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A fun community meme server where only the most epic of gamers can rise. We love memers and editors (no homo) so we'd love if you join and meme with us. Home of the Friends of Nova initiative and the 41st Gamer Army Squadron. Everyone welcome!
Welcome our invite code is valid we explain what we do when you join the server!
A community of random people! Very open and random, feel free to be yourself.

We have plenty to offer, including:
-General chat
-Meme spam
-Regular and NSFW art channels
-A self-promotion chat
-A support category (venting, confessions, and asking for opinions)
-An economy/money system
-Animal spam

Our server is a safe place to be for anyone, even if you are just plain weird. Or not weird. Just anyone basically.

You can request new categories/channels if the server does not match everything you would like. We are trying to grow our community with more people! Please join we need friends heh.
MemeHub is a brand new server based on memes. It has massive potential and it is designed for a massive community. Join for a fantastic community and a huge variety of memes!
Hi! Come and join AfterPulse! We're a small community for teens who like to chill out and have fun. We have multiple bots and lots of funs. We have a dating chat room and an anime chat room if you're interested in those kinds of thing. There's also some League of Legends, Fortnite, and just other gaming voice call groups to be in and play with. Hope you decide to join! Thank you <33
Welcome to hell!
This server is themed around the 9 circles of hell
This server has alot of things including
NSFW channels✔️
Easy rules✔️
Self assignable roles✔️
Level up roles✔️
We want you to have fun
So have f u n
A server based around the Legend of Zelda and all things Nintendo! There is no verification needed, and we welcome all! We have the Dank Memer bot, mini-games, and friendly staff! We hope you enjoy your stay!
Want to hide away from the world? Come here! From talking to listening to music. We got everything you need!
Big Chungus is a discord server that i just started so that people can come together and share memes with eachother.
although my community is very small, I want to make it where people can just send whatever they want aslong as they follow the rules.
The community will decide how this discord will develope. If you're intrested join Big Chungus and share the best memes that you got in your pocket.
NSFW/LGBT/Meme server, free speech too so it's a free for all you can say or post what you like. New server but growing fast.
Sever dove divertirsi e parlare assieme. Si organizzano eventi e trovi sempre gente con cui giocare!
General chat room server that is mostly lgbt+ members but we are open to everyone.
This is a great, growing server with a great community and a ton of memes, bots, roles, and occasional fun optional little voicechat events. It's an amazing community and we hope to see you there!
Two great cousins had an idea that would revolutionize the entire discord platform. This idea was to unite all the nations from all over the world and make them all equals.......... but if u have roles, then ur higher than the commons. The commons are the lowest role you can acquire because you are common, but if you pass an interview and answer 4 questions somewhere in the employment channel you can have a role that u wish for. You can have any role except Supreme Admin or Lieutenant Admin, thank u for listening and enjoy this server
do u want authentic bitties and and teen egirls? if so u've come to the right place 。◕‿◕。 jk you autistic nerd you really fucking thought this was a sex server? you horny scum, fuck outta here. *:・゚✧ *:・゚✧ *:・゚✧ *:・゚✧ gamers and bad bitches only <3 we hope to see u here, love bella✿✿✿
c 0 r n is a new discord server dedicated to making friends and chatting!
Join on in and become apart of our community to help the server grow.
One egirl and that's me Dx ! hmu bbys
Nie wieder will Ich dein gesülze vom Herz der Karten hören!
Server für YGO (devpro, legacy of the duelist etc.) oder was auch immer.
Lasset die Spiele beginnen!
Retarded server that can be welcoming if you aren't gay (we aren't homophobic I'm lesbian myself) it's kind of dead but ya know, you can change that! Also 8am CT to 3:30pm CT me and most people on the server will be at school but after that we will say hi so please don't leave
WARNING THIS SERVER IS SCUFFED AF...Come join a new group of people and please interact looking for more active members. We love playing games or just chatting with each other come join and have fun.

Sincerely ~ Bong