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Wir sind ein deutschsprachiger Discord Server, der neue aktive Member sucht.

Wir bieten an:
Discord Channels zum reden
Discord Chats zum schreiben

Wir sind eine aktive Community, die viel in den Channels drin sind und mit einander rede und suchen noch mehr Menschen die uns bei diesem Abenteuer begleiten.

Also könnt ihr sehr gerne unseren Discord joinen! (:
Come and join our discord!!! everyone is welcome

What do we have

Great staff
Friendly members
Color changing roles
65+ NSFW channels including lesbian, gay, and trans.
20+ SFW channels
Bots with commands provided
A level up system
Voice chat
Partners channel for your own advertisement

We accept any fetishes and/or kinks such as femboys • traps • yuri • yaoi • bisexual • lesbian • bondage • ero guro • milfs • monster girls • roleplay • porn • ecchi • futa futanari • doujin • bimbo • sluts • goths • bdsm • dirty talk • memes • sex • oral • anal • meet and fuck • 18+ • voice chat • pussy • dick • sexy • lewd • video games • fashion • art • cum •
Welcome to Chroma Community!

Join our community as we talk about games, memes, computing, coding, and much more.

Our community members have been on Discord for many years, and understand how it works.

We have a list of staff members that will be there for you, and the community.

So why not join us?

Chroma Community, a community for years.
Chill Zone is a server created on 4-25-2018 and created by Light#2726. Chill Zone is a friendly server, we solve problems (if we can) we will try our best to make you feel better.

Here in CHILL ZONE you can/there are

~Make new Friends

~Listen to Music

~Play with your Friends

~Use a variety of bot commands

~Vareity of custom emotes (total of 100 emotes including animated emojis)

~Self Promotion

~Send Memes

~Reddit Memes


(find out by joining the server)

Server Partnerships is also available!

So what are you waiting for? Join now by pressing/tapping the link and be a part of Chill Zone.

PS- Chill Zone is currently looking for Admins and Mods. We the Chill Zone have a mod application, so sign up now!

Server- Chill Zone
Owner- Light#2726
Server Created- 4-25-2018


*if you can't take a joke or are attention seeking please don't join* depression themed server with active chat, extremely active staff, offensive/edgy humor and a serious channel incase you just need to talk. If you join and are just trying to get attention/take yourself to serious, you aren't going to enjoy the server. We are all depressed trying to handle it in our own way, but please, do not join just to unironically be edgy.
*Make sure to make an introduction to gain access to the server*
Freshly starting server, let your friendships and personality bloom here in Myochikurin Hibiki!
Welcoming of anyone and everyone.

Custom made bit run by owner!
NSFW channels.
Cute anime girls!!
18+| 18-| What's there to ask for in a server? Lewds, nudes, and UwUs. We are a BDSM-themed server that accepts all kinds, ranging from the vanillas who meme about BDSM to the hardcore fans of BDSM. We're a small server, but we anticipate to grow larger as we gain more members. Join us why don't ya?
Welcome to our furry server. If you're looking to make friends and just chill, this is the server for you! We're pretty much just a hangout server. We should have something to offer for everyone and if we don't - we welcome suggestions. I hope to see you there!


~Love the admin of Furbois! (:
Excite! is a couple owned server with a lot of people that like to meme and game.
Looking to make this a super big server for heaps of people, so they can connect with random/different people from all around the world - from all walks of life.
You've been invited to Calamity! Here we offer tons of channels and a bunch of cool people to chat and have fun with.

We are a small server, and starting out completely fresh, but we'd love for you to join and get our server moving and running!

We have self assigned roles and color roles, as well as nice owners who care, unlike some. We also have channels ranging from gaming, to nsfw, for your special little desires!

Come and take a look, yes? Thanks!! <3
welcome to Heaven Stones!
The place with nice people in a relaxed place.
With several channels where you can share your intrest with others, free of judgment!


More than 50 different channels!
Anime ,Furrys ,Futa's,Traps,Yiff,Loli
Artists , Gamers , Music and Writers
NSFW ,memes , blackjack ,pokemon and et cetera!

game dev team (looking for member)
game devs (rpg maker)
real moderators
700+ real members
Anti raid system
Black Jack
Art channels
invite levels
Music channel
cards against humanity
pokemon games (pokecord)
Teens or Adult roles
30+ roles can be claimed

With more features on the way soon! So come join us!
welcome to Heaven Stones!
The place with nice people in a relaxed place.
With several channels where you can share your intrest with others, free of judgment!


More than 50 different channels!
Anime ,Furrys ,Futa's
Artists , Gamers , Music and Writers
NSFW ,memes , blackjack ,pokemon and et cetera!

game dev team (looking for member)
game devs (rpg maker)
real moderators
200+ real members
Anti raid system
Black Jack
ticket service (-new "your problem") live suport
Teens or Adult roles
30+ roles can be claimed
Private VC

With more features on the way soon! So come join us!
welcome to my hotel is a small one but with the help of you guys I can make money and make it big my hotel has all the things you guys need also my hotel will have gaming topic and anime I might add more in the future but for now I have those two and for entertainment we have memes,pokecord,and a game bot
Just a chill, toxic, anime, gaming, and meme server i guess. 1.8k+ (not a help server go be suicidal somewhere else)

This is a server where you can come to relax, chat, and even roleplay if you're up to it! You can share your beloved memes or art, or maybe share some of your favorite songs and video games. If you have something bothering you that you want support on, you can help yourself to the vent room and someone will try and give you some advice. If you want to start a friendly argument with someone, you can head on over to the drama room, where you can complain about how offended you are.
Looking for a good, entertaining, active discord server? Well you're not gonna find it here. Keep scrolling if you don't want trash, bud lmao. But seriously tho, everyone is a valuable member here at Rainbow Dip.
Welcome to Meme, Myself and I! This server is completely dedicated to dank memes. Some things that make this meme server different than the others is that we have a ton of bots, we have a spam-room, and we have a ranking system which means you will get a role based on how much you've participated in the server. Some roles give you access to exclusive channels and different server features! So what're you waiting for? Join in on the fun now!
Welcome to Bengo's Chill Place!
We are a small, calm community with memes, mental health help, bot roles.
There is so much more we can add!
So, come join us!
(bongo cat approved)

.org is a simplistic server that serves as home to many people inside of it. we're pretty welcoming to all new comers and are okay with people who like to joke around and make new friends. some of our benefits include:

▪ extreme simplicity ( roles and channels )
▪ no extreme restrictions
▪ automated moderation
▪ small and active community
▪ color and cosmetic roles
▪ level bots
A server where literally anyone can join to talk about fandoms, post their art, shitpost some memes or just hang out and have fun. *13+ only
this server is for looking at memes chatting music and looking at NSFW
we also advertise your youtube and twitch
i am sorry we are a somewhat quiet server that has it moments
a server ran by people going through midlife crisis' but we also enjoy shitposting and memeing. we have bots upon bots for your entertainment, come or stay, make a few friends or don't. just have fun and don't take anything seriouslyヽ(^Д^)ノ
Ayy yo waddup epic gamers, feelin' frisky? If so, come check us out! Some channels we have include:
- Meme sharing
- Venting
- NSFW content
- Art sharing
- Bot spamming
- Music showcase
- Super Smash Bros chat
We have plenty of cool bots to mess with and a ton of custom emojis. We also enjoy playing and talking about video games with each other (usually Nintendo-related ones). We hold tournaments for games every now and then as well, and are pretty active. We welcome everybody, so please feel free to hop in if you reckon you'd be interested. (if you have any questions you may contact me on twitter(@EliteZavokFan) or Discord, Zekkle#6734)