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If you are looking for a well-built free form fantasy server that revolves around the idea of a good setting and exciting events, then Alagaesia may just be the roleplay server for you. There is no set plot. You make your own. You can even have your own channels for your character in certain areas. Come join us!
𝙒𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙙𝙤 𝙬𝙚 𝙝𝙖𝙫𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙤𝙛𝙛𝙚𝙧?
1. A large lore document with all the necessary information to understand the setting. This document is constantly growing.
2. A welcoming and friendly environment for all to enjoy
3. Different levels within the community that offer more privileges as one increases in level
4. A good amount of both OOC and IRP channels for the community to enjoy
5. Various bots for the community to interact with
6. Endless plot possibility, and compelling events that will involve the entire community!
Come and join us if youd like! if you choose to do so, then we hope that you enjoy your time with us!

Owners: Zaddy#0001 and Lynx#4922
- If you are coming for a partnership then speak to a member of the partnership team
Get ready to join Enchanted Island a place of refuge for beings whom hold abnormal abilities.
Choose between good or evil, student or villain whatever you decide is welcomed here!
Our server contains:
And so much more!
Well we are just dying to have you join us on this journey!
Join our family today
Enchanted Island, forgotten by many, refuge to people who have gained abnormal abilities back on main land, no longer being hunted by the jealous and effected they strive with new difficulties.
The island was inhabited before but by whom is unknown, certain places on and around the island could hint to it's history. Some try to figure it out, some just try to live normal lives, but the dangers lurking in the shadows seek to make it difficult.
What part are you trying to play in the supernatural? Will you succeed in your goal, or will you fall victim to the outlandish?
A still W.I.P server GOW is a mix of adventure and exploration combined with combat, You are able to make your own ship and character. Set out into the world of GOW and do missions, Be a bounty hunter or enlist in the army to help fight off the main villain of the story.

A super advanced hive-mind like robotic network with one leader under its belt by the name of Assimilatus. Will you let him take over the galaxy or will you help the struggling empire fight against the menace? What wonderful worlds will you see? Only time will tell.
━━━━━━ ✧ 𝕃𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕠𝕗 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝔾𝕠𝕕𝕤 ✧ ━━━━━━

Pandora Academy rebuild, reworked and revamped to fit our all new custom lore and world setting! Here you can become a Demigod of almost any pantheon, but what about the creatures and monsters..? Well.. it’s all up to you. Do you want to be a son of Chernunnos or perhaps the child of a Selkie? Everyone is welcome in Pandora Academy. Is school just not for you? Then come join the guild, Oath, and fight for the safety of the beautiful country of Cyriacus!

We offer:
✧ A custom stat system for characters!
✧ Fun and immersive lore
✧ The chance to pick from almost any Pantheon
✧ Both School life and Fighting for your guild
✧ A custom world to play around with
✧ Custom holidays and traditions
✧ A fresh xp system to level your characters!

And much more.

Come check us out, don’t be shy. I promise we don’t bite!
━━━━━━ ✧ ✧ ━━━━━━
A brand new magic academy RP server with loads of freedom and a very chill community! Join today if you like lots of detail, lots of lore, and a fun server to be in. Become a great mage, an instructor--just about anything you could think of!

We are looking for good lore writers who want to contribute to a world. We have a worldanvil page and lore writers would assist with creating and adding detail to the pages on races, locations, history etc.
Welcome to Moonseekers' Nexus! We are an 18+ community for witches and pagans run by a dedicated Council of individuals determined to give you a safe space to learn and grow!

Some of our features:
🌓 15+ channels dedicated to witchcraft and religions!
🌓 Self-assignable roles!
🌓 A staff code of conduct, to hold the Council as accountable as the members when it comes to forming a safe space!
🌓 A participation based ranking system based on the major arcana!
🌓 Pingable roles to describe your practice and ask other practitioners about theirs!
🌓 An lgbtq+ chat for the community and those questioning!
🌓 A chat especially for otherkin/therian/starseeds!
🌓 A channel to ask questions, offer suggestions, and send feedback to the Council!
🌓 A new server with plenty of room for growth! We have plans for a book club, monthly meditations, new staff positions, and more!

We hope you'll join us!
P. S, this is based off of an anime called Little Witch Academia, I own none of the characters, plot, etc. This server is also new, so expect things to be empty or uncompleted.

The Luna Nova Magical Academy is a renowned school dedicated to teaching young witches the art of magic. Initially, only witches from magical families and only women were admitted, but due to economic difficulties, it was decided to also allow the entrance to witches and men without magical inheritance. The students are divided into teams of three, giving each team the same room along with a hatband and sash of the same color for their uniform. These groups subsequently work together in the group lessons. You have been accepted into this prestigious academy, welcome.

This school accepts:
→ LLBTQ+ Accepted!
→ SFW My Dude 😁
→ Many Classes To Take And Opportunities To Make!
→ Many More Things
Come one, come all to the Colosseum! A place full of Role-Play, Magic, and Heroism there's a place for everyone here to enjoy. Here we have specific role play categories: for rebels, neutral territory, The enemy Celt's and The Roman Empire led by The Empress Sienna. Join us as we explore and create our own unique world with your help while giving you the ability to choose your own path. The server is set in fifteenth century Rome but welcomes any and all aspects from that time frame so long as you're creative enough to weave it into our current setting! Will you fight alongside The Empire or against it? Only time will tell. The World of Colosseum looks forward to your arrival. Only adults are allowed, 18 and over.
In year X, the continent of Erathea was hit by fragments of the moon after being struck by an asteroid. These fragments, nicknamed The Shards, caused many to fall ill and eventually die. However, those who remained were transformed into mutated monsters, bringing down the already dwindling numbers of humanity.
70 years after the disaster, the people of Erathea must rebuild the continent, all while being faced with arising challenges and conflicts.
Hello! The Fall of Erathea is a new, unique roleplaying group that would love to welcome you to our community! Erathea is a developed world created for character driven stories in a medieval-fantasy/sci-fi setting. It is a semiliterate to literate server.
**Welcome to Yoko High:**

yoko high is a High school role play server!,
it may be small atm, but its fun you can come rp, even vc and hang out and talk to other rpers and make new friends,
it's based around a high school where magic and mythical beings are allowed, you can be and do what ever you want here but make sure to follow the rules of course!

the server is just getting started off but with enough members and people willing to join and follow our rules it can become bigger and stronger

our server is about a school that trains and teaches children with special abilities how to control there powers and is filled with events and fun-filled lessons.

trusted staff interviewed by owner!

**Join today!**
The year is 2389. The world has changed much, do to a virus that swept across the world in 2020. It gave certain people the attributes of species once thought to be of myth's and urban legends, fantasy even. Through time it had been found that the virus had brought back species of old. Those species went back to the birthplaces, and discovered forgotten relics of the past. With these relics, they brought back magic, something that had been long forgotten. However, the public and most of the world was scared, so all the kids were sent to a different continent, that had been discovered in 2100, when most of these events take place. The Continent was called "Eldaria" which has a similar shape to England, but a lot bigger. Schools across Eldaria were set up, along with towns and villages. All of those who are able to cast magic were sent here, and have the basic laws and necessities of a nation. In 2250, the nation had a war. They won the war, and during the peace treaty, they were allowed to set up schools across the globe, allowing children to attend school and go back into normal society. However, this deal would take several years to complete, and wouldn't be in place until 2380. When the schools where finished, the public were outraged, but were quickly silence by the powerful sorcerers. These schools are only allowed for those of magic powers and there families...
| Welcome to Infinity Dignity, ( May require a new name change! ) This is a work-in-progress roleplay server.

Although this server doesn't have a lore just yet, we'd like some members to help this server grow and become one of the best roleplay servers on Discord...

⦻ A subjected Fantasy Roleplay, ( Anti-Magic, etc. )

⦻ Gore, freaky, creepy stuff is allowed here.

