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Karelia, once a peaceful region of Russia, is now an independent country with bloodshed on its hands after having a two-year bloody conflict with the Russian Federation to declare its independence. Even after the war was over, the in-fighting continued and more and more lives were lost as a result. Around this time, however, the United States would recognize Karelia's independence and set up an Embassy in the country.

Where YOU come in
The official government of Karelia requested assistance from NATO having had enough of the in-fighting going on in the country, with military forces from countries such as the U.S. and the U.K. deploying in Karelia to aid peacekeeping efforts.
We offer:
--> An amazing roleplay experience overall.
--> Intriguing plot and backstory.
--> Tons of flexibility for character development.
If this sounds like something you want, you'll have a great time (and an extremely traumatic and bloody experience) in Karelia.
Come chill in the community, all veterans and active duty are welcome. Listen to music off of our Youtube Channel launching on july 4th.

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It was the year 2047. After rising political tensions within and outside the United States, Russia and China took advantage of the national disarray that was America and hit them where it hurt. Russia decimated the East Coast and China swept into the West Coast while America's attention was turned. America met its demise as a nation in the year 2051, and its invaders tore apart what was left and took it for themselves. Nearly two centuries have passed and Russia, China, and a multitude of other nations have been fighting toe-to-toe ever since. During its mad conquest, Russia took control of Indiana, drained it of weaponry and resources, and focused on their advance on Chinese territory, leaving Indiana behind and overlooked.

Present day. There are three nations and two factions in what remains of Indiana. Commuda, Weeaboatia, the New American Republic, Horizon, and us, the Black Armory. One is our first line of defense, another was an economic powerhouse, another yet monopolizes trade and the winemaking industry, one is the heir to the throne of terror, and the last is the embodiment of the pinnacle of technological advancements.

Attacks are everywhere, invaders on all sides. There is much to be discovered, and many battles are to be fought.

Lend us your power. Show them their wrongs. We will take America back by storm.
Welcome to the Horizon Lore.

We consist of multiple factions, all working together or against eachother to create a hyper-realistic version of the 2020's. However, borders are changed, new species are discovered, wars are waged, and nations become ruled with an iron fist.
Due to constant statistic fluctuation, giving static results is near impossible, but during June 13th we amounted to 19 factions.

Wars are fought in a unique style, using roll-bots and logic to create hyper-realistic warfare. So grab your best commanders, and lead the battlefield!

Each faction is free to customize their arsenal with modern weapons, tanks, soldiers, and more. The creativity part is up to you!

Scared of fighting by yourself? Make some friends! When you have faithful allies, you can fight defensive wars, or even take over the world!

So whether building an empire tickles your fancy, or simply battle in wars:
Horizon has what you need!
Hey! Come and stop by here and stay for a little! The Girls' Frontline RP server is where you can stay and roleplay as your favorite anthropomorphic gun girls, G&K staff, Griffon Dolls, VA-11 HALL-A canons, New Soviet Army soldiers, city civilians, and Sangvis Forces ( Either units, Ringleaders, or turned dolls ).

There's an upcoming campaign starting in one to two weeks, so come and stop by to participate!
Girls und Panzer is set in an alternate universe where a sport known as "Panzerfahren" or "Sensha-do" - the art of fighting tanks, or tankery, is a lot more common than today. The sport is entirely practiced by girls and women and is considered feminine. Join one of various unique schools that have their own sets of tanks and perks with them and take part in the grand tournament to find out who the best tankists are!
A small, up-and-coming War Thunder squadron that is open to everyone (unless you're toxic) and welcomes all people.
Veteran Gaming is a community dedicated to all veterans, active/reserves/national guard military and their supporters. Now working on helping people get affiliate on Twitch. Community is growing and just want to have a place for all to game, come together and be there to support each other. Also a safe place for people who have hard times dealing with ptsd, suicide, etc. We are here to listen so speak up!

Some of our members are active in such games as apex, overwatch, cs:go, world of warcraft, gta V and so on.
after the bekzlan army lost ww1 and Their colonies of sellistania and zuugan Thier economy went down hill due to the fact that Their economy went was oil based. The great depression also effected them cause nobody was buying their goods. Inflation went high which affected the factory workers pay and a famine which whipped most of the farm workers cropes. This lead to the rural population and half of the urban population to join the bekzlan fascist party lead by general Visser Van de Berg. In 1930 Their was a protest that lead to violence and the police had to open fire which lead to 20 people dying. After that riots started happening and in January 1st 1933 the bekzlan fascist party formed a army and declared war on the empire and 5 months later. So far the empire have been losing battle after battle but there is still some chance for them to win the war
Hello! We are the United States of Rockford, a group that is based on another group bringing democracy to the great country of Rockford! We have our own ROBLOX group, Discord, ROBLOX games, and servers, and more! Run for congress, Run for President, join in on motorcades, join in on our events, join in, and watch our flyovers. Overall, just enjoy your time here with us in the United States!
We are a group based on the game blackhawk rescue mission.
We host trainings,deployments,mission everyday.
Make shure to join our server and leave a good review.
`A universal event has happened.'
'Multiple universes collided, but for some damn reason, only the military groups, soldiers, machine, and vehicles and creatures that FIGHT survived.'
'There are multiple unknown planets, life forms, people, and more.'
'Some created alliances, some became enemies. Everyone just rolled with it when multiple universes collided.'
'Many fight for TURF. Some of the groups only cared for power, while others wanted peace. This world is dangerous. Almost no where is space, there's always something out there to find you. This, this is an Eternal War.'

Eternal War is a server where you fight to claim turf and power. But beware, there are factions that are very strong, aswell as unknown species of creatures. Everywhere you go, is almost war.
The Federation of Danterra is a brand new Server and we are looking to become the most powerful Discord Faction! But, we can not do that without the help of you. All Help is welcome from everyone! We are always looking for new partners and allies. Join today to support us and help us expand! Glory to Danterra!
Welcome to the Association of First Responders and Military Supporters, or simply AFRM (if you want to do so, you can say AFRAM adding in the 'and'.) This server is solely focused on gathering a community of like-minded people when it comes to support for our nations, and many others' first responders and military!
Welcome to The Almonds Army!
a place for monds(men) only, on a quest to do stuff.
we just hang and shit, join.
The Socialist Republic of Pien is a military group in Roblox owned by punnbunn. We are socialism/communism. We are in need of active members. We also had team loadout in games too!

Roblox Group Link:!/about
This is a military/history channel where we talk about military/history related stuff. Basically it's for posting pics of and discussing/learning about military and war time memorabilia, weaponry, etc. You can also talk about and peacefully discuss your opinion on certain historical events (the military related ones) or even military tactics.
We are a (currently) small server focused around firearms that have been customized into something hideous. We also have channels about general firearms and military subjects.
Ever wanted to join a roblox military? Well this is the server for you!
NOTE: This is a WIP so our base isnt complete