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This is the kingdoms soul, it takes place in a fantasy world with many different things, a peasant is going to be a poor citizen, middle class is the most common class, wealthy characters have more wrights than either of the two lower classes, and finally, being a royal means you can commit more crimes than the rest of the people and the guards will automatically look the other way, giving the royal’s more power than they should have, Royal rose court is where the Royal characters must meet up when pinged there

The server is fantasy based


Characters of all ages are allowed

If a character is underage they are not permitted to engage in any 18+ activities

You can basically be anything in this server, any species, anything.
Hello! This is the Seven Sins of Britannia. This is a roleplay server created off of the best anime/manga ever! The Seven Deadly Sins!

The time of the rp is around Season one in the Anime. The Sins are scattered across Britannia. Meliodas, captain of the seven deadly sins along with his friend, Hawk and the third princess of Liones, Elizabeth, are on a journey to find all of the Seven Deadly Sins! As they journey with Hawks mom, which is disguised as the Boar Hat. They venture on their journey together to find the sins and clear their name as traitors of Britannia. Being Blamed for the murder of the former Holy Knight Grand Master. The Sin's had to go in hiding. The location of the Sin's is unknown.. (unless you've read the manga or watched the Anime.)
In Heaven's Edge, the time is set back in the Middle Ages. We have assassins, mercenaries, thieves, knights, kings and queens.
However, we don't just have humans.
We have living, breathing Dragons. Feralis, Canius, Wood Elves, Eragonians, Etherians, and Ophidius.
This is a tale; a tale of war, friendship, death, and life.

The year is back in the Medieval Times, when monsters and creatures roamed at their finest, everything was powered with magic and life! And there was constant war for that incredible power... there were the humans, angels, demons, mer-people, vampires, golems, dragons (even hybrids), and many more.

They all lived within the Land of Asturias. Kingdoms all divided into separate regions, but there has been some people who gained the power of the lands... they have gone crazy themselves... making their own territory...

You shall now join one of these regions... will your choices make you the hero of your land... or will you bring choas and distruction in your wake...?
Old Angeland is an rp server which brings to life the full English olden day experience!
This server is a roleplay server where you can play as a character in a mythical version of medieval times, which includes magic, enchanted creatures, and more! This is the first time I have ever made a server, so I am always open to improvement! Hope you enjoy!