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Welcome! Raving Rejects is a server focused on building personal relationships with other people with mental illness, or just in general! Raving Rejects is all about creating a support system online when you feel like you can't in real life.

Some of the things we offer

-conspiracy theory chat
-tv and movie recs
-tech support
-movie night

It is so important to have a support system and sometimes it can feel really overwhelming, or even impossible to meet new people, even online. My goal with this server is to change that by providing a variety of group activities to get people involved, and interacting, and to give those that are really struggling something to look forward to.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or resources to add to the channel, please feel free to reach out to staff at any time! We are always trying to improve and create more opportunities to allow our community to connect.
LGBTQ+ Caffé is a friendly LGBT+ server, who accepts everyone who joins. And by everyone, I really mean everyone. Anyone of any age, gender, sexuality and race are welcomed. We strive to be friendly and open to anyone who decides to join this lovely server.
In this server you can talk and meet people, interact with the bots, and have fun, we are a growing server, but plan to become bigger.
Hey , Join our server we can offer many things [ Hidden NSFW channels ] really great channels ] partnerships and free moderation hiring. so please join us and have fun with us (:
Hi! Welcome to my server! This is a bot where you can have fun, talk to people, giveaways and more! You can meet new friends and attend giveaways! Are you interested to join? Join! We wouldnt be more happy than to see you! Ill talk to you there! Bye!
We have:
Good Moderation!
Fun bots!
Buy roles! For example Moderator, Head Administrator! :O
Come and have fun with us! :smiley: We cant wait having you here! Talk to you there!
We will also have an event today! :open_mouth: You better join!
A giveaway is on right now! You should come and attend!
This communitY is for everyone ages +15 this is something you all can enjoy no matter you Race or sexuality Selfies and all are welcomed WE ARE ALL MAD you can come be mad too.😆😆😆
Are you a fellow Cri Cat like myself? If so then you should join The
Cri Cat Army
We offer:
Great and friendly staff
Lots of fun bots
And lots more

were a friendly community based server but we have plans to expand into other stuff such as maybe raiding

Join And Go Make Some Friends
B a c k f l i p is a server that has been running for a month or so. It's not very active but I want it to be. B a c k f l i p has bots with cool commands, Memes, Friendly people. Feel free to join :D
Hey everyone who is 18 and over. Are you tired of joining discord servers, and you are confronted with drama etc? If so join our community. We are only 18+ meaning that anyone under the age of 18 can't join the server. I myself wanted this change, and I made the server for this reason. Meeting people my own age on Discord. Why not come check us out? We have a few amazing bots, and a server suggestion channel so that we can improve our server in anyway possible. Whether it be bots or extra channels. We don't mind. I look forward to meeting everyone. :)
A non-toxic server for chilling meeting new friends and people to play with the server is always active and so you will never be bored as there will always be someone to talk to.
Hey there! We are a community server. We got chill people, we got toxic people we got ALL types of people.

:Server Features:
⏫ Level and Self Roles!
❤ Active / Helpful staff!
🎉 Giveaways for members!
🌐 Server Clubs!
🥇 Club tournaments!
🎵 Music Bots!

We are still growing and plan on updating as much as possible! Come say hi!
This server is awesome for watching movies and shows you like and meeting people who like the same shows as you
Hex is a server to meet new online friends, hang out and chill, or just join discussion! We have Game Chats, General Discussion and Economy bots!
Dies ist ein neuer discord server und wir würden uns freuen wenn DU uns beitreten würdest!

Außerdem könnte es noch dauern bis DU jemanden zum reden/zocken findest, weil kaum einer drauf ist (ist ein neuer server).
This is for people who likes to talk and meet new people and gaming. This is my hangout server also a server for my youtube fans and stuff. Basically the point is that you can talk and meet new people and you can game with them. Some people like anime so if you want you can talk to some people about anime if you want. Personally I love anime and I'll love to meet you all. So if it sounds good this is the place!