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it's a new server so its pretty dead rn.
we need egirls also.
Just a chill community server to come hang out in and meet new friends. WE started with about 25 close friends and would love for anyone to come join us. We just started and will be having events and giveaways eventually. So come and chill with us, we'd love to have you.
Join our discord server. This server is for people to show their support, discuss the policies of andrew yang as well as sharing memes. Looking for mods to help build the server/
Hi, and welcome to the official NoobGamer server.

This server is filled with a lot of retards, including myself. Retarded or not, we have a lot of fun conversations that go from serious to weird in no time (trust me on this). Oh and also, you probably get a weird nickname based on your actions... enjoy!
Welcome to Stellar
We are a new community striving to reach some goals and offer some services to others
1:1 ratio boy to girl
Peer support groups
Movie nights every weekend
Lots of roles and just enjoy yourselves with our laid back staff
Last of all as for now we are nsfw free
7 Days To Die Server
🔥 I N S A N I T Y 🔥

🔼 1:1 Female/Male Ratio 👀

🔼 Awesome Community 🌍

🔼 Cool roles/Special Roles/NSFW Roles 🌌

🔼 Level System 🔝

🔼 Anime/Memes 🈂️

🔼 Aesthetics 🍕

🔼 Chill/Music 🚬

🔼 Events 💎

🔼 Games/Fortnite, PUBG,LOL,DOTA 🎮

🔼 Instagram/Youtube/Snapchat 📷

🔼 Verified selfies 🤳

🔼 Giveaways 🎉

🔼 Active Chat

🔼 E-girls to trade

🔼 Respectable Staff 🏆

🔼 Nudes/NSFW Channels 💦💋

🔼 NSFW Dump Channel 😈

🔼 Zerotwo lovers 🐟

🔹 Meet new people and have fun doing it c; 🌠

🔹 There are no limits at all UwU 🌠

🔹 You do not speak English? No matter you are welcome :3 🌠

🔹 What do you expect to enter? and have fun and meet new people? Insanity its your server c; 🌠

🔹 New discord server in growth, is an upcoming community where we are looking for active members to grow bigger with you on Insanity🌠
Make friends, and play games. ♡

❀🌈 What we have to offer 🌈❀
⭐️~ A newly-founded community, with an active fanbase! ~
⭐️~ Super cute emotes! ~
⭐️~ A leveling System, Leaderboard, and Server Currency! ~
⭐️~ Safe Space ~
⭐️~ 18+ Channels, and lots of roles! ~

♡》Looking for an active server, a place to relax and be yourself, then come join my server with relaxed rules and server events! :')《♡
We also have!
》game nights
》custom emojis
Plus much more!
Join us for some fun and laughter at the meme graveyard. Free hotdogs.
Furry community with a knack for comfy, cartoony stuff as well as lewd/kinky things. Fun events and lots of channels to talk with other weirdos. uwu

trans lgbt furry sissy kinky kink bdsm furry fandom homestuck cat neko canine fursona share pony brony sub submissive daddy dominant femdom collar cat ears tail
They're dying, they're dying. They're dead, they're dead...
Hello, and welcome to the unofficial Light As A Feather discord server! We have fun roles for your favorite characters, as well as places to discuss the show, the book, and whatever the Game truly is. We also have places for fanart, fanfictions, and for talking about the characters! We are still growing, but we hope you have lots of fun here! Just watch out, or you might be next...
Check out our chill server omo, Its not actually a dating server the tag is just clickbait but come anyways. Its a chill sfw server with a few cool lads owo. We give out custom roles to anyone who wants one but its restricted to one per person unless otherwise permitted. We have owo bot to fit out server name and will probably add more bots along the way. The rules are only kinda strict because we want a welcoming environment but please stop by and check us out. We won't bite! OWO
This server is mainly meant for everyone, there is no topic to what you have to do here. We have nice staff and members. There aren't that many rules so you dont have to worry if your doing anything wrong. Feel free to join and talk, dont be shy. We have members globaly so there is always someone to talk to no matter what time. Just a good server to go and chill at, we just started so we're small but hopefully we'll grow.

