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Welcome to Moonseekers' Nexus! We are an 18+ community for witches and pagans run by a dedicated Council of individuals determined to give you a safe space to learn and grow!

Some of our features:
🌓 15+ channels dedicated to witchcraft and religions!
🌓 Self-assignable roles!
🌓 A staff code of conduct, to hold the Council as accountable as the members when it comes to forming a safe space!
🌓 A participation based ranking system based on the major arcana!
🌓 Pingable roles to describe your practice and ask other practitioners about theirs!
🌓 An lgbtq+ chat for the community and those questioning!
🌓 A chat especially for otherkin/therian/starseeds!
🌓 A channel to ask questions, offer suggestions, and send feedback to the Council!
🌓 A new server with plenty of room for growth! We have plans for a book club, monthly meditations, new staff positions, and more!

We hope you'll join us!
It all begins inside an alternate universe to the normal zodiacs world where the 12 star heroes are nothing but a gang of thugs set onto one goal, *world domination* but even they cant do it alone, they recruit those who the world hates and make them their slaves for battle.
Celestia who is the king of the celestial world is very worried about what is going on in his kingdom so he sends his bestest warriors to fight the 12 before they can get any stronger or get any more members, the warriors fail and the kingdom is very vulnerable. The king then decided to do the one thing he promised himself hed never do, talk to the forbidden 13th zodiac who promises the king that he will help him defeat the 12, but in return he wants a hosts body, without a hesitation the kind accepts the conditions but he didnt think about the specifics of what the forbidden said, so it took over the kings body and started to rule over the kingdom himself within secret. Though the dark zodiac members and recruits live in secret of what they do, they all have one thing in common, they wear a zodiacs symbol depending on what month they were born and who they serve under, the fake king ordered whoever has one of these ‘innocent or not’ must be killed immediately, but he realises with the shortage of pro warriors doing so he has to get his current novice and apprentice warriors pro fast, so he sends a bit of his power to them creating the knights of the round table. He finds out later that the leader of the dark zodiac is leonis other known as the lion zodiac leo this was mad for him since if theres a leader then he must be the most powerful out the 12, what makes matters worse is that the real king has a wife and child so he must take the kings role as a father as well until the 12 are killed.
The battle continues, when will it end? Lets find out
Fun occult server to learn and grow together. Everyone is welcome, come check us out and have fun with us. We love to have you!
Welcome to the World of Terra! A Roleplay server about a single continent split in two by war! The West against the East! The lore is event based and when events are held if a character you use is in the event and participates heavily in it they might be featured in the lore itself! So, why don't you go, go and make your own story
This is a roleplay server that is somewhat based on LOTR, but not in the same universe or world. It is very complex and is recommended for non-new roleplayers, however, an active community can help get you started
Now seeking partner servers!

A war between four Kingdoms thought to have ended long ago is suddenly about to repeat itself. The Land of Akinea is at risk. The only thing stopping a country from destroying itself is an unlikely group of rebels. A group that your character could become a part of, or fight against.

What we offer:
• Discover a completely fictional fantasy world built where magic exists and the world still lies in a medieval era! We have a custom map and everything.
• Explore a total of 36 (increases are expected) areas, learning more about the country as you go!
• Take part in events where you can slay dragons, fell demons, and storm castles! Or, do your own thing! It's all fair gain, so long as you're reasonable about it!
• Meet new people from different walks of life, and maybe even make some friends through the journey.
• Have your own impact on the overarching story of Akinea, and maybe even become legend.
• Full support with character creation and any other requirements, no matter how simple or advanced.

A few quick notes to save you some time:
• Nobody gets special privilege, not even me. Equality for all, regardless of experience or position.
• We do not support borrowed content, and seek only original characