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Salut mon pote ! Alors voilà, le Crew Crème c'est un peu comme une belle et grande famille, on parle, on rigole, bref c'est vraiment super sympa :3

On a des supers modo qui sont trop gentils (surtout moi) et qui sont très à l'écoute (enfin, la plupart du temps), des fois ils insultent des mères mais ce n'est que de l'amour <3.

On parle de jeux vidéos, mais aussi de pop culture, on se raconte des anecdotes cocasses et pleins d'autres trucs sympa et on a même un channel nsfw pour les petits filous ;).

En plus on a un bot rien qu'à nous qui fait des blagues ! Que demander de plus ?

Bref on t'attends, viens on est bien...

EDIT: c'est en train de devenir un temple du sexe mon pote
very fresh discord hangout for anime, gamers, and memers.
We are a crusader themed server. We have general and gaming chats and are willing to expand as more people join. Come join us, DEUS VULT!
Gamers Heavens, as suggested in the name its Heaven.
It has everything you wished for and more!!
The Owner is very active and open to suggestions. The server is constantly changing to the needs of @everyone
shit post af ......memez af....... we got Ricardo milos so basically im monky yee yeee yeee ya ya same same banana good description btw ay ay
|Cozy Lounge|

This is a Discord Hangout Server community

You can
Find new friends
Share Stuff that you like
Chat with amazing people

We hope you have a great time!
A server to talk about whatever you want with your friends, very laid back and welcoming group of people, only just started out.
We are a new aged, non toxic, community server for everyone who enjoys memes, being edgy and finding people like you to chill with!
1:1 ratio female male, anime themed
server with several dedicated and nice channels. Over 50 custom and original emotes.
♤every month there will be some discrete nitro giveways, for real anime fans here you will find memes, walpapers, nsfw, anime list and more!♤
Hey kids! Psst
I got a really cool tree house
It's has candies, gameboys, xbox, pc, and a lot of lube and tissues
Come join me
Yup it’s me big smoke come on down and chill have some fun while you’re at it fams
Hi everyone , this server is for those who seek to share there music and playlist yet at the same time enjoy others people taste and get to know them . You can be safe at this server and enjoy talking to an active community of such ♥ .
There are gaming tags and every kind that you want , enjoy and have fun ♥ . NSFW is for your choice at the server . . . .
A weeb Owner
A Noob staff
Friendly active community
Ricardo memes
Plays any games mostly(Warframe-League of legends )
A Meme community
A nice place to chill and to talk with the wonderful community
what do you want more?
Jakiś randomowy serwer z memuszkami i tak dalej.
➕ A good place to socialize and get exposed to people from all walks of life
➕ We do have 1 rule in place, post content in appropriate channels.
➕ We try and accommodate for everyone:
____◻️ If you're into IT and everything that has to do with IT - we have channels for
____◻️ If you enjoy music and art - we have a whole separate thriving community that posts daily in designated
____◻️ If you enjoy debates , convoluted questions and challenges of your moral and belief systems - we got you.
➕ It's a community driven server, where people are responsible for their environment.

🌿 Every person that joins is required to go through verification process.
The greatest server for sharing, making, making new friends, or simply listening to music. A new server, meaning there are many high ranks to give out.
Aesthetic Squad'a katıl!! Teması estetizm olan bu sunucuda pek çok insan aynı online ortamda bulunabiliyor!
- Toksik insanlar yok.
- Eğlenceli ve saygılı bir ortam.
- Arkadaş canlısını insanlar.
- Kişisel roller.
- 47 renk seçeneğinden oluşan roller.
- Bir çok estetik tipi estetik fotolar.
- İlişki bulma olanakları (uUuUu)
Ve daha fazlası Aesthetics Squad'da katıl ve arkadaşlarını davet et!!
We’re all floral, so keep it Coral!
In here you can make new friends, have fun, post memes, art all that fun stuff! We accept everybody here as well! Toxicity is strictly prohibited unless you’re in one of the toxic zones no toxicity (please)! This server is also (from the tags) half a roleplaying server! HOWEVER, if you’re not a fan of roleplays that’s okay! We have a role that allows you to see them! (Make sure to add that you’re a role player in your introduction and I’ll give you that role!)
We hope you enjoy your stay!
DISCLAIMER: this server is still a work in progress, so except changes often. Coral Café is not responsible for personal life issues with one of our members, we suggest that they tell someone they trust if something bad is going on in their life. If you are suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts, please call the suicide / depression hotline, you deserve help. Use your voice.
A place to hangout and chat, look at and post memes, etc; Includes nsfw channels, meme channels, social channels, music, economy and more!
This is a very quirky and experienced server, with voicechat, bots, tons of channels, new people, trolling, and variety of roles. Basically your one stop shop (Walmart) with your friendly neighborhood sales clerk Joe! The admins are very friendly to talk to (and we may roast you). Your lit playlist to jam out to. We have tons of bots including Mee6, Dank memer, Miki, and Hydra (more bots coming soon...) Roast people. Have fun, and lets get bread. Welp, that's the tea sis.
Want to Advertise your Discord server or Social media for free ?

We offer:
- 40+ categories to Advertise your servers and Social media
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This is a growing server with epic bruh moments we got everything you need like memes, human beings and events. everyone is welcome no matter what community you are in and this server is approved by Thanos
We are the (un)official server for the PewDiePie vs T-Series showdown!

-Live Subcount so you can stay informed!

-Self Promo!


-Run by the one and only Memetastic!
We got good nudes

⛔ 18+ SERVER
18+ server with NSFW channels for everything you want.