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Mobius: Uprising is a dark and mature roleplaying server set in the Sonic universe fifteen years after Robotnik's victory over the Freedom Fighters. Since then, the Eggman Empire has taken over Mobius and destroyed its atmosphere and having had enough, the citizens of Mobius band together behind either the Freedom Fighters and GUN to put an end to Eggman's regime.

However, a new threat has emerged to all on mobius. This threat is known as the Metarex, and they wage a war of extermination against the citizens of the planet. Their drive to exterminate all non plant life is matched only by their military strength and numbers.

Will the citizens of Mobius be able to save their planet? Or will they and their world fade away, forgotten by the galaxy?

We offer:
-A story set fifteen years after Robotnik's victory
-Ability to play as not just original characters but canon characters as well.
-Play in at least six major regions.
-The Sonic universe complete with mature content
-Join a variety of canon or custom factions.
-No stat-based character creation.
-ERP-friendly channels for those who wish for it (must be 18+).
-Semi-Literate, Third-Person, and RTK.

Recommended Age: 17+
We're a small WIP community looking for people to come and join the server to talk to, share our interests with and roleplay! Maybe you'll even find new friends here!
You like magic? You like aliens? You like space? Then this might be for you!

This is a very flexible and adaptable original universe (OU) inspired by Pokémon, Dungeons & Dragons, Mythology, Folklore and various genre of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Imaginative Realism mixed in

Here you can RP as characters from many different series
if there's two of the same character they will be given a 'Universal Tag' that can be used to identify them with

- - - - - OOC Related - - - - -
Friendly - SFW - Not really active, but alive nonetheless
Discussion - Art - Memes - (7) Bots
51 Colors - Levels - Self-Assignable Roles

- - - - - Roleplay Related - - - - -
Space - Aliens - Technology - Magic
Roleplay - Multifandom - AUs - OCs
Spell Slot System - Dice System (Optional) - Events
Reward Roles - Unlockable Locations
Dice Maiden
A semidark fantasy setting, a sprawling and sterling city filled with wonderous magics, powerful adventurers and many beautiful things waiting in this wonderful world! Or is it really? There are things lurking in dark corners. Be wary adventurers.

Please be at least semi literate!
Hoist the the deck...and adventure with us into the new world.
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Welcome to the Lost Seas! This is an 18+ RP server, themed around a future where the Earth has flooded, land has all but disappeared, and humans are no longer alone on the Earth.

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Long ago, the world was made up of four continents and seven bodies of water, known collectively as the Seven Seas. These continents were populated by billions of people with hundreds of different ways of life. For hundreds of years this ancient populace experienced peace and strife in equal measure in a time known as The Growth. This age came to an abrupt end when the world descended into calamity. The continents shifted, the great caps of Ice on either end of the world melted, flooding the Seas with new water, and much of these ancient peoples were killed off. Now all that remains of the land are dozens of archipelagos and two continents, with most of the world now taken up by five massive Seas. This new world, called Oceana, is ruled by the Ocean Confederacy, the Tidal Empire, and the Pirate Alliance.

The seas are vast and empty, desolate and dangerous, the waters rough and then still... Forge your story the way you want. Fight for the Empire, the wealth of the Confederacy, or the fame of the Alliance! Join a crew, or make your own, and walk through gun fire, nearly escape Death's cold embrace and walk from the aft, or balance atop the mast. The sea stretches out before you...the world yours to conquer.

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We're a flexible literate roleplay server. We accept members and whatever lengths they are comfortable with writing. This isn't a strictly SFW server, so NSFW content is optional and varies from player to player.

- We have 60+ Channels to Roleplay in as well as Optional
- 14 OOC Channels to spend time in.
- Active and Helpful Staff as well as easy rules and Guidelines.

Well what are you waiting for??
We're a growing community of roleplayers within a Magi-Tech like world. We're small, but we're also heckin' cool. There is no need to feel afraid to stop by. You could always leave, but that would only hurt my feelings. :C

L O R E.
The Conflux seems to be a gateway of sorts for visitors from strange worlds and dimensions, but it also acts as a protector. For those who are arriving the Conflux acts like a filter, keeping potential dangers out. It is also said when called upon, Warriors from the Conflux will descend to maintain order and save those who deserve salvation. But, once you're in, it's almost like you cannot leave.
​Elementia is a world based on the separation of the elements. The Gods, creatures, kingdoms, and environment are all based on this separation. From warring factions to the magic people use. Magitech and skyships are home alongside Raging Barbarians and Dutiful Knights.

The night sky and the stars among it actually play an important role in Elementia for the darkness of the sky is the manifestation of the black and the white respectively with the grey being the shades between. This connects with the physical world in an overlay. The Black sometimes being blamed for the monsters that exist more at night in general, the white being the intense lights and white magic respectively. Powerful beings are said to live in all three realms.

At the end of the day, the story is the name of the game by which we play! Although combat is important, we focus on the stories we can tell cooperatively together. Alongside several main storylines, we encourage players to create their own and are welcome to ask staff for assistance in bringing it to life. And in the event your character dies, we always have the Honored Dead channel.

Here we do strive for excellent roleplay as we want all players to have fun and experience the best roleplay we can provide. We believe this starts with a transparent and well-made character. As such, we provide an optional character template to help players get off the ground to get a detailed profile going. The servers systems, lore and so forth are always being iterated on and player input is encouraged.

Several races with their own Unique Abilities, including the possibility of adding your own race.
*A variety of classes, including the possibility of making your own class.
*A profession system to gain money in between adventures.
*It is a small but welcoming community. Come on in!
The Scoijan Empire

Welcome to the Scoijan Valley - home to the once opulent and mighty Scoijan Empire; now turned to disarray and infighting. Fractured and further fragmented by three leaders - each a claimant to the throne their father, the Emperor, had held for over four hundred years before his death. You will find yourself amongst the streets of Mairoux. It is a city - once capital of the Empire - defined by intrigue, callous justice, opportunity, and magical technology. Contesting the expansion of Mairoux stand Portsborough and Erod-Teyrnas. Portsborough are paragons of purposeful progress, freedom of person, clockwork-steam machinery, and the roar of artillery and ranks of rifles. Erod-Teyrnas are unmoving in their dedication to the old way of nobles, knights, and serfs - possessing primal, primordial magic to combat the advanced technology of their rivals. It’s a bloody feud, an unending feud, and only your hands may change the tide - toward domination or peace.

Our close-knit community is a friendly, experienced group of roleplayers - welcoming new members to our fold to share our world with. We’re predominantly freeform in our role play style where every character can influence the world around them; good or bad. Our tense and perspective is, however, third person - past tense - semi-literate to literate. We prefer that our users be of this same style or at least willing to learn.

If we have piqued your interest, please - come and join us on discord!