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The 911th Unit is an ARMA unit focused on being a casual and friendly experience to any ARMA players interested in a more casual and laid back Mil Sim that doesn't have a heavy focus on realism. We make use of lighter and less punishing ACE settings where combat is more focused on enjoyment over realism.

After every two months we like to switch settings from things such as Halo to Modern and whatever else we vote in for those two months.

We hope you'll enjoy our community if you do decide to join :D
Hey, do you like simulators and roleplay? Then you are exactly right with us! We at United States Army play our self-made military game in Roblox. On our Discord you will find a nice support team who are ready to answer your questions and problems. Do you want to become a supporter yourself? No problem at all, you can apply for the supporter training. You can find more information on our server. Wait a minute, you're not playing Roblox? No problem in our community there are countless other players who also play other games. You are guaranteed to make friends very quickly with us! We look forward to you and welcome you to the United States Army!
More offers for you on our server:

-The Playroom = Here you can choose between 5 games that you can play immediately on our server. The games are: Blackjack, Slot-machine, roll, Roulette and Russian-Roulette. Addictiveness guaranteed !!!

-Shop = Here you can buy special things, these could be special ranks, in Discord or in-game!

-Giveaways = With a bit of luck you can win many exclusive ranks or other things!
USEM is a Roblox United States Military Simulator. It is semi-futuristic, and is still in development. We are currently looking for GFX artists for logos. Enlist today!