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To infinity...And BEYOND!

Welcome to universal where all your dreams may come true. In this server you will see plenty of color roles (50!), channels for you express yourself, open staff applications, and more!

Come join this community for a fun time! You won't regret it <3
Come join our edgy server - we welcome shitposters, and e-daters with an NSFW friendly attitude and appropriate sections to keep like-minded attitudes and personalities grouped together.
The Zoo
Come join The Zoo, a general discussion server, mostly filled with lighthearted and slightly questionably edgy jokes, with occasional serious discussion. Already has a community of friends. Have fun, and invite your friends!
Our server is for friends to socialize, hangout, chill with others, and make friends. People from all walks of life are welcome to our relaxed and laid back community.
We are a new server looking for staff and admins!
come join the clubhouse and listen to music make friends play games and more!
The Homie Pantheon welcomes you into our empyrean abode, the realm of higher entities. We here are a close-knitted family with tendecies to come off as raw, honest, and unfiltered folk when we speak to one another. It can be like this for you as well should you decide to come on in through them doors.
╞═════A sliver of our content═════╡
[1.] Your average gamers with the matching voice.
[2.] Fictional religions and all that comes with this subject. (Minus the shaming.
[3.] The occassional movie night. We aren't nit-picky with the genres.
[4.] Rules that suits not just the administrators, but the entire community.
[5.] The themes are subject to frequent change.
[6.] People willing to talk in the Voice Channels.
[7.] The choice is yours when it comes to the roles.
[8.] Nothing here is severely regulated. Ex.: you can say whatever is on your mind, to a degree.
[9.] Weekly sessions of Roast Battles that are hosted by yours truly. The winners often recieve temporary roles that lasts a week.
A Hangout Server, I made just for the fun of it..It has simple rules that regulate the server as well as a positive community that will happily meme the shit out of your day, OWO, OWO, OWO, OWO, OWO, OWO, OWO, for anyone looking for a Furry Community....this isn't one, keep looking somewhere if you came for that sense, if you just came too hangout and become apart of the OwO community, then feel free to come over here and have some fun, we accept EVERYONE..>wO
Come join us pls.

Looking for someone who knows how to do reaction roles with YAGPDB
This is just a relaxed server that likes video games and memes.
Fast growing server! Appreciated if you join 😎
ᴠᴏʟᴜᴍᴇ : ▮▮▮▮▮▮▯▯▯
0:57 ━━━•──────── 3:59
⇄ ◃◃ ⅠⅠ ▹▹ ↻

ah, k-pop. most people like it, while others simply don’t. k-pop is a genra of music. it stands for korean pop. some people may understand it, and some might not. k-pop landia is a new and fresh server, looking for staff and members that share one thing in common. k-pop! we have a long way to go, so please join us.
Hey, Everyone! We Want You!
I hope you want to join Greater Human Reich Server. We're a bunch of people interested in politic, history and gaming. We would like you to join our AMAZING community!
We Have:
- Marketing
- ArtWorks / Story Channel (Not furry)
- Emotes
- Partnerships for growing your server
- Awesome members
- Games to talk about, play, watch and stream
- Amazing Staff
- We add your suggestions!
- Roleplay (Not furry)
- Political discussion!
And much more things to do!!!

Also A partner manager

Don’t Have to be a gamer to join.

Image URL:

***Looking for partners***

To find out more, join the server:
Best server for The Man On The High Castle fan and a place for history, politics lovers.
The Land Of Few is a server created primarily for roleplay. It is based in the year 2045 on a planet named Izov where it is a planet that is entirely ocean. It has an atmosphere capable of inhabiting nearly any sort of life form. The only bit of land that exists is a massive island which resides on the back of a massive, ancient whale slowly floating and moving through the ocean. Creatures of all races live together in these lands, but at the sea beds, tribes of fish people live who can often be aggressive and tend to attack the mining submarines that are sent down in the search of materials. Who will you be? An average human who makes a living fishing? Or a anthropomorphic shark, attempting to earn peace between the races of the island and attempting to prevent violence? You decide who you are.
Dokkan Akatsuki focuses on the gacha gaming community, but we’re so much more than that. We have a ~*weeby*~ section for anime fanatics, an NSFW section for the dirty, and a meme section for the dank daddies. We have the best staff with little to no moderation. We are currently looking for partnerships!
A server dedicated to Pepe. Pepe/monka/pepo emotes only. Over 300+ emotes on all servers !
Bored and wanna find something to do? Try my server! You can just hangout, chat, look at some dank memes, whatever. We're a new server, and could use support!
welcome to cakekekichan!! - the most bestest and extremelyist friendly gaming and animes server on all of!!!
Kool Kidz Empire- A place for all discord peeps, plus we are pretty chill....

•Invite Rank Ups!
•Youtubers and Twitch Streamers!
•Economy System!
•Music Bots
•NSFW( For all you kinky people out there)

•Chill Members
•Active Community
•Non-abusive Staff
•Voting for Staff
•Gamers Mobile, Console, and PC Welcome!

Make Sure to Join the Kool Kidz Empire today!
After being banned from pretty much every chat room I have participated in I have been forced to react against PC culture. In this Discord channel offensive combative behaviour will not only be tolerated but rewarded.
Heyyy got memes?
Join and post ya memes here
Wanna talk about Anime? Kpop? Games? Pulll up
This is a chat for the Sad and Happy
Come and make friends ;)

Join Daddy's E-Girl Paradise

Its Very Active with Active VCs and Chat
Tons and Tons of e-girls
tons of fun bots to play games with
nice people make new friends
🎅🏿🗿 is a very funny & unique server. We created this server to make more friends and get to know more people from other places. Here we talk about a lot of things, and everyone jokes along with one another. We roast each other like a huge family and just have fun. Join now and meet more people :)
Welcome. . .
We are all depressed and our coochies stink
Come join us
And want to die with us
And get kidnapped by Jack and have h0t fun with him in his dungeon ;)