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--------------------------Hell is Empty--------------------------

In the first days, humanity woke on an alien world, alone and afraid. Betrayals and slaughters were part and parcel of everyday life.

Until the tribes began. Now life is different. Survival is not the foreign god that we once worshipped. Now there's something more refined. Something more dangerous.

The extinction beast played havoc with human genes and her children went rogue. Now two other races, beyond humans, thrive in the strange new world.

When they meet, there is certain to be bloodshed.

Play as a human, fight for your right to survive, carve out your destiny upon this alien rock!
Play as a Hayquill, the four armed humanoids with infrared vision and prehensile tails!
Play as a Drokkan, a chameleon-esque reptiloid under the careful eye of your progenitor Dragon.
Play as a monster, hunt the invading humans and consume their flesh. Return your environment to it's previous glory.

As time goes on, the story will change, as will the environment. Kingdoms will rise and fall. Your characters of yesteryear will be inspiration and stories told to the next generation!
We are a non-consensual death server that is generational (you have kids, you play your kids, repeat) and scientifically plausible in nature. We don't have magic, but the longer things go on, the more mutations you're liable to wrack up, giving unique abilities and aesthetics!

Literate roleplayers only, Please!
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