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Just looking to make friends among mers in the midwest section of the USA. I don't intend to use this server to compete with other mer servers.
Welcome to Atlantis Aquarium, the only aquarium in the world with mermaids! Merfolk were discovered in 2010 by the Gaia Foundation during an ocean clean-up effort and have since been somewhat integrated with human society.

* Mermaid RP! You can play as a human or a mermaid. We have a wide variety of different "mermaid" species like sirens and selkies to play too. Also. Robots.
We have:
* humans
* robots
* mermaids
* sirens
* selkies
* kelpies
* finfolk
* kappas
* water dragons
* harpies
* weird things oooo
This is Mer Hangout! A mermaid focused server for teens/young people (13-25). This server has mermaiding, photos, art, and roleplay!
Long long ago before humans ruled over everything the world was split into 4. The land was split in half and so was the water. Half the land belonged to the werewolves while the other half belonged to the vampires. Half of the water belonged to the mermaids while the other half belonged to the sirens. Yes there were subcategories in each thing but it mainly was the four groups. But after years and years of living in piece mutations started to happen no one knows why but these mutations made humans. The humans were outcasts in every land.

Soon the numbers of supernatural beings decreased greatly and the numbers of humans increased greatly. After years of humans being outcaste they revolted killing many supernatural. The ones who survived went into hiding trying to stay hidden and alive while the humans rule everything.

If you want to know more join the server read the lore and choose what you will be.

This is a brand new server that I hope you will like. The server includes:
~LGBTQ+ friendly
~Includes Vampires, werewolves, mermaids, sirens, humans, and any other spices you can think of
~We have custom species
~Fun bots
~Friendly community
~Fun daily activities like QOTD and Guess that music
a nice chill server where we have rp and make sure you are nice and kind our admins and mods are nice and treat them well make sure you join and have fun thanks!
this server is for merfolk whom love owning mermaid tails or creating them. From fin funs, to mertailor full silicone tails, all are welcome!!! we dont care abt your gender, sexual orientation, or really anything. i really just want new friends who love doing the same things i do,mermaiding and creating beutiful works of art!
The kingdom of the sea is a greatly expansive kingdom in which the merfolk and fishfolk live together in perfect harmony!
However, that harmony only pertained to those groups.
Merfolk were the expansive family of humanoid fish, both fish headed and human bodied and human headed and fish bodied.
Fishfolk are the creatures of the sea with no human components. They are pure sea beast.
Then there are the other creatures that lay beyond the kingdom. There are humans, both land lovers and sea watchers. Land lovers stuck to land and lived lives off the water, while sea watchers include pirates and sailors and adventurers, as well as biologists and other scientists.
Lastly, there are the exiled....vile merfolk cast out of the kingdom forced to live apart from the rest. They're criminals and outcasts and are more friendly towards humans than the others.
Welcome to the world of Feathers and Shells! A fun roleplay experience! c:
It is just like our own modern world, except for the fact that two other humanoid species are roaming the world: Mermaids and Harpies. Humans are well aware of their existence and generally live together in harmony with them. All three species have the possibility of being born with special magical powers ranging from healing wounds to sweating acid; The possibilities are endless. Even if they aren’t born with magical powers, they are still able to cast spells, some more successfully than others.
You can join the Arcane Task Force, an organization that takes care of magical issues and crimes. There are three branches for each species lead by three Arcane Watchers.
Once we have enough members and Task Force officers we can host some fun and action packed events!
Even if you don't want to RP, you can lurk and hang out with some lovely people.
For mermaid fans alike and those who are into aquatic creatures. We are a welcoming community, swimming around the pleasant coral reef.
This roleplay takes place during the time gap between seasons two and three of H2O, before Emma left for her trip around the world, Bella joined, and Lewis went to America. The story will not try to line up to season three, so there are no limits on what can happen to the canon characters as long as the story stays within reason.

Though canon characters will be the main focus, OCs are completely welcome. The abilities of the mermaids are not limited to the powers shown in the show (controlling water, cooling it down, heating it up, or jellifying it) so your mer-OC can be unique as long as they aren't overpowered. Human OCs are also encouraged.

The roleplay follows the canon of H2O: Just Add Water, but ignores that of Mako Mermaids because of the inconsistencies between the shows.
YARRRGH! Ye may have heard of our sister server, Secret of Oceana. This one is similar, but is set in the days of the PIRATES!! AHARRRGH! Thrilling is it not? Currently this is a very small server so new people are more than welcome! Advent of Oceana is a merfolk/pirate based role-play server set in the age of piracy! Hunt for buried treasure, or swim beneath the waves here in the watery world of Oceana!
Gladdisburge. A little town sitting on a Scottish oceanside. It's a rather odd place, full of mystery and legend. Everyone assumes the tales of mermaids, sea monsters and selkies are false. But, do they really know what goes on under the surface of that beautiful green ocean?

We offer:

♡ friendly staff
♡ a small array of bots including: tupperbox, dank memer, mikki and yui
♡ fun, easy rules and lore
a nontoxic, comfortable community

Please join us in this wonderful, Beautiful Storm.
Welcome to Life at Sea!

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live on the oceans? Or even in them? Look no further! Here you can be a member of a trading ship or a pirate ship. You can be a mermaid form the two rival tribes.

We hope to see you there! Aboard Ship or Abandon Deck!
❀° ┄──────╮

ʜᴀɪᴋʏᴜᴜ: ᴍᴀᴋᴇ ᴀ ꜱᴘʟᴀꜱʜ!!