⦻ NSFW is a no, not a recommended place if looking for NSFW.

( More information soon.)
**⊱ ────────────────────────────────── ⊰**
**⁺*・༓☾ The Divine Order ☽༓・*⁺**

▇ A high fantasy roleplay involving you, the roleplayer as a deity.
Forming alliances and deals with other gods and their factions
to assume power within the realm.

▇ You can lead an orderly life or a life of chaos, influencing those
around you to carry out similar deeds. Both mortals and Gods
alike will take your example.

▇ Be the child of one of the strongest gods or make your own way
the top, all based on your writing skill. We're very literate here.

▇ We have:
⊱ Maps and pictures to set the mood and improve understanding!
⊱ Self roles to fit your demographic and color preference!
⊱ Both a spirit world and real world to embark upon!
⊱ Story arcs that out-line the flow of roleplay!
⊱ Political and Fantastical qualities alike!
⊱ Rewards for those that are literate!
⊱ Involved staff members!
⊱ And so much more~

**⊱ ────────────────────────────────── ⊰**
**-We'll be expecting you in the realm-**
**⊱ ────────────────────────────────── ⊰**
╔═════⋘ ⋙ ═════╗


╚═════⋘ ⋙ ═════╝

. * »—« * .

. * »——« * .

. * »———« * .

. * »——-—« * .

. * »——————————« * .

╔═════⋘ ⋙ ═════╗

Would You Like To Open This File?

>> Y e s << N o

╚═════⋘ ⋙ ═════╝

◜ ◝

`` Yamato Private High ``

◟ ◞

Dear student,
Congratulations, you have been accepted into one of the only human - monster schools in the realm! Your blood is special because you have magic, and magic is only found in a small percentage in the world, my dear! Yes, yes, take a moment to gloat to your friends, family, and then go back to reading this. Done? Okay. So, as you know, the world is suffering from the monsters and stand users that don't trust humans, making them hate each other and might start a war. The worst part is that the last war was chaotic and almost destroyed a region, so imagine what it'll be like in the upcoming one! Obviously we don't want that happening, no no no, we want you to help stop the war before it happens, that is why I made this school, so humans, monsters, and stand users get along and the war will stop sooner or later. By now, the items you need have already been teleported to you. We also have provided you with a uniform, a fancy dorm, some notebooks and other necessary things for you. Now, put your uniform on and go to Aurora Street. 3792, that is where the school is, go to the office ( the staff has been expecting you, don't worry ) and enjoy our school!
Welcome to Magicadius! A world full of magic and monsters, once you join you will be directed to the adventurers guild; where you will make your character and join in on the fun! You may have to figure out some secrets from your past, maybe you just want some romance, perhaps you want to become the strongest adventurer of all? Well, it's all welcome here!

Complete quests and rank up!

Make new friends!

Watch the plot unravel...

Come join us!
Resilient Remnants

Samaki, a land that was once beautiful, and was full of life, is ravaged by war and fighting, by two clans. The Denitians and the Teratians. The Denitians, a land teeming with magic, and the Teratians, a land full of technology. They both have been bitter enemies since the beginning. Now, Samaki is a very dangerous territory to be in, where blood is often spilled.

Choose what your clan is going to be!

Choose whether you want to join the Denitians, and wield a powerful tome that allows you to use magic, or choose to side with the Teratians, and you can wield a powerful technological weapon to destroy your enemies with.

We're a friendly community looking for more people! We have helpful staff, a unique system, and more!

Will you try to make peace? Or join the others in bloodshed? The choice is yours! We hope to see you here, and be careful, or else you may be killed.
18+ Server only! Exceptions may be made for 17
Are you a fan of the Bioware video game series Dragon Age? Maybe been around the old block a few to many times and just want to try something new? Set during the events of the game 'Dragon Age:Inquisition' the Inquisition needs your help as they face down an Ancient enemy.

Will you rise to the Call?

Never played the games? That's fine! We're more than happy to assist you in learning about the lore and navigating the world.

