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Fairly new server, I created this server to make new friends, game and hangout. Pop in and say HI! You can also invite your friends and make your own community, give us your suggestions and vote for new roles and channels. This server is yours.
Bubbles Game Room, a gaming server created to give people a fun, safe, and enjoyable community that anyone can make their home, so feel free to join our family today! We look forward to seeing you.

- Organized
- Quality Staff
- Active & Chill
- Events & Giveaways
- LGBTQ+ Accepting
- Games (Among Us, Minecraft, Valorant & more!)
- Self Roles
- Memes
This server is based around making new friends and meeting new people.

Alot of us come from the minecraft community, specifically from the Hypixel server.

What do we have to offer?
Music Bots
Chill Staff Team
To be honest, I just want to have a ton of people make friends and start a community
I also have a small youtube channel

Honestly, I don't mind if you stay, just give it a shot we're small now but looking to grow
This is a server in which there are giveaways every week and all types of chats related to Gaming and Simon Says every day
Please join my server and also make the chats active 🙂😉
Hey! We do Minecraft, Fortnite, Among Us, and Rocket league! We have a great community, respectful staff, and tons of fun! We have a bunch of bots to help us out (you can do the command ?pug and find a cute pug!) and fun commands! We also do events on Hypixel and we have a survival server!
MC: Blood And Steel is a Towny Earth Server with a Progressing Timeline, Currently in the Colonial Age! it's set on a 1:1000 Scale Map, Various plugins to add to the Realism of the game! and a fun community to support it! IP in the Discord server via #Dynmap-And-Server-IP Channel or via two commands
We are a small community Looking to grow into a larger community!
Ein entspannter Discord für die verschiedensten Games wie Among Us, Minecraft, Rocket League und viele andere Games.
Ebenfalls haben wir einen aktiven Pc-Support, an den man sich bei Fragen rund um den Pc wenden kann.
Vibe Town is a small community server with a welcoming staff and members. This is a fun place to make tons of internet friends and is judgement free zone. We're currently looking for more active members to game with us or just chat. We'd love to have you :)
Esse servidor não tem um proposito em especifico ele e basicamente um servidor para todos gamers quem gosta de anime pessoas q gostam de conversar entrar em call tudo em geral
This is William's server. This server is the place to talk about Scratch, Roblox, Minecraft, and More.
Siamo una Community italiana aperta a tutti, dove potrete giocare nel nostro server Minecraft e a molti altri giochi tutti assieme!
Among Us i przyjaciele
Link do serwera
Wbijaj i pograj sobie ze starszą ekipą.
Dorosła Administracja
Ponad 10k wiadomosci dziennie na pogaduchach
Jak jestes ogarniety to wbijaj <3
PoudlardRP - V4

Embarquez dans une aventure folklorique et tracez votre destinée.

PoudlardRP est un MMORPG dans lequel vous retrouverez une suite de quête scénarisée, des donjons, du commerce, des métiers..
Recevez votre lettre pour la célèbre école de sorcellerie Poudlard, achetez vos fournitures au chemin de traverse, intégrez l'une des 4 maisons de l'école, participez à toute sorte de cours afin de devenir le meilleur sorcier et de défendre les couleurs de votre maison pour gagner la coupe. Jouez au Quidditch ou encore au fabuleux échec de sorciers, collectionnez les chocogrenouilles mais aussi affrontez les autres joueurs en duel. Quel camp choisirez vous? Rejoindrez vous les adeptes du mal ou l'Ordre du Phénix..
Oserez-vous pousser les portes de Poudlard et créer votre histoire?
To anyone who is interested in this server. This is well, a gaming server. We offer many things in this server, here’s what we offer.

-Monthly Tournaments
-Other Games (other than the 3 main ones)
-Trustful moderators and administrators
-fun bots (more will be added)
-server currency (WIP)

There’s a lot more awaiting for you in this server. This isn’t only for competitive players, we allow players who just wants to play the game for fun. Come join if you’re interested!

Side note: we’re always looking for partnership
Hey, are you looking for a community where you can chill out, play Minecraft, and use a countless number of bots and emojis? Well this server is the perfect fit for you! We have multiple bots such as rythm, dankmemer, arcane and so much more! We have dozens of emojis to use for chatting! We have a gigantic array of games and off topic channels. There are great Mods and admins who keep the server inline. So what are you waiting for? Join this community!
Game Version: 1.16.3
IP Address:

AtomMC strives to provide a non-toxic vanilla Minecraft experience without sacrificing freedom of choice. Join a well moderated and active community and play your way.

(Now with real anti combat-log, yay!)

In-Game Rules:
- No cheat clients
- No advertising/scams
- No combat logging

Please note that you must own Minecraft Java Edition to participate in the server.
Flyhigh is a community who welcomes anyone to come along with us to listen to music, play games with us |Among Us, Pokemon Sword and Shield , in silence and tons more|, Catch Pokemon or marry your waifu/husbando and just have normal fun conversations with everyone make new friends with, and have that rare chance of winning a giveaway when we do it
welcome to electro city! an upcoming minecraft roleplay and adventure server where you'll be able to make lots of freinds!

top voter each month gets a special rank!

brand new! we need staff! apply now!
We are a Hypixel Bedwars server that is a very active community, and loves to game! You can find people to play most things with, and we host bedwars tournaments often! It’s be Epik if you’d join us for the fun!
An active and growing server dedicated to Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion. We're not a cult however, so don't join expecting conversations to only be about Evangelion. Beth if you are reading this please come back i just want to see the kids im sorry for spending all our savings at the casino
Welcome to Minecraft Love 2.0!
Our server includes:
❥┊A helpful staff!
❥┊Lots of members!
❥┊Tons of self roles!
❥┊And lots of love!
Here at Minecraft love, there is little to no rules! So please, enjoy your stay!