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heyyyttt 😹😹👋🏻 this server is rlly new and barely has any ppl but u should join and make it active thx 😸😸
Very chill server with not a lot of people 😊✌️

if you join send memes
come talk about shows and music ur into
tell us about yourself
we have a venting chat, you let your anger out and we give support!(if u want)
come check us out
Hey Everyone! Come and join my server if you want. It’s a really small server that’s growing. Please join if you’re going to be really active. You can all make new friends and talk to new people. This server was originally made for my Youtube channel but everyone is welcome to join if you want.
We have:
-Giveaways (roblox giveaways mainly in bloxburg)
-Server Events (where we all vote on something to do each week)
-Once we have enough members we will start to give out mod applications
-Theres going to be applications on the Applications section
We’re still adding more things to our server so you can give suggestions. We hope you see you there.
this is a server where you can make new friends! we play all sorts of games and everyone here is very friendly and welcoming so join if you're feeling a bit lonely we can cheer you up!
this is just a server for fun! we’d like to meet new people and just talk because it was originally just my friends and me, but we decided it would be fun to meet other people! please read the rules first, and have fun!! general age range is 13-17!!!
please join we have epic server emojis
We are a small discord community who are trying to get someone from every country in the world in one discord server. If you want to make new friends from all over the world then this place would be perfect!
A safe place for people to vent about their day, make friends, and hangout! (LGBTQ+ friendly / 13+ please)
Our server is about making new friends meeting new people u can talk about anime or games or even other things that arent related to it everyone is welcome to join it doesnt matter what age gender or sexuality u are we hope that u will enjoy ur stay <3
Hello there,
Underdogs is a community that is all about making friends. We are a small tight community that used to play Minecraft together. We are now playing all kinds of games. We love to chat, hang out, joke around, etc and it would be amazing to grow this community! We also have a custom XP system with ROLES, DAILY rewards, etc. ;)
We talk here... Chat... Talk about mobile legends... Share pokemon fanmade games so that everyone can try it out... Talk about Kpop and recommend songs... We can talk about anime and dramas too!
Come join the new server ✿Global Friendship✿, we're a new server hoping to help people make new friends over the globe! We support LGBT+, people from everywhere.

Our age limit is 16yrs to 25yrs.
We have chat for everything!
Anime, roleplay, games, memes, music, media, under 18 chats!
You are welcomed by friendly admin and fun people!

Come join ✿Global Friendship✿ today!
Teens Valhalla is all about making friends and having fun🥳

If you are someone who are bored out of life then this is the server for you😎😎 We want people who are willing to help others and not the toxic community🙄....i mean its a peaceful community right 😜

We will be waiting for you😁😁


*Specific text and voice channels for whatever the users find interesting to talk about. Whether its a recent event or games channels can be made and have fun chats.

*Self assigned roles are available.

* Fun facts are uploaded daily as a good message

* Unlimited memes are available to pass time

* Musics bots are available for chilling

- We're a friendly server with people who love to Game, art, invent, meme, be amazing ETC.
- This is also a safe place for LGBT+ We accept you! So enjoy your stay too!
- We love to hang out with cool people just like you!!
- We have amazing friendly STAFF who loves to interact with everyone!
- Cool areas to hang out for instance: The Gaming lobby where you can game with everyone!

Anyways, if you are a chill person who is looking for an amazing community and to make friends. Come join THE GALACTONIUM EMPIRE!! I hope you all have an amazing day!!
Welcome to Honey ピぷせ! A server made to make friends and share have some good laughs! We are here to encourage you to love yourself and loves others no matter your gender identity, your skin color, or who you love. Honey is a safe place for all persons.
hey, welcome to the server!
hope you enjoy youre stay ^^
this is my first server so its not the best server, but im trying my best
we have some cool bots to play, and some cool members to talk
hope you gonna like it ^^'
(oh, and this server is dying so if its possible please be active ^^)

Welcome to the bread. This is a hangout for you to chat and play your favorite games with others. You can promote your twitch channel here and ask me if you need any help. I hope you enjoy and LET'S GET THIS BREAD!!!!!!!!
Crush - Tessa Violet

0:35 ──o───────── -4:23

⇄      ◃◃    Ⅱ    ▹▹      ↻

Cupid's Area can offer a fun and chill server!

✅ May host future events!
✅ Has fun bots and leveling system ( still working on it 💖 )
✅ Server Admins are friendly
✅ Respects everyone
✅ Aesthetics
✅ Pastel Themed role colors
✅ Not a dating server
✅ Chance to find new friends
And so much more!