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Special Welcome to Mental's Hotbox from Co-Owner Bork!

This community all began with the idea to have somewhere peaceful to spend time with our friends, and we plan to keep it that way. We have started off strong, having both active and friendly members as well as amazing staff, and now we are looking to work our way up to the top as a welcoming server to relax. Here we offer a lot already, yet are still open to your suggestions!

Everything we include, but are not limited to:

❥ Self Assignable Roles
❥ Both an Active Owner and Co-Owner
❥ Experienced Staff
❥ A No Dm Harassment Rule
❥ Paid Staff
❥ An "About Yourself" Channel
❥ A Dedicated Selfies Channel
❥ A Music Bot
❥ A Place to Post Links
❥ A Dedicated Music Vc
❥ Member Limited Voice Channels
❥ Optional Announcement Pings
❥ Optional Partnership Pings
❥ Optional Event Pings
A Greek-language discord server for pretty much everything: chill conversations, geek culture, meme and so on.
Slowly making a larger and larger meme server, many dank and edgy memes inside. Shitpost away fellers.
Welcome to Mom's Mafia! We're a little community for gaming, chilling and more! We have bot features, self assignable roles, k-pop channel, meme, NSFW, hype squad channel and more. I hope you enjoy your stay! 👑
PS. For the partnership write to me in private. ♥
A server for gamer girl connoisseurs and gamer girls themselves alike. If you like gamer girls, friends, and general goofiness this will be a server for you. We have plenty of goofsters that want to be your friend. So come on in, enjoy yourself. Oh and we also have a place you can advertise your stuff. But don’t come here just for that! I’ll see ya there nerds.
A Discord Server That I Can Post My YouTube Video's
Post Meme's
Chat With People
Przyjazny server dla każdego z miłą atmosferą i otwarty na wszelkie tematy!
Hello and welcome to the new and improved Church of Pinkfongism. We are a Multifandom Neo-Scientologist Discord group who specializes in Furry, Otaku and Gamer culture. Come on in to express yourself, no matter who you are. At least try to follow Discord's TOS and get along with many pals who like big cowboy butt.
Come and talk with new friends!
A work-in-progress server

We will listen to your suggestions

Our server has many things to offer!
•Roleplay area
•Gamer area
•Furry friendly
•Anime Talk!
•NSFW (for 18+)
•Self assignable roles!
And much more!
The Epitome of Depression [TEoD]
We're a pretty basic server, mostly centered around useless and random chatting
- A place to talk
- Nothing interesting
- A bot that's really good at banning
- Ranked Chats
- NSFW Chats at Rank 5
- Moderator Application at Rank 10
- Extra Exclusive Chats
Not much else. We're boring. Join us anyways or I'll eat your spleen.
Salve socius,

wir sind eine sehr ernst zunehmende Kirche und haben uns hier versammelt, um irgendwas anzubeten.
Howdy there feller! 👋 🤠 In need of some memes, emotes, and more? Join Yeehaw Den today!

- 😎 Emotes
- 🌈 Self Roles
- 🤝 Partners
- 💵 Economy
- 🎉 Events
- 🔞 NSFW channels
- 🏆 Monthly giveaways
We're just a nice group of people looking for some new friends to make and meme with. Feel free to join us! Who knows, you might even find your soul mate on here(: . Plus we have eGirls, what more could you want?
smol lil shitposting server
we got lots of meme and hentai, so, yeah theres that
S O C I A L I Z E.
This is a server.
Go join.
Or don't.
People are cool.
Die kommunistische Scherengemeinschaft: Wie der Name schon sagt sind wir, mehr oder minder ernst, kommunistisch und mögen Scheren. Wir mögen Scheren sogar so gerne, dass wir eine Religion daraus gemacht haben, also eigentlich eher eine Sekte, aber jemand in einer Sekte würde nicht sagen, dass er/sie in einer Sekte ist, ergo sind wir keine Sekte. Wir haben bei uns viele tolle Memes, also eigentlich quasi ein BestOf von Reddit, aber auch einige eigene Ideen, die sich hauptsächlich um Scheren drehen oder Insider sind, die Ihr erst kennenlernen müsstet. Fortnite hingegen mögen wir nicht. Aufjedenfall wäre es mal schön etwas größer zu werden, wir sind auch alle ganz nett, darauf achten wir.
We are just a random server that we are still trying to organize but we welcome new people.
anyone can join of all ages
anyone of any fandom is welcome
we have nsfw channels
Welcome to the Lounge
The fun new furry server where everyone is welcome
This is a server is LGBTQ friendly
We have roles to identify yourself
With many a friendly staff
We have egirls. A server that was originally privated. The server is owned by @SavageRealm on instagram and we are going public with our server. We have anything needed in a server and have 5k members to start with. Everyone here is chill.
NEW server to talk and socialize on, over 30 self assignable roles!
-lenient rules
-friendly staff
-custom emotes
Join today :)
Un serveur grandissant avec des gens sympathiques pour pouvoir se faire des amis ! Vous pouvez aussi acheter des grades en rapport avec des événements comme Halloween ou Noël ! De l'exp utile qui vous donnera, encore une fois, des grades ! Des mini jeux pour se faire de l'argent ! Venez (eh j'vous promet c'est drôle) et vous ne serez pas déçus ! On fait même des giveaways !
Come few come all! Stream's epic gamer house is a discord channel which allows for all kinds of people to come together and have fun! whether you're a furry or furry hater, gamer or bookworm, boy or girl, this is the place for you. uwu
» Project Lounge | Mental Help

» We're a server that has a bunch of new things, etc.
» This is a safe space, everyone is welcomed no matter what!
» Meme Channel (4life bois)
» You can meet friends, and if you're wanting to, talk to a support team in dms or a ticket (Tickety) in this lounge. It's Mental Help...!
» Suffering from depression can be hard, but you can come and make your cure to a happy journey upon you.
» Music bots, Meme bots and other fun things here. (Even a roasting bot. (PANCAKE))
» We're here for you, and you're not alone.
» Chill here, at Project lounge | Mental Help