╰──────┄ °❀

We all know what life is like on land, right?

But… What is life like under the water?

ʜᴀɪᴋʏᴜᴜ: ᴍᴀᴋᴇ ᴀ ꜱᴘʟᴀꜱʜ!! is a Haikyuu!! AU server dedicated to the mermaid/merman AU. Humans and merfolk live with very little knowledge of each other and little do the humans know, merfolk walk among them. Merfolks have the ability to shed their tails on land and can very easily pass as humans.

But, what might happen if a human finds merfolk?

You’ll just have to find out.

· · • • • ✤ • • • · ·

What do we offer?

⊙ A non-toxic and welcoming community that’s always growing!
⊙ Plenty of canon options and the ability to create OCs
⊙ Quite a pleasing aesthetic
⊙ OOC and RP categories!
⊙ Channels for about what every member’s hearts desire
⊙ And plenty more!

Come say hi, stick around, and enter the mystical world of merfolk!

· · • • • ✤ • • • · ·

┏───━━━━❝ Camp Fish-Blood 3.0❞─────━━┓

Yeah, you read that right. You’re probably so used to Camp Half-Blood now, but screw land, the ocean is better! Too much demigod drama, you know?

Ψ » Make merpeople, sirens, cyclopes, ichthyocentaurs, claudentis, khelonids, vatrachis, and oceanids!

Ψ » Pick your own 5 powers from a list!

Ψ » Trappers of Triton group

Ψ » Custom trigger list

Ψ » Active and knowledgeable staff

Ψ » And much more!!

Ψ »

There's an old sailors tail, that everyone on the old island of Kyani knows. Kyani was once the home to a great kingdom, one that was above the water. King Adler was known as one of the most loved, and fierce kings on the coast. He ruled over his kingdom with an iron fist, and a loving heart. But his wife....Queen Elisia, was less of that. She was known as the iron part of his fist. She was fierce, and bold, some said too bold.

One faithful night, Elisia had made a horrible decision with the army, sending them almost on a suicide mission, long story short, most of the army fell, and the families of the kingdom were upset and grieving. A group of witches known as the Crimson Tide decided to spark a revolution, using their groups magic to plunge the kingdom into darkness. What they didn't know, is their magic affected the kingdom so potently, that it was affecting the sea around them as well. The god Poseidon was angered by this, and decided to give a punishment to the people of the kingdom, and plunged the kingdom into the sea via a tsunami.

Barely anyone in the kingdom survived, but in the last moments, the Kings mages had turned the royal family and their friends into something that could adapt to their new environment. These were known as the first group of merfolk. But on the other side, the crimson tide had used their magic to save a small group of survivors and themselves. Since their magic was darker, and tainted, they became known as the first group of sirens.

Years later, the kingdom under the sea had began to prosper once again, only allowing Merfolk into it, banning any other creatures that tried to enter it. King Adler passed down his crown throughout his family, and to this day, the kingdom is still ruled by his bloodline.

Now, the year is 1867, and magic, mermaids, mermen, etc are all still very real, though, not many people know about them...

Where will you fit? A human? Merfolk? Witch?

Come join the adventure!


What we offer:

• 100+ RP channels
• Plenty of custom roles
• Royal Roles (They wont last long so grab them while you can!)
• Bots to make your life easier (and ours)
• Friendly staff <3 <3
• The chance to meet an awesome, friendly community!
• and so much more!
For years, the merfolk have lived among the other sea life in harmony. Peacefully gathering their resources and interacting, yet each year an exciting chance rises. A certain sport that they learned from tales gained by sailors and travelling cruise. Volleyball. While they may not use it in such a dignified way as the humans, a tightly balled clump of coral with a few pebbles inside is their pride and joy. Every year a main tournament is held between shoals, no discernible reward other than getting to enjoy more and more of the delightful game.

As time went on, the shoals gained more and more from the humans. Waterproof communication, new ideas, new games. It came to become an adoration for the surface-dwellers. Providing knowledge in return for just one sighting of the great sea creatures.

Hello, hello! We are a merfolk roleplay where you can be a merperson or a human. We have many different species of mermaid and we don’t discriminate anyone. We’re very welcoming and don’t tolerate racism, sexism, or NSFW. You can suggest new channels, bots, and more! Join us and create amazing characters.
Kursheina is an underwater palace full of merfolk and full of life. Come and explore what it has to offer, make yourself at home elsewhere in the sea, or even have fun on land!

Canon characters you can meet:
- Princes Roman and Remus, who fled from their actual kingdom when it was destroyed in battle
- genderfluid wish mage Virgil
- new servant Patton
- advisor-turned-researcher Logan
- Princess Valerie, who turned the palace into a home for those who had none
- gold mage Deceit
- Remy
- aquarium owner Emile

OCs welcome!
Welcome traveler to Merworld! That's right mermaids/mermen and sirens aren't just fairy tails. They're real and they actually live nearby. Some of them even hide among us.Join us and see if you can find one too!
Deep sea studios is currently working on a mermaid roleplay game on roblox! join to check it out.
Palisade, Florida. A sleepy town on the coast, recently revived through a new enterprising practice: Merfishing.
It's the 1990's, and not much is known about these elusive monsters besides their miraculous qualities and exotic attractiveness, bringing corporations to purchase their parts for medicines and other uses, and for the rich to buy up live ones as fancy pets.

But is it right? What if there's more kinds of beasts in the shadow of humanity, watching us, judging us? Is it right, worth the revitalized economy?