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🔥The ultimate Minecraft Discord server! 🔥
Share and get feedback on your Minecraft creations!
Find players to play Minecraft with!
Community focused, many channels to help you!
Friendly Active Staff and owner!
Owned by YouTuber with 40,000+ subs!
Anyone is welcome who follows are simple rules!
🔥Now Is The Perfect Time To Join🔥 👇
We are (will be hopefully) a community of people that play minecraft PS4 and build and play. Some of us are redstone makers and some are builders. Come and join in!
The United Republic of Canada is a Minecraft PS4 Nation RP. We focus on military, economic, and political Roleplaying. You can join the military and participate in Minecraft Operations (PvP, hostages, secure area) or large building sessions with newly made friends! In the economy you can create businesses, invest in the stock market, and make your own economic legacy! And for the political side of the nation you can run for office and lead our nation! With over 250+ people this RP experience is something that you can’t find elsewhere and will always be amazing as long as you are active! Just know that it is encouraged that you have a Minecraft Bedrock account, so you can join when one of our 8 city governors is hosting (This happens up to 6 times a week). Delve into this Minecraft RP server and enjoy some of the many possible experiences you can have!
Survival world. Difficulty: hard. If you die, you're banned. No matter the time you've spent building in the world. You will have no excuse. Don't cry. You were just too bad. No one is to blame for your weakness.

Only the fittest players will survive.
We are the Octane Network. We mainly host KitPvP and Prison. In the near future we hope to make a factions server. We are a ps4 network.
Hey How Are You All
Are you looking for a discord server which involves everyone and every game, then look no further our server offers
And a whole bunch more
Our server has over 170 members and we grow everyday, hope to see you all there 👍
Join to find or advertise your Minecraft server this is mainly for Minecraft ps4.

We have idle miner
We are taking suggestions to better our server
Hi! This is a PS4 only server for minecraft you can meet new people and grind together on minecraft