Currently looking for more than a few Canon Characters to be filled
Come join us in this brand new roleplay server! Dragus High or as its called, Dragus Academia! A magic school for the creatures of all kinds, we welcome any species! Dragons, vampires, furrys, nekos, werewolves etc. This school teaches the outcasts to humans how to control their powers or themselves, Come join us!
Welcome to the country of Natora, and it's most powerful guild, the Mercenaries' Guild! There are plenty of fun times to be had in this strange world of strange mutations and catastrophic calamities. Come join, to see if you can save the god damn world, or just smash your way to victory too I guess.
★彡 Welcome to Agate Academy 彡★
What is Agate Academy?

➳ Agate Academy is a place where superhumans come to embrace their differences and learn how to improve their powers.


↤↤↤ What Do We Offer? ↦↦↦

‣ Lore and OOC based events~! ✔️

‣ Friendly & Helpful Staff Members~! ✔️

‣ Active Roleplayers~! ✔️

‣ Variety Roleplay~! ✔️

‣ Movie Nights~! ✔️

‣ Working Economy System~! ✔️

‣ Tons of Fun Bots~! ✔️

‣ LGBT+ Support~! ✔️

‣ Tons of creativity for ocs~! ✔️

‣ Pet ocs~! ✔️

‣ And much more~! ✔️

What are you waiting for? Press the button~!
Mandokun! Is a wonderful place! Or so it seems :>
Mandokun is a wonderful server, with a slowly expanding roleplay world that Owner (me) wants to build up with you!

We have Give aways!
We have racing!
Constant fights!
Dice battle system!
All of that! And more!

And as for the rp it self, the current threat is the “Dark Smog” a chemical that groups up forming scary monsters that will hunt you down and trash cities, like it has already against so many

We have lost many warrior and many machines, but if your not into that? You can be a racer!
Racers has weekly big races that helps earn out of rp shop coins!

So please come and check it allll out!
Welcome to the land of Chaoria, where the High Fae and their lessers reside in a series of Courts: The Day Court, The Night Court, The Summer Court, The Winter Court, the Spring Court and the Autumn Court. A few also choose not to be affiliated to any of the courts, though this is extremely dangerous.
More than a hundred years ago, a war between mortals and the long-living Faeries broke out, and the only solution was to seperate them for once and for all. However, not everyone believes this is the best method, and attempts to ruin the peace. And thus is the Fair Folk's job to prevent these devious schemes while keeping the peace between Courts.

-A more or less new roleplay server
-An active owner
-We support semi-lit to literate roleplays
-We have a detailed lore
-Looking for new members and staff
Magic... Since the beginning of time, there has been magic in the world. Magic can be found everywhere, in the air we breathe, to the food we eat, and even inside of each and every person. The ability to tap into the magic that exists everywhere is a rare skill that only 1 in every 1,000 people born today possesses. For most of humanity's existence people were unaware this magic even existed, and the ones who did have the ability to tap into it never realized it, they never had the knowledge to shape the magic to their will. Sometime during the 18th century, a major discovery was made - a way to tap into the magic that has existed all this time. Now, many years later, schools exist all over the world for teaching young children with an affinity for magic how to control their new powers.

One random day, while searching through the mail you found a strange letter addressed to you. In the letter you learned of a school named The Arcane Academy, a school far away made for teaching students about the hidden world of magic. In the letter, you were invited to join their school as a student to learn the many secrets of magic. Even though the letter seemed crazy and fake, something about it called to you and made you believe it.

Now, a new chapter is beginning, a chapter filled with strange wonders and magic. What will happen to you once you arrive at the school? Will you make friends? Enemies? Will you find love or will you stay alone? The only way to find out is to join us, so why don't you enroll in the Arcane Academy today!

[Server Features]
•A welcoming community that accepts anyone and everyone!
•Many self assignable roles to make your stay at our server much more enjoyable!
•A nice and laid back staff!
•Any roleplay style accepted, from one-liners to paragraph roleplayers!
•We're constantly adding new features for your enjoyment!
•Server partnerships!
•And so much more...