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talk about whatever you like, have fun and be a toxic asshole <3
Oh boy, you've stumpled up on something awesome that might get you a huge boner or offended depending on are you a little vulnerable snowflake or a badass Ricardo warrior

Note: If you get really easily offended just please dont join.

What the server has to offer:

Good staff
Gambling bots
Fun bots
Gore, nsfw
Only few basic rules
And much more!
(If you are a server owner we have low requirements to partner)

If you have any questions dm Fabbeus#5535


Thanks have a wonderful day :smile:
Come and talk with new friends!
A work-in-progress server

We will listen to your suggestions

Our server has many things to offer!
•Roleplay area
•Gamer area
•Furry friendly
•Anime Talk!
•NSFW (for 18+)
•Self assignable roles!
And much more!
This is a very friendly server and we welcome any nation and sexuality!
It has a very hardcore NSFW section but you won't find that anywhere else on our Discord, we like to keep it clean.
The goal of this one of many servers is to create friendships and share your experiences with us !
Feel free to join us !
A server for degenerates, anime lovers, gamers, memers, Russians, boomers, and doomers alike!

Now with 10% more:

NSFW channels
Killer emotes!
Russian bots
raman noodles
a place for loner teen hangout, making friends, or finding your soulmate memes. 14-19 only.
Want to Advertise your Discord server or Social media for free ?

We offer:
- 40+ categories to Advertise your servers and Social media
- Active server (9500+ members)
- Weekly Giveaways / Events
- Different Partnerships depending on your server size
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hai hai ~
we're a friendly and small server looking for more people to hang out with.
So if you prefer smaller servers and fun people to talk to, check this one out~
After being banned from pretty much every chat room I have participated in I have been forced to react against PC culture. In this Discord channel offensive combative behaviour will not only be tolerated but rewarded.
gtrx's meme cave
Are you interested in dank memes? Do you want to have fun with others like you? I have the perfect server for you! We have a great, growing community with many features, such as offensive and non-offensive chats, limitless color roles, optional announcement pings, a well set up rank system and much more! Join now!
Welcome to Meme, Myself and I! This server is completely dedicated to dank memes. Some things that make this meme server different than the others is that we have a ton of bots, we have a spam-room, and we have a ranking system which means you will get a role based on how much you've participated in the server. Some roles give you access to exclusive channels and different server features! So what're you waiting for? Join in on the fun now!
✨Join the popular Meme Discord Server. ✅ Hundreds of fresh memes are posted daily. ☕ We are a fast growing community.✨
》Chillen: lounge, memes, aesthetics, muziek
》Sociaal: introducties & selfies (jongens & meisjes)
》Gallerij: foto's van aryan queens & nsfw channel
》Emoji's, polls, giveaways & 10 verschillende roles.
Billie Eilish is heilig.
Meme your memes in this memey discord server
A place for all kinds of people to come chill out and meet new friends!!!

Dark HUMOR and ART!!! You have always wanted this place to exist. A place where NSFW is okay, the moderation is lenient, and people are active. (500+mem, events, etc!)
【 a l o h a 】
°:. *₊ ° . ☆ ✮  °:. *₊ ° . ° .•
Welcome to our server! We are a LGBT friendly community for all ages, and our server centers around the idea of having a fun, relaxed, and chill experience!
°:. *₊ ° . ☆ ✮  °:. *₊ ° . ° .•
What we offer:
☆cute emotes
☆friendly members
°:. *₊ ° . ☆ ✮  °:. *₊ ° . ° .•
We're a small and new server, but why don't you visit us?
We hope to see you soon!
welcome to 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕺𝖚𝖙𝖘𝖎𝖉𝖊𝖗'𝖘 🖤
we are just epic gamers look for other epic gamers.
we just trying to help and have safe place to talk and have fun!
we just started so the server is still being made uwu
but currently we have
-coolio emotes
-active members
-and a cute loli (me uwu)
hope you decide to join! uwu
This is a growing community dedicated to meme.
Naos is a place to share your interests in art and gaming. We also just like to talk in general about anything.
* We have over 30 emotes for your dank needs.
* We're accepting partnerships! Check #partner-requirements
* We have a channel for counting! We aim for 100,000 one day. #counting
* You can speak in #main-chat as it's the general chat.
* We hope you have the time of your life in the dankest server of discord.
Whalecum to F L Y I N G W H A L E S ♥
We're a new friendly open community full of wannabe memesters and people who are trying to find some meaning in laif :x We have many roles, bots and events ( for ex. House OWO vs House UWU ) We can't wait to see you! Come claim your free hug ♥

Looking for staff!!!! and I need friends :')
Welcome to Politics United | Political discussion & debate | Freedom of speech | All types of views are welcomed | Join now!