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The Hive is a server for anyone with hard times in life, or with themself. We are a positivity-filled server made to accommodate the needs of people all around the world, with staff who specialize in specific types of help based on experience, and channels to get help from everyone.
The server consists of information about many mental health issues. There is also support for people in need. A daily motivational quote is said and the community us highly involved. Meet people that suffer as-well or people that want to help others, and spread awareness.
The Mental Health Awareness Community (MHAC) is a server dedicated to providing a space for people to freely talk about all aspects of mental health and mental health research. With different channels for different areas (and an option to request a new channel). We want people to be able to ask question and talk about mental health without prejudice or backlash (no question is too stupid)

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