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United States of America, 2016-- American Republican Party wins election with Donald Trump put in power. Socialist and progressive governments and supporters outraged.

United States of America, 2016-2020-- American Democratic Party is far left and unconstitutional.

Ireland and United Kingdom, 2016-2020-- Fianna Fail and Fine Gael in Ireland lost to Sein Fien. In the United Kingdom the Conservative Party lost power and the Labour party took over.

United States of America, 2020-- Democratic Socialist party starts a civil war forming the United Socialist Progressive State of America, or the USPSA, after the reelection of Donald Trump. France, Germany, the Nordics, Palestine, and Canada declare war on the United States of America in support of the USPSA. The Progressive Socialist Alliance (PSA) is formed.

British Isles, 2020-- The conservatives and right wingers commit a coup d'état causing the PSA to declare war. The Free Libertarian Conservative Alliance (FLCA) is formed. The United States, Israel, South Korea, and Taiwan join the alliance.

Australia, 2020-- The libertarians take control and join the FLCA. Loosening gun laws Australia once again has American respect.

World Wide, 2020-- Secret Israeli and American special operation teams attack and dismantle the largest most dangerous nuclear missile sites. Israel and the United States then dismantle their own.

Russia, China, India, North Korea, New Zealand, the rest of the EU (Other than Ireland and Britain), Guatemala, Venezuela, the IRA, Egypt, Cuba. Vietnam, and Mexico join the PSA.
Belgium, Columbia, Belize, Georgia and Turkey join the FLCA.

Jan. 3 2021--A joint FLCA Guerrilla force is created

Fort Crammeys Run is constructed in Morgantown as a base for the FLCA team.
We offer you:
- Great, fair, active and kind staff.
- Realistic combat roleplay.
- Active roleplay(We just opened, but we will be active.)
- Interesting and cool events(Once we will reach enough members.)

Join the fun today!