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Our server isn't an official U.S.A.F. server(They do not own it). Although, our server offers videos posted by the official U.S. Air Force, ranks, and more! Please join if you're interested in the Air Force, or if you're just looking for a military server!
Come to the City of Plaburg, a fictional city based in 1929! You can be the lower-class, middle-class, upper-class, law enforcement, criminals and mobsters!

We even include an economy system so you can buy items and weapons! Come and join for a fun, city-based roleplay server.
What The Hell Happened?

The Second World War had just ended in 1948, Axis rising from the ashes Victorious, after US and UK surrendering once Soviets collapsed. The Treaty of Berlin hit UK and China especially hard, Britan losing almost all of it's colonies and China... Well China shrunk from massive to tiny. This made Germany, Italy, Japan and all other Axis countries wealthy and powerful, as they basically now controlled entire Europe

Formation of Eastern Coalition

Eastern Coalition was formed in 1951 by current Russian Empire, that was now broke due to the reparations it had to pay... The Coalition at first was only Russia and China, but when a little Cough accident happened, they welcomed East Germany in with open arms

The Accident

The Accident happened to be an all-out Civil War, the Facist vs Liberalists who overtook East Germany along with Poland. The War Started slow but soon escalated into full scale, bloody Civil War. This went further when Eastern Coalition started supporting the 'Rebels' causing the Axis to declare war... Which led to Allies declaring war on Axis due to defensive pact between the two

Now the current Situation

The Current Situation is bloodiest war in human histoy that has been lasting over 10 years now, from 1952 to 1965. Axis are slowly pushing the EC Forces back, same for Allied that are bravely fighting in Africa. Also some rebellions in Middle East and France are happening, but these are suppressed with Iron Fist of German War Machine
WWII Community is a place to discuss, debate, and share things about the war that took place in the early-mid 1900's, World War II
After previously being a hot zone for conflict, the middle east has only gotten worse, with support from all of Africa, all of America, and all of Europe trying to suppress the terrorism.
ISIS has taken over most of the middle east, but it's now trapped as Egypt will not allow ISIS in at all costs.
A special team comprised from all the nations in the world have been sent in, to destroy them once and for all.
This team? Team Combine. And this, is their story.
Serve as a member of the 82nd Airborne Division in a semi-realistic roleplay set in modern day Afghanistan, where bad blood still boils and troops still patrol the streets of major cities.
A Iraq RP with multiple different factions. We currently have 3 factions, US Army, Taliban, and Civilians. US Army has a more platoon based RP experience. Taliban can blend in with civilians, plant IEDs, suicide bomb, all of that. And Civilians are caught in the middle, being killed by both sides and not knowing what to do.
New server! We are currently looking for more users to join our server we offer:

Staff - Available

LAPD - Available

LAFD - Available

LAES - Available

Military personal - Available

Join now to be one of use.
A casual military RP based on the well known game Rainbow six siege. currently looking for staff, will open apps soon.
Lore: Its the year 2020, war seems imminent. Tension is high between NATO and SCO countries with multiple bombing threats from both sides. Team Rainbow has been recruiting a bunch of new operators in preparation for the worst.
This is a server to remember military history and for anyone interested in joining the military to ask for advice on what they should do or people who have served/serving to talk to other veterans
Sava Gaming presents! WW3 RP

Text roleplay with custom lore on World War Three. Serious military RP.
-Admins active 24/7
-Military rank system
-No training required
-No bots used for RP (D&D)
-A Different theater of war every month or so
-Naval, air and ground RP
-New server! Looking for admins and experienced players.
-Open to suggestions!

No NSFW and or gore.
This server is for Friends, Family, Spouses, Military Personnel or Veterans. Support group to help one another out and talk about just about anything.
Complete lore, fully functional server, self-roles, experienced staff, and freedom in RPing.

Join the United Astral Empire (located on Mars) on their fight against the nations of Earth. Events, hardcore battles, badass ships, oh and did we mention it's the year 3343? If you like discovering new universes but appreciate it being simple enough to be able to build on the universe and create your own niche character, I think this may be your server. All RPers welcome, new or experienced. See you there!
You’re on a ship after 12 years of WW3’s beginning with no end in sight. Suddenly key locations on every continent go dark on your radar and now you’re all alone other than a single command center that themselves don’t know. 250 members on the ship that matter and does their own job, if you lose them you lose the game. Events are where you’ll be getting the most action. Other than that, the story is up to you.
2019 Colorado Roleplay!

The crime here is huge. Come on down to the state wide discord roleplay server that accepts all roleplay characters from furries to SWAT!
We are in need of police officers and in need of other jobs!
We are working on making all the cities and all of the counties! Coming soon is 2019 Arizona Roleplay
2019 Utah Roleplay! And more states to come!!!’
A futuristic-ish Military RP against aliens! You can join two different Units with unique things included! Come join if you want to join a fun, active, RP heavy Military-based Roleplay.
A fun discord server with a WIP custom discord bot to fly through the ranks and complete fun and well-thought-out questions to answer to complete the mission.
Welcome lady's and gents to The Dark Zone. You are part of a special organization known as B.A.P.C or the Biological, Anomalous and Psychological Counter measure unit who have been sent into the desolate European Quarantine zone to deal with what ever task is given. A event known as the rupture devastated Europe and released psionic energy throughout the world granting some psionic powers. Things now roam Europe such as eldritch aberrations which bring horror only few could imagine. Artifacts are being discovered with terrifying powers. People who have survived the rupture have developed powerful Psionic abilities. Good luck soldier, you'll need it. This server is literacy heavy and does not rely on dice, it's meant to be a colaboritive story of survival, learning and much more.

Welcome to the newly made server named The World of Ritapia. This server is set in a different world where Three kingdoms rule the lands with technology and weapons from our real world World War One Era in history. Along side the kingdoms are DeadZones with monsters called Goreseks and even people called the Nordics. You can join a kingdom and help fight in the current war. Become a civilian and live your life, Or you can become a student at Eisen academy, an academy that focuses on teaching students how to kill the Goreseks. So come on down and join in on the fun!
A Vietnam War reenactment from the US' perspectives. Come join and have fun with friendly Staff and members. It involves all Branches from the war, real life events and many divisions too!