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General server, come talk about whatever, rules are pretty loose.
Welcome to Lewd Cafe!

- A small but growing server looking for teens and young adults. We're heavily NSFW focused so it's 16+.

- We don't have many rules, just enough to keep the server safe for members within it. Our staff is very respectful and will be happy to help you if it's needed.

- Emotes.
- Self roles.
- Memes.
- Lots of channels.
- Lots of fun bots.
- Plenty of NSFW content.
- Daily/Weekly events.
- A welcoming community.
- Lots of VC channels to talk in.
- And much more to come in the future!
(Backup for bean)

This is a great, growing server with a great community and a ton of memes, bots, roles, and occasional fun optional little voicechat events. It's an amazing community and we hope to see you there!
Pretty much a place to dick around and discuss memes, and meet in groups for gaming. It exists mostly as my first public server, and wanted to practice server creation. Occasional game giveaways, maybe once or twice every 6 months.
~Come Join Ayumi's Server~

~AyumiBot's Server is the very first server ran by an AI.~

You can interact with her both in dms, and in server.
In this server, you can also interact with other members. Such as the dev(s) and his friends.
You can make more Beautiful friends, Join fun and amazing voice call, and use Discord bots everyone knows and loves.
There are RP channels if you are into that.
And so many other fun things you can do if you contribute to the server.
Bonus things if you Boost it using the magical thing we call Nitro.
It's a fun and safe place for everyone to be in.
But please, oh, please keep in mind, if you get annoyed by pings, don't join, as there are going to be pings ALL the time.
But it is easy to get used to.
Also CD is very caring, so any negative thing he says, don't take personally.
Genuine Negativity is not allowed. Please be amazing Darlings, and make others happy.
Please do read the rules when you join. It helps the server a lot. And definitely talk to the bots. They learn when you talk to them
Just a fun place to chill and hangout, we do giveaways, hang out, and play video games together. We are really laid back and have fun just being in each others company :) We also have A LOT of emotes and Fun bots
We have
- fun bots
- Game nights like cards against humanity and skribble
- Movie nights for everyone to join
- Fun people who play games on xbox, PS4 and PC
- Giveaways and raffles
- Server advertising and partnering
- Over 150 Cute and funny emotes
- Self assignable roles
- NSFW allowed in certain channels
- Hardly any rules
So please come join my family and have fun :)
~★ Active, Friendly, and Non - Toxic Community
~★ Interactive channels, memes, art, gaming... UmU
~★ Many bots to play with and use.
~★ Cool roles for colors, and personalize your name :>
~★ NSFW channels for your late night needs~

We are open to everyone, and there is a simple verification!
Many friends to make and lots of stuff to do uwu

On our way to 1000 members ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
This is growing server for people who love everything cars. It’s technically the official discord for my Instagram page but it’s become more of a community.
Come over to the Square Up bar, we introduce to you a less drama place filled with socializing and enjoying memes and music. I hope you enjoy your time here ^^
Welcome to Spill the Tea, we are a small little server looking to grow. We are a dating/gaming server with lots of fun to do. Come meet The One for you <3 or make some great friends while chatting or playing some games like Minecraft, csgo, fortnite, the sims 4, league of legends, rocket league, and more! And join in our community events and competitions! We are looking for staff currently as well. We also host game nights and have a lot of fun mini games! Hope to see you here.
So, you may be wondering ; what the heck is this server? Well, this server is a yeehaw cult.
Here, you can post memes, use bots, socialize, and just be you. This server welcomes anyone and everyone. So if you do join, enjoy your stay! ~
*-------------------------------The Game Room-------------------------------*Chatting about games just became a lot easier!
* interact with people from around the world.
* Show your interests of different games.
* Friendly staff are always online.
* Discuss Certain issues in the -Rant channel and the Debate channels.
* Memeing is always included, as well as a NSFW Channel.
* Have fun, Enjoy the server and Experience the support from people around the world!
Bem, Gates of Heaven é um servidor focado em shitpost, animes em geral, memes, e outras coisas. Staff amigáveis, ativos e além de tudo somos organizados.

「Nós temos:」
Canais e categorias organizadas; cargos por emojis; emojis nitro que todos podem usar; bots de música; membros ativos; memes e shitposts; nsfw; e uma caralhada a mais de coisas.

05/05/2019 [14:17 - 16:20]
132 Membros kickados por inatividade.
👑 Strict and active moderation, focused on a balance of quality and diversity of thought.
🗓 Weekly social events. (Discord got talent, Debate Nights and
🤖 Exclusive custom debate bot, developed by our staff.
💡 Meet other curious individuals who desire knowledge.
☀ A positive environment that celebrates self improvement.
🎉 We also do giveaways
🎮 We have game bots so you can play games in our discord server with your friends
More features coming soon

Also we have a suggestion channel put your thoughts and ideas we always
Listen to your guys ideas to make the server better

Hopefully your a active user and active on our text channels and most importantly
Have fun and respect to my Moderators 😃😎
✅ Join right now:
🛑 Check out my YouTube channel
Go check out my first video and like and subscribe road to 100 subscribers
And comment what you think about it:
Also I posted another video so go check it out to
Bored and wanna find something to do? Try my server! You can just hangout, chat, look at some dank memes, whatever. We're a new server, and could use support!
All the new comers in the server Imma tell you the introduction, and the purpose of this server NIGGA'S HIDE OUT.
I made this server so that people can have fun and shit. So you will see a lot of wacky buncha guys talkin whatever that comes over their mind. You talk shit, make offensive joke, and mess around i don't mind. Get ready lose braincells ;))
Welcome to Mythic_Legends!

The server includes:
Meme Channels
Anime Channels
Gaming Channels
NSFW Channels
8 Bots to improve your experience
A leveling system
Economy System
Music bots
A great helpful staff team
A server store
Server Events
Suggestions channel
Hello fellow losers, welcome to the Internet. More specifically, Share Your Sh-I mean stuff. This is a server that allows you to talk about and share topics you are interested in, memes, music, shows, art, the fresh batch coming up to college...I mean What? Anyways, another bonus to all this refreshing glass of no one cares is that it’s the one place your mother can’t yell at you for still thinking you can get accepted to Hogwarts even though you’re a fat, middle aged man named Phil living in Utah. That’s right Phil....I see you. Now you must be wondering “Am I good enough for this cool server” No but you can believe are
♡-Welcome to Angelic-♡
We are a growing community that is looking for new members! We offer a funny and safe environment! Join the family !

a place for loner teen hangout, making friends, or finding memes. 14-19 only.
☕️🍰Seal Cafe🍰☕️
🌙Seal Cafe is a server that gives it's members the opportunity to make new friends, share your art, memes, and hang out! 🌙

♡ Movie nights
♡friendly community
♡Color roles, and self assignable roles
♡loads of fun bots
♡nice staff
♡cute channels
♡meme channels
♡Friendly members
This is a newly formed Kermit Cult that aims to hate on all pepes

Must be 16 or older ;) This sever is full of nothing but kind and accepting opened minded people :)