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What is this server about?

An itty bitty friendly community, because humans are social creatures. Relaxed rules, friendly people, easygoing atmosphere. Whether you're brand new to astrology, interested to just talking with other people or you're a professional at being you, you have a place in our community and we'll make you feel right at home and safe. We're a very chill and laid back server, so join the convo's today! [Recommended Age 18+]

If you are wondering if its all just astrology in this server, It is not.

Welcome to a server about Horoscopes / Astrology
you can join if you are interested!

💎 Friendly community looking to make friends and hang out!
💎 Regular events — including, competitions, giveaways and more to come
💎 Open staff roles! We are hiring staff to keep the server safe for everyone!

[Advertise your own content!]
[We only care to those active people!]
[Contains NSFW - careful when accessing these!]

Home of 5 bots made by one special talented man.

See you there!
Join my toxic inactive server and make it active please
• Introduction:
Global Community for PRO Gamers (G.C.P.G.) officially born on 13/09/2017 as a group, precisely for gamers. Each of you, professional or not in the videogame world, but united by the passion of videogames in general, is invited to join the official server:
• Server's bureaucratically organization:
- Multilanguage support. ✔️
- Organized giveaways. ✔️
- Discord servers' owners,YouTubers and Twitch streamers cooperation. ✔️
The best way to describe this server is "a server made by a person that usually gets kicked off public servers" so you know what youre getting into.
memes mostly, join if you want to suffer
nah but seriously
we have, artists, memes, more memes, gaming chat, vent chat when youre feelin sad, some bots and cool people
join for the memes at least smh

(also, you dont have to make edgy and offensive jokes every five seconds, just dont get offended)
(oh also breaking the rules doesnt make you funny, it just makes you look fucking stupid, trying way too hard to be cool)
-Apocalyptic Friday
Welcome to The Kawaii Forest~
This is a server for Kawaii peeps.. we’d love to have you here (*≧▽≦)

What we Offer // Channels.

ღ꧁Several Bots + Games
ღ꧁Sword Art Online
ღ꧁Hyperdimension Neptunia
ღ꧁Re: Zero
ღ꧁NSFW Channel
ღ꧁Anime Gifs and Pictures!

Hope to see you there!!

Keep in mind that this is a fairly new server so If you have any problems with the server then please tell us so we can improve! Also i am on the look out for staff/admin. So if you’re interested pls DM me (the owner)
The Ivanov Family
Pings: @here,@everyone
What we got:
• Cool People
• Good Staff
• Not to strict on rules
• Self-roles
• Music
• SCP stuff
Olympus is a god and goddesses themed server with a very friendly and active community!

Features Include

Active Voice Chats
Reaction Roles
1-1 Female-Male Ratio

Very clean server with very friendly staff and a great place to chill out, so come join us!
The Red House. A small fun community, with alot of space for more members. Everyone is welcome! This is a multi-purpose server for people to hang out and chill with other members. You can post memes and edit them with the bots, play some music in the voice chat and others can join, earn or rob money so you can buy stuff in the shop, go to the casino and bet money to earn more, level up to earn colors you can equip. Server is also Tatsumaki supported so you will get XP here. Staff Cycles constantly changes the staff so that all members can have a chance to help the server out. Come join The Red House and enjoy your stay!
Small server influenced by anime.
⊂◉‿◉つ I'm ShawnyBoy aka DarkNerdShawny. Otaku/Streamer/Recording artist. I created this serve so I can build a community of same interest people.
We are small but with your help by joining we can grow HUGE and active! Welcome to my weeb friendly server! I hope you enjoy! (-‿◦)

-Gaming Talk
-Anime Talk
-Global Emojis
-Music Talk
-NSFW channels
Hey there. We're a relatively small server with a community that will happily accept anyone looking for friends, memes, or pet pics.
We are small community of friendly folks looking to meet new people! We change our server theme every season with new roles for all.

-Anime Lovers
-Edgy Memes
-Nintendo Switch gang for all you Smash players ;)
-Artists and more!

All are welcome. We cant wait to meet you :D
The official Discord of Tik Tok user Onyxvoiceacting, complete with active mods and all the extra stuff that comes with community discords!
Gaming and weeb friendly server.
We have:
• Music bot
• Self assignable roles
• Friendly staff
• Optional nsfw
• Leveled roles
• and more to come!
We are always open for suggestions and are glad to have you!
Welcome to ᎷᏆNᎠ ᏚᏟᎪᏢᎬ!!

ᎷᏆNᎠ ᏚᏟᎪᏢᎬ is a new server with cool and exciting activities. We are a very small server but we are very welcoming to all of our new members! We are a +18 server and we do require verification to join!

ᎷᏆNᎠ ᏚᏟᎪᏢᎬ has a bunch of mind blowing activities and channels to participate in such as :

° NSFW/ SFW ✨✨✨
° Criminal and central Rupee system to earn roles! 🎉
° Self assignable roles 📥
° Gaming 🕹
° Movie nights 🎞
° Suggestion Friendly 🙂
° Pokémon ❤️
° Anime 🤤
° Arts channel to show your creations ✨
° A VERY kind and active staff 😍
° Many discussions of food, pets, and more
° A Overall chill server ❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️

Join our server and become a member of ᎷᏆNᎠ ᏚᏟᎪᏢᎬ !!
Chibiusa's Crazy Clips is a Discord community with a focus on posting audio & video clips, such as prank calls, YouTube videos, comedy skits, talk radio, etc. There are also rooms for music, anime, memes, videos, and other offtopic content, with 4 bots, 5 music channels, and 7 voice channels.
we are a new server that took over the predecessor of it (hentai ward) and are looking for new members. please join, you wont regret it.
This server is for furries. There is role play, art, bots, memes, music and much more and there will be weekly art comps! There is so much more!
Welcome to my hangout / streaming server! We usually talk about almost anything in this place. Anyone is welcome in this server no matter if you are in a fandom, non-gamer, or just looking for a quick chat :D
a small server that has just been started and I am trying to build a wholesome community. Hope you enjoy your stay and help us make the server amazing.
A welcoming discord for any 13-19 year olds! With roles that you assign yourself and a bunch of fun bots, you can’t go wrong. Come and join The Village!
A place for cats to roam freely, aka the heaven you've always been looking for :3

What is this? A cat just appeared out of no where. It stares at you.. like.. it wants something. You follow it into a bush, and there's a.. trap door. Do you go in, and follow the cute kitten? Or is it too suspicious?

The Purr Lounge is a gr8 discord server with various channels for you to enjoy from. We have:

Various Bots
Helpful Staff
Plenty of Roles
Growing Community

Our Community Is Purr-fect For You!

We will be waiting for your arrival..
Hello everyone! 🔔
Let out your inner demons in our channels and finally speak out all the unsaid things that keep you awake at night. Illuminate your inner self.
Make friends in a well managed community,
Everyone is welcome!

🔮Interested? Here is what we have to offer!

😉 1.200 New Possible Friends 😉

🔥Channel for art and personal stuff
🔥Cute emotes & Animation emotes for nitro users
🔥Active & Hardworking staff
🔥Over 120+ self assignable roles
🔥Giveaways & Events (Win money, games etc every sunday)
🔥A clean organized environment
🔥Active chat & Voice channels
🔥Full of welcoming and friendly users
🔥Leveling system
🔥Channel for advertisments (Insta, Snap, etc.)

🎐 We're in need of some partner managers. (Best partner manager gets money every sunday)
🎐 Staff applications are now open !
🎐 Accepting partnerships with servers from 50 members.

💖We hope to see you around!