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Welcome to wonderous world of Magnolia! A world that takes place in a medieval fantasy setting with 4 kingdoms. Rule one of the kingdoms or work for them. Win over the princess and be next to the throne. Characters will range from humans to shapeshifters to superhumans, do as you please and have fun creating your character. Find out more lore when you join! The chat is very new but the owner and admin have years of experience with roleplay chats just like this one. We know each other irl and hope to find rp friends that we can speak to out of rp as well as in rp. we are very excited to meet you all. Have fun, everyone!

Fun features!:

-Voice chats where you can speak with the other members where you can be address as your character!

-This a new server still getting set up so we could use your input and help.

- This is a fantasy type roleplay so your characters are allowed powers

-We allow you to select any role, from peasant to king!!

-We spent a lot of time on this chat and hope you join... Bye killers :wave:

-We do have some nsfw chats but the roleplay will not be revolved around that
This is a tale; a tale of war, friendship, death, and life.

The year is back in the Medieval Times, when monsters and creatures roamed at their finest, everything was powered with magic and life! And there was constant war for that incredible power... there were the humans, angels, demons, mer-people, vampires, golems, dragons (even hybrids), and many more.

They all lived within the Land of Asturias. Kingdoms all divided into separate regions, but there has been some people who gained the power of the lands... they have gone crazy themselves... making their own territory...

You shall now join one of these regions... will your choices make you the hero of your land... or will you bring choas and distruction in your wake...?
Old Angeland is an rp server which brings to life the full English olden day experience!
This server is a roleplay server where you can play as a character in a mythical version of medieval times, which includes magic, enchanted creatures, and more! This is the first time I have ever made a server, so I am always open to improvement! Hope you enjoy!