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Our server was made to combat T-Series in the Battle of YouTube, for all the 9 year olds and pro gaming squad, although after we lost, we have been continuing our journey to promote PewDiePie, join us :)
A low moderated server that welcomes everyone that likes laid back and chill community and staff, good aesthetics, cute emo egirls and more....
This is a server for the tards of 4chan. Nothing more nothing less. We have Pizza
Bassicly a server where there are no rules,just meet up and talk to random people
We area community revolving around VRChat mostly, but play many other games together.

We are dedicated to having fun whatever we do together, and we welcome anyone that would like to become part of this.

If you implement yourself into the community, you have a chance to get cool unity assets, varying from shaders and models to prefabs and even fully customized avatars.

We try to help out anyone we can.
We don’t like furrys, this server is a joke don’t take it seriously, join and have fun, and don’t be mean thanks
♕ ░ ♡ The Coffee Shop ♡ ░ ♔

Do you want to join an amazing server and make friends!?!
Join us in The Coffee Shop for a relaxing fun time!
Everyone is welcome!! ❣ ~
Please join us in discussions about…

~ 🕹 Gaming 🕹 ~

~ 💗 Anime 💗 ~

~ 🎼 Music 🎼 ~

~ 🎨 Art 🎨 ~

~ 💞 Active Chats 💞 ~

~ 💗 Memes 💗 ~

~ 🎊 And much more! 🎊 ~

Join for friendly admins and to just have a great time!

~Egirl's and Eboy's
~Game and movie nights
~Chill members
Honestly just fuckin join and you won't regret it :shrug: . We have eGirls and memes, what more could you want? Who knows, you might even find your soulmate on here *: .
We are a GREAT server for anyone and everyone, we offer tons of channels to suite your needs
-Funny Videos/Cursed Videos
-and any channel that isn’t on the server it can be added
We also have events on random days, you never know when one will be. We hold elections every 3 months. Also if you are active enough you may get to live stream with the Owner and his friends
We may not be active but we have tons of hope and are guaranteed to bring you happiness and laughter We hope you can join us and we promise you will enjoy your stay.
this server is chill.
we do and say whatever want and fuck around.
S O C I A L I Z E.
This is a server.
Go join.
Or don't.
People are cool.
Hey you, yes you! Come and join my chamber, it not as bad as it sounds :)
Just a group of people with memes and shizzle mcfrizzle
Basically a server with nice people. We all show cool interest and we also need a few more people. So I recommend joining for lots of fun. The more active members we have, the better the server is.
This chat room is for random stuff we accept almost any kind of people (no pervs/extreme racists). We will have random debates about anything. We would love to see you here.
Ok so a lot of the content here has memes, lots and lots of memes and also this is the main source for my youtube and twitch content (there is also pokemon content here as well). We would love to see new faces in the world of Hyrule! So please come on in (and if your active enough I'll feature you in my youtube videos/ collabe with you)
Welcome to the Advertising server!

Here you can advertise anything including:
○ YouTube channels
○ Twitch
○ Music/SoundCloud
○ Discord Servers
○ Instagram
○ Twitter
○ Snapchat
○ Facebook
○ And much more!

Brief Server Description:
○ Meme channels
○ Music Channels
○ VC's so you can relax and talk
○ And much more!
Are you kek or cringe? Find out by joining our server.
-Introduce yourself to others and meet new people.
-Have some fun with the server bots (Pokécord, Dank Memer, etc.)
-Show us your creations on our art channel.
-We worship the almighty Doge.
-Music channels and bots to relax to.
ᴺᵒʷ ᵖˡᵃʸᶦⁿᵍ; [ Wine Red ]

0:58 ──♤───── 3:47
↻      ◁ II ▷     ↺

ᴠᴏʟᴜᴍᴇ : ▮▮▮▮▮▮▯▯▯

┊ ✧ ೃ༄┊ Welcome to Greyhound! ꒱ ˊˎ-

╭── ⋅ ⋅ ─────── ✩ ──── ⋅ ⋅ ──
 Greyhound insane institution for the mentally sick was built and founded by Kris Grey, a highschool drop out with enough smarts to get into college. After a plauge was introduced to the victimized city of Blackwood and neighbouring town greyhound, Kris became very interested on how people survived this killer, yet short, disease. Cautious at first he entered Blackwood, met by Spring Noir. Owner of a mental hospital, after recent notice of Springs family leaving, Blackwood Mental hospital was closed down and abandoned.

Knowing he couldn't rebuild Blackwood, he made a new 'Asylum' in the town of greyhound to make sure the people tramatized by this plauge were safe from others, and themselves. Recent years Greyhound has became a safe haven for the mental broken or people trying to escape issues. But with recent discovering of the plauge coming back, will the people of Greyhound be safe in this Haven?

•|Come Check us out!|•
╰── ⋅ ⋅ ──── ✩ ─── ⋅ ⋅ ──╯
we are not a dating server, just an over glorified offensive memes server, but join tho lol