The Seven Kingdoms

We are a Game of Thrones themed server, but we do gaming way out of that league. A place for fans of Game of Thrones and gamers alike to hang out. We are big fans of strategy amongst many other genres of games, such as Hearts Of Iron IV, Crusader Kings II, CSGO, and both PUBG and Fortnite. We are also active on Steam and there is always more to come. We're not GoT exclusive however, so feel free to join even if you haven't watched the series or read the books. Anyway, here is some of what we do:

-Regular play sessions of many games (HOI4, CK2, EU4, CIV5, CSGO...)
-An active community
-An objectively great meme channel
-Awesome emojis and polls
-Trivia events and meme competitions!
-GoT themed ranks and roles
-A fun economy with a casino
-Our own community newspaper
The largest international discord community where you can communicate using a variety of quality emojis, also our server is similar to discord hype squad server.
The Union United Of Free Countries (Союз Объединенных Свободных Стран):
Republic of Pepestan (International server) -
Molecular Support (International server) -
Zap's Winter Hypesquad (International server) -
Garmony (Russian server) -
Republic of Pepeland (International server) -
Kingdom of Deltach (Russian server) -
Regression (Russian server) -
Gachi emojis (Emojis server) -
Ricardo Milos emojis (Emojis server) -
Rainbow MEOWMOJI (Emojis server) -
HammerMOJI (Emojis server) -
Dangerous Emojis (Emojis server) -
Steam chat ->
We have memes,gaming,chill,voicechats for all famous games,chat,swedish,english,giveaways and much more
Howdy Folks!
Tomat-Land is a server which is full of gardening fun. We're open-minded and have a knowledgeable userbase from all around the world.
We're focused on plants and gardening, but anyone who just wants to learn and enjoy the company of others is welcome.
We currently have a few bots like tatsu and yggdrasil, but are planning to expand as time passes.
If you're interested, feel free to click the link below!
Welcome to Meme, Myself and I! This server is completely dedicated to dank memes. Some things that make this meme server different than the others is that we have a ton of bots, we have a spam-room, and we have a ranking system which means you will get a role based on how much you've participated in the server. Some roles give you access to exclusive channels and different server features! So what're you waiting for? Join in on the fun now!
We host executions for rule breakers, or just for fun and the members decide the persons fate! You can also suggest and we do polls to see what the server should turn into. The members choices entirely!
We will also be hosting movie nights once we get enough people, and also even giveaways! So what are you waiting for?!
Hello, thanks for taking interest in our server!
We are looking for those that just like to have a good time, plenty of awful memes, anime shit and much more. Why not peek on in and see for yourself? We are fairly open and avoid drama at all costs. ^^
:fire: Welcome to The Meme Land! :fire:
We aren't a lot of people but we wish that our community will get bigger by the time passes!


You can like whatever you want , you can be whatever you want! We don't judge you!
We wish that people will be happy in our server!
We don't argue nor want to argue.
Our staff is always happy to help you , anytime!


:ballot_box_with_check:Helpful staff!

:ballot_box_with_check:Friendly community!

:ballot_box_with_check:Commands , Games, K-Pop, Animes and Fun!

:ballot_box_with_check:Different voicechats for anything!

:ballot_box_with_check:Active chat 24/7

We can't wait for you to join our server!:pepehype:
『 L I N K 』
Permanent link:
Best regards from the owner!
a low moderation server with chill vibes!
we have:

♡ friendly e-girls
♡ self-assignable roles
♡ decent conversation
♡ active members
♡ music bots
♡ giveaways & events

join if u like attention :)
Hey, Welcome to Inside TV! We are a tiny little community want your support and help to grow again. Some of these people are just flat out weird and horny lol, But i bet that when you join you're gonna have so much fun you're not gonna wanna leave. I bet you my server you're gonna love it here. We'd love to have you tag a long for the ride <3! We're currently looking for staff so you are welcome to apply. We also offer
ღ(¯`◕‿◕´¯)Movie night
ღ(¯`◕‿◕´¯)Music bots
ღ(¯`◕‿◕´¯)Friendly staff
We're still getting tiny things done, But we have more planned! Hope to see you there <3
A server for people who wish to establish new friends, play video-games together and just overall hang out and have a laugh and shitpost memes , we always welcome new people of course a disclosure even thou we are cool whit nsfw stuff for laugh and giggles we have a channel for it we dont appreciate dipshits who spam and flood stuff like this on other channels and just act like obnoxious cunts so yeeee basically just keep stuff in moderate make all jew jokes you want but just keep an open mind and dont overstep boundaries of common decency and sense
The After School Hentai Club is a chill server where you can talk about anything!

We're not a hentai-centered Discord server, unlike what our name says, but we are a server focused mainly on memes, anime/manga, and gaming! If you are having a problem we are also welcome to talk to you about it

We welcome all new members who want to chill, chat and talk about anything in general. Some come on and join the club

PS. We were somehow hacked and all our members got lost so our server restarted but join anyways :))