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Are you looking for a server that includes anime and friendly people to socialise with? Then this is the server you would want to join! You are welcome to talk to anyone in the server! This is a friendly community so don't get offended too easily, everything we say shouldn't be taken seriously! This is a small community who likes to meet new people!

socialise with people around the globe! Our primary focus is anime and manga but there will be something for everyone
Hello and welcome to Laggy Server (it's not that laggy, just didn't invert a better name).
Undertale and Deltarune fans are extra welcome!
So this is a server with a lot of stuff like memes, Dank Memer, Pokecord, Undertale and Deltarune chat and more. That's all, I guess.

Server Quotes:
"This server is a server." -HandsFromTheHeavens
"This server will lag you." -Lag Aspect
"This server will gangbang you when you snag that one shiny that spawned." -freggeldaddy
"The server is good..?" -~Crazy-Zeek~
E-Whores Galore is a glorious server, where e-girls run rampant and bots are plenty. Come on in, become one of the family, join today and make some memories and friends you’ll never forget. Also, we’re highly toxic. That should be a given.
Family friendly and kinky dating server with egirls and eboys
~ good admins
~ friendly people
~ nice vc chats
~ bots
~ roles
~ memes
~ easy rules
~ self roles

Come and have fun
Ever just bored out of your mind and feel like you have nothing to do? Join Ayup!

Our server is very active and chill and you will love the people in it!

We also host giveaways weekly like nitro or games!

In Ayup, we have a massive amount of things to do, such as:
Rank System
Music Bots
A lot of memes
NSFW channels
Weekly events
Weekly giveaways
1:1 ratio between eboys and egirls!

We're always looking for Partner Managers and Moderators.
just a small discord server where we do stupid shit and have fun and talk about random stuff like gaming, anime, and memes
we are also very laid back and won't ban anyone for a dumb reason
This is a server for the tards of 4chan. Nothing more nothing less. We have Pizza
The Cozy Vault is Ukrainian gaming and pixel-art community with rich history and a lot of memes. Our promo :
talk about memes, gaming, pokemon, art, really whatever! most competitive pokemon battles in the land ;) and an open and welcoming environment for support, making friends and anything else that's popped up on your mind.
This is an amazing community of people who enjoy having fun, messing around, hanging out, playing games and even dating. We try our very best to ensure that all members have something included for them in the server, and that they have the best time here! 💘
We offer:
✨Memes 🤣
✨Dating 💏
✨Art 🎨
✨Music 🎵
✨Emotes 😊
✨Friendly Staff 💖
✨Gaming 🎮
✨Photography 📸
✨Self assignable roles 📜
And more!
If you like role-playing , small communities , or just socializing in general and etc.

There is a lot to do over here! Socialize and see everything for yourself! In this silly server!
Hello!! we're a dating/community server that's open to everyone! we're friendly and we hope to make your experience here the best it can be!
The server is for dating and creating new friends.
everybody is welcome.

Hi! Welcome to Marvel! Marvel is a chill community/hangout/comics server where you can meet new people from around the world and it has a lot to offer!
We're currently working on making the server the best it can be by making it more active and offering more to our members.
We cater to everyone regardless of your age, so feel free to come and see what we have to offer! Can't wait to meet you all!

:speech_balloon: Active chats
:handshake: Partnerships For You To See Other Amazing Servers!
:laughing: Memes To Keep Our Sanity!
:star: Starboard/Server Quotes For All Those Memorable Moments!
:art: Art Section To Show Off Your Skill!
:robot: Fun Bots With Alot Of Commands!
:speech_balloon: Lots Of Channels To Talk In!
:thumbsup: Emotes We Got Lots Of Them And Open To More!
:notepad_spiral: Self Assignable Roles So You Choose What You Get!
And more! So what are you waiting for? Join now!
That's a sign
It is very difficult after the illness.
Brand new server! Give us a chance <3
Choose your own nickname color with Pikachu themed colors.
Dump your memes in any of our meme channels (10, more to come!)
Self-promote. Share selfies and art.
We even have an uwu chain channel and a smile chain channel.
yo waddup it's spicy cat memes. just, a ton of cat memes.
A discord server for all people to come, relax and socialise with others who share interests and hobbies. With active staff and a whole host of bots, we have everything you need to enjoy our community.
Owner : Chris-P-Bacon#8315
˜”°•.⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤h e i w a 平和⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤.•°”˜

˜”°•.Hello there friend. Are you looking for a community, that is friendly, respective and most of all fun! Well look no further you are on the right place at h e i w a 平和! The goal is to meet new people and bond strong friendships. togheter we will be able to do just that! Join us now and support us in making a friendly and supportive community!.•°”˜

˜”°•.⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤Our server includes⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤.•°”˜

˜”°•. assignable and earnable roles ! .•°”˜
˜”°•. friendly and welcoming staff and members! .•°”˜
˜”°•. different bots and commands to use! .•°”˜
˜”°•. active and open voice channels! .•°”˜
˜”°•. 40+ custom emojis .•°”˜
• Cute egirls gang 👅
• Cute eboys gang 🍆
• Epic chats for maximum esex potential 💦
• Minimal rules 😌

This is just a group chat for anyone and everyone to join! We have memes, dreams and anything you could ever ask for. Come socialise and mess around with all the cool features and channels this server has to offer:
Chats - This server has social channels where you can talk and discuss different topics we even have set channels like and Anime and Gaming channel and more to come!
Bots - This server has a bunch of awesome bots you can play around with and games you can play with other people on the server and example being UNO!
NSFW - We have an NSFW area for all you sinners aswell!

There are also cool roles you can get by gainning exp and working your way up the ranks unlocking new roles!
We have an active staff team aswell to ensure everything is fine and happy.
˜”*°•.˜”*°• (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ WELCOME TO I <3 GRAPES ♥ •°*”˜.•°*”˜

Hello! We are mainly a 15+ server with wide variety of channels and self roles.
We are a new server looking to grow, come join us!

We are recruiting staff members!

We offer you:
░ 》 A chill discord, with the chance of meeting new people
░ 》 Different variety of people
░ 》 Friendly server, no toxicity allowed!
░ 》 Memes :]
░ 》 Bunch of self roles (74 at the moment but I'll be adding more soon!
░ 》 Friendly staff members who try their best on making this server so awesome :]
░ 》 We also have NSFW channel but we need to be sure you're not underage to get the 18+ pass

We are also planning about doing giveaways in the future once we grow bigger, and adding bunch more of fun channels and bots!
just a fun new server for all weebs everywhere!

we have hentai

a friendly (but currently small) community

just talk about anime