicated to male dominants and female submissives, where misogyny rules. If you are looking for a dominant to offer your body to, or if you are looking for a submissive who will respect and please you, join us!

We have:
• Self-assigned roles.
• LGBTQ+ friendly environment.
• Verification system.
• Slave/Owner search rooms.
• Friendly and helpful staff.
Welcome to the Blue-Light District!!!

We are a new NSFW kink server that is welcoming to everyone 18 years of age or older. We respect all kinks as well as have other things to do like: Watching anime, playing games, or maybe watching porn/hentai together.
If you would like to hang out, mess about and grow with us, then just join and introduce yourself. I know you will have a blast.

See you there!!!! and remember, stay kinky!
welcome to the Anti Woman Server, men are superior here and females will be bullied lol
we have :
- roles
- fun bots
- nsfw sections
- advertising areas
join our server lol
Server dedicated to the FANTASY of objectifying and degrading anime women. You will be able to share your filthest, nastiest thoughts about them here.
Human SexToy is a 18+ community exclusively for subs (doms are also accepted to meet the requirements of our subs) and solely focused on exploring the pleasure of pain.

We enable subs to talk about their kinks, to meet people like you, or maybe finding someone to start a relationship. As long as you respect the rules, we'll love to have you here. They're so easy to understand and it only takes a minute to read.

There's a lot of friendly people here, so we'll gladly lend you a hand if you need help, or we'll teach people who just discovered about bdsm or related kinks.

༻﹡﹡How is this server special?﹡﹡༺
- We follow strict guidelines. We will accept those female subs who are enthusiastic about their BDSM lifestyle.
- Exclusive Masters will be assigned to each subs as per their request.
- We focus mainly on learning and explore the BDSM lifestyle.
- We provide a platform for subs to learn, hangout, talk and share their experiences.


Whether you are an indulgent teacher or a bratty student, this is the place for you.

This is a new dark academia themed bdsm erp server.

Complete with
over 50 channels,
slave auction,
and an openness to a variety of kinks.

18+ only
We look forward to seeing you on campus.


Whether you are an indulgent teacher or a bratty student, this is the place for you.

This is a new dark academia themed bdsm erp server.

Complete with
over 50 channels,
slave auction,
and an openness to a variety of kinks.

18+ only
We look forward to seeing you on campus!
We are a sexual server so please 18+ only this is a place where Dom’s humiliate sluts with punishments and sexual stuff we are very new so we are looking for admins thank you
The most evil Sexist Mysoginistic Pony server that will ever exist. Come make it more and more Sexist. Horses don’t have souls.
This is a server that celebrates how men are BETTER than women, men have invented everything in the world from medicines to technology. All the great philosophers and leaders of the world have been men, all the great heroes have been men, all the great scientists and inventors have been men. Women have done nothing to contribute to the world and this server recognizes that :^)

- 18+ Server
- Kink friendly
- Lots of roles and channels
- Active community
A place dedicated to discussing and promoting voluntary female submission as an alternative to modern feminism. NOT ROLEPLAY. Do not join if you are offended by people with anti-feminist views. We won't try to force our views on you if you don't try to force yours on us.

Queer-friendly; femboys are welcome. In keeping with our belief in benevolent sexism, we have a ban-on-sight policy against queerphobes and violent misogynists.
Welcome to Disgraced, a place for all your degradation and humiliation needs.

We are a new and growing 19+ community focusing on the kinks surrounding humiliation. These kinks include misogyny, femdom, degradation, public use, and more.

What we offer:
-Experienced staff with years of experience running online kink communities.
-Bot Games to keep you occupied.
-React roles with tons of options.
-Community given tasks to complete on a regular basis.
-Great boosting perks.
-Events running on special occasions to include the entire community.
-A strict 19+ verified age gate to all NSFW content - know what you post is safe.
Looking for female slaves that will do what I say.
- Females must be my slave and must verify and do irl stuff.
- Female doms are okay but they still must verify also.

Arcane here, the owner. Basically, this is an advertisement for the fact that I'm looking for ERP, since finding it otherwise has been pretty painful.

Now, I'm not listing everything here, but: I prefer more intense and generally rougher ERP, with a large degree of non-con and misogyny, as well as degradation. All of this, however, will be done in DMs.

The rest of the info, including kinks and limits, can be found inside! Just take a look, and DM me if it interests you.
Im a slut looking to be degraded and humiliated by anyone and everyone.
if you are into dominating a useless female then enter my server, whatever you say goes. Male and female doms welcome.
if you are also looking to be degraded feel free to join but know that this is a new server so are mainly looking for Doms at the moment.
Teach Me Misogyny is a safe and welcoming learning environment to learn about misogyny kinks & to teach women their rightful place!

We're a small but growing server and can't wait to have fun with you!
We are a small exclusive bdsm community aiming to create a space with no lurkers, where misogyny rains surpreme. This means that females know their inferior place below males when they join.

We offer a nice and exclusive slave owning community where we keep a balance of slaves and owners, so you can find your perfect slave/master without difficulty. We got slave distributors to help you out with that.

Because of our exclusive nature, there will be an interview before you will be allowed to enter.

Join us and find your desired partner now!
Females only (for now)

Welcome home slave, I am your new Master. This server is for ERP and/or IRL tasks. I will tailor our interactions to highlight your kinks/preferences. Males will be banned atleast for the beginning of this server.
This server is strictly for IRL girs, no ERP.
I am looking for obdient girls to turn into my personal fucktoys to use.
Bᴜʟʟʏɪɴɢ Gɪʀʟs
Welcome to this 18+ KINK Male Supremacy server!

♛ Active!
♛ Fun Roles
♛ NSFW Kink sections (Hypno, Bimbo, Degradation ect)
♛ Safe Consentual Environment
♛ Porn Channels (Verified Only)
♛ Nudes (Verified Only)
♛ Active VC Channels
♛ Verification System
Male looking for 18+ (CIS) female slave(s), with a long-term IRL commitment. Serious inquiries only. Total power exchange required, nothing too gross like scat or excessive gore though.

General Preferences:

Any questions feel free to join and ask.