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Its a futuristic military rp, what more could you want? The lore is almost complete, so that will soon replace this message
This server is for people who enjoy War Thunder! :D
We have several roles, activities and other things on the server you might enjoy. When we grow bigger we're planning on having tournaments and events ^-^
January 21st, 2020- Russian Federation's formidable CSTO alliance formally declares war on NATO after a mix-up at the Russo-Ukraine border caused the lives of 4 soldiers to be lost at enemy hands. Previously, tensions had been arising between the two superpowers, USA and the Russian Federation due to Russia's sudden diplomatic approaches to China and a few other Asian countries, inviting them to the CSTO.

This server has been rebooted from a previous, older version and all the members have been purged. Join if:
-You like having a modern warfare roleplay experience
-Having fun in an active server with a very diverse and talented staff team
-Like to roleplay realistic military experiences
-Like to roleplay with a veteran community of milsimming roleplayers

We welcome you to our server and hope you enjoy your stay :D
We are a military group helping the towns against a terrorist force, You can create your own character but keep in mind, not to OP. No special powers, no powerplay.
Have you ever wanted to be a Roman Centurion? Have you ever wanted to taste the blood of Athenians? This is the server for you!

At Ancient War, we try to provide role players with a realistic experience of what war was like in the ancient times. We do both historical battles and fictional battles!

There are various factions to join. You can be a ruler or a run of the mill soldier.

So whether it's Rome or Sparta, your people need you!
You wake up. The airforce plane you took over just landed, welcome to Vietnam,the seasoned officer tells you, the burning Vietnam horizon bearing down on your back as you look around at the jungle all around, wondering what sort of hell you have entered. You hear a few loud explosions as screams can be heard, Viet Cong are pouring in, it is your destiny to fight back. So, fight back. It is your story to tell, your story to cling on to and fight for. It is the story of heroism.

In this RolePlay you get to choose your branch. Or even which side of the war your on. We are active and adding new locations. We have plenty of options and things to do including.
•custom Vietnam area
•you can be a infantry grunt to a pilot
•events hosted often especially on weekends
We hope you enjoy your stay!
This is the socialist republic of Germany. We have a military system, political channels, hoi4 channels, multiple bots, and more!
A Canadian and an American owns this server. Join us to strengthen NATO and Canada itself, as well as getting ready for war and raids. Proud as a Canadian, eh? Have fun in this server and encourage people to join us!😁

War On Terror
A roleplay server based on the war on terror , the only place where you can find realistic situations . We offer:

Unit Selection - choose whether you will fight to protect american interests or if you will fight to defend your homeland as a rebel or will you be part of another faction . We offer a large selection of unit options , from mechanized to motorized and from armored to unarmored .

Character Customization - You can choose what rank you would like to be and control NPC units

Active Community - Many events and skirmishes throughout the day .
----------{Electric Special Op's}------------

Access Granted, Welcome To
-----{Electric Special Op's}-----

Loading file . . .

====《|BEGIN LOG|》=====

Hello civilian, You've been specially chosen to join the most highly dangerous military team and we will fight train and battle for freedom and right we are the Electric state military Now what are you waiting for, come on and join us!

====《|END LOG|》=====
Hello everyone. My name is DEDSEC and i am one of /the leaders of WASP in case you dont know what WASP is its a mercenary MilSim group that takes contracts from other MilSim groups in BF4. We use our own set of weapons as well as attachments if you wish to join Enter the Discord and Talk to one of the leaders that are active.
We are a newly made community, looking for some good people to RP with. This description will be updated, soon.
Hello there, We are "The Galactic Empire." We are a RP Military Server, we are also a Star Wars Battlefront 2 Clan. We hope you can join our ranks in the Galactic Empire. Enlist Today and DO NOT Join the Rebel Scum.
Under the same management of the Battle of Narva RP.

We are currently set in Monte Cassino!
Before you say, "Monte Cassino was in 1944!!!!" That is true, the 1943 part is to refer to the start of the Southern Front.

We will have a large variety of units.

We are still under development!
(CA) Canadian Army,
We are a small roblox group just starting
I offer you alliances, a great and friendly Hicom, staff spots, we are working on developing a map too devs are always welcome!
Hope to see you soon;)
The Greater Germanic Empire is a Natsoc mini Nation that focuses on expanding its borders and also making allies, We also have an army for people to join and fight for the Fatherland, we hope you enjoy the server.
(also we have an economy bot and you can even buy a house with enough money, also we may add more things)
A WWII RP server which uses UnbelievaBoat as a currency system, allowing you to buy country-specific units, and do battle with other nations. JOIN US COMRADES!
A new server where you become A nation in isolated africa. You can RP with other Nations, Try to conquer Africa, Produce troops, Create an Alliance, And Much More!
The Greater Italian Empire is a Fascist nation that also has a Military for people to join and fight for the empire, we also have a few bots that you can use and feel free to suggest some, we hope you enjoy the server.
In the year of 2016, on the twentieth of December, China and the Middle East broke away from NATO, soon forming a mass communist government, the twenty-fifth of December, France followed, Cuba then supported the new area, they were soon supported by North Korea. They became known as the CSSR. Everything stayed peaceful until January Twentieth of 2017, when one of the CSSR countries, unknown to NATO, dropped an 20 megaton nuclear warhead on Guam, NATO responded with a threat of war on the CSSR, North Korea declared war on the United States of America, the other CSSR countries supporting their ally, and NATO supporting theirs. NATO landed troops on the beach of Sanya, then the chaos erupted. The year currently is 2027
We are a server centered around just chatting! We care about everyone, and we have many roles! Come in and say hi!
BMRP Is A Newly Created Community Based On GTA V PS4, The Owners Are Very Experienced And Will Make Sure All Of Our Roleplays Are Fun As Well As Realistic. Our Community Is Based With Most Forces In The British Military. We Aim For More Experienced Roleplayers And As Well As All Members Being 13+, Thank You For Reading And I Hope You Consider BMRP.