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🍃 Leafy Land 🍃

🍀 Gyms 🍀
🍀 Mewbot 🍀
🍀 Pokecord 🍀
🍀 Pokeverse 🍀
🍀 Music Channels 🍀
🍀 Dueling Channels 🍀
🍀 Giveaway & Events 🍀
🍀 Friendly Community 🍀

» So, what're you waiting for? Join now! «
On PokéLife, we unite Pokémon fans from all over Discord. We have people that are looking for opponents to battle, pals to trade with and new friends to meet! We have a welcoming community with an in-depth economy as well as many pokémon bots and many giveaways. Come join in on the fun today!
👑 Welcome to **Eevee's Empire!** 👑

🎊 **Welcome to Eevee's Empire!!** 🎊

Eevee's Empire is one of the best Pokémon based servers to join. Our server is active and entertaining. We are a brand new server that will soon become one of the greatest. We have multiple Pokémon based channels for you to chat, duel and have fun in. We have our very own fun, unique roles and staff that can assist you when needed, So why don't you join, share the good news, and become part of the family?!

║ 🌟 Tons of Pokémon Based channels 🌟
║💖 We have Pokémon Daycare 💖
║🔞 Non-Toxic Community 🔞
║🎵 Music Voice Channels! 🎵
║ 😎 We have Pokécord! 😎
║ 🎊 A Variety of Emojis for you to use! 🎊
║😄 A ton of new and highly active members to meet and chat with! 😄
║💯 Polls and Competitions! 💯
║ 👍 We are currently looking for Gym Leaders, Daycare Employees, Helpers, as well as PMs!
║Interested? Join Now! 👍

Here's Our Permanent Link

**Welcome people! This is the place you've been looking for! Welcome to the Mewbot Academy!**
in this server, there are lots of giveaways and a lot of people to talk with, with active staff and people to talk to
What we have is listed below~
- Mewbot - The best Pokémon BOT on discord yet
- Friendly community where toxicity will be punished strictly
- NSFW free!
- Lots of waifus!
- Lots of giveaways
Pokémon server that is very small. We'd appreciate if you joined it! We have active mods here, so don't worry.
Welcome to Divine’s Poke Server:
Owner: @◊𝓓𝓲𝓿𝓲𝓷𝓮◊#8400
We are a newly created server about gaming and chatting! Here are some of the things we offer:

•Bots such as Mewbot, Meme bot and more
•Channel to advertise
•Chats to talk in
•Nsfw (optional)

And more coming soon!..
So come check out the server!
A small sever but a big jeart and lits of cool give aways we have pokecord mewbot and pokéverse so come and join the big family >W< (please XD)
DO you like CHILL servers, or do like awesome people to talke and play video-games with, then come and suport CHILL HANGOUT, and if you get a high level in MEE6 then, maybe you can have a treat.
Come and join
This is Poké-Heaven!

Here is a place that you can come to meet great people, we have the best staff and a varied bots for different aspects of Pokémon. We have MewBot, PokéCord and PokéVerse. We are always finding ways to improve and are open to your suggestions.

Date of Launch: 29/02/2019
Owner: @ħh Kꆢhµm
Pings: @everyone @here

Why join Spartancord?
-invite contests
-Interactive Giveaways.
- Awesome Community to Talk with.
-Awesome Staff.
- Gyms

What We would expect from you when You join?
- Be active
-Follow Rules and Giveaways
-Play Mewbot and Pokecord.
-Don't be toxic

Coming Soon
- Teams
So join now
------------- :boom: Everything Epic. :boom: : -------------
Previously known as Tha Burst Lounge {TBL} or Damn Aight, our server is for everyone to socialize and have fun. We host events, do giveaways, and have fun. All people are accepted! Chat with others in general chat or play bots like Mudae and Pokecord! Our staff is always open minded and making sure that you get the best service and comfort out there! Now, let's make this place active! Join today and spread the word!
The link is here (you can copy it and enter it in a browser!)
🌧Welcome to Meloettas Paradise!🌧

Pokemon is everything in this server! We have many pokemon bots, including:

🔵and more!

Our server also includes:
🎇Giveaways(which been on hold till active)
🎆A daycare(which we need)
💥Gyms(need more leaders)
💥An Elite Four
🎇and events!

🌪Currently we’re looking for partnerships and active admins & gym leaders!
🦈We want to build a friendly active community and need your help to do it!🐬

🐊Please come join us at Team Meloetta!🐊

also be sure to check out #🐊reaction-rolls for part of your roles :)

❤️server has been pruned so if u wanna be active feel free to rejoin💙
A great, new server for Pokémon Trainers, where we have 3 popular pokemon bots and an awesome, growing community! We are hoping to make the server bigger. Hope you enjoy the stay here!
Hello there! We are new and fun discord server.
We have fun bots like:
-Discord Miner(Minecraft bot)
-and much more
We have started giveaways for pokeverse, pokecord and discord miner.
Soon we will have player gyms.
If you join our server we hope u have great time!!!
__**Celebi’s Wish🍃**__
Celebi’s Wish is a Pokémon-Community server where members can play PokéCord, Mewbot, and Minigames on our bots! Come join Celebi’s Wish and join the growing community!

🍃 Chats for pokemon related chat as well as unrelated chat!
🍃 PokéCord
🍃 Mewbot
🍃 Channels for Dueling, Trading, and Markets!
🍃 Rythm Music
🍃 Newly Forming Community
🍃 Gyms & Gym Leader Spots!
This is a Pokemon server built to host all sorts of Pokemon games!
Hosted Games:
We are a group name Discord's Hangouts we listen to our members we have a suggestion channel to here your thoughts to help make this group better. We also have giveaways for Pokecord Pokemon. We have Pokecord, Pokeverse, MewBot, and a waifu bots (JUST DON'T TAKE MY ASUNA) XD XD BYE!!!!!!
Join The Globe!

Play Various Fun Bots ranging from Discord Tip to Pokecord, Mudae to Idle RPG, Unbelievaboat and More!

PokeGlobe has Three Main Communities
- The Economy - Gaming - Anime

Enjoy an increasingly Use Guilded Bot to Get Fortnite Stats We have Waifu Bot in our server
Unbelievaboat Economy, Fan of Pokemon?, Play MewBot or Pokecord! You can also use Mudae in The Globe!
Discord Tip Faucet Pool, Play Koya Survival and also use Idle RPG
Nadeko Flower Roosts and Discord Miner for Minecraft Fans!
Join Us Now and Don't miss the fun!⤴
We have a ton of pokemon bots. Join us today to enjoy the fun!
Hewwo. welcome to ace of angles. what we have?
we have gyms! gacha editors! pokecord! café! pokeverse! mewbot! and anime chat! sweet members cool bots and many more things so come to our server and enjoy your stay
Welcome to Magikarp’s Mansion!

We are a hangout/pokemon server with lots of nice people!


Come join us! We use Mewbot, and Pokecord!
Welcome to PokéHaven,
In this server you can experience, not 1 but 3 pokemon bots.
These include:
Pokecord, PokeVerse, and lastly MewBot.
There is a wide range of activities to do in PokéHaven;
This includes:
◇Pokemon of all sorts
And more...
So join now and experience the 3 in 1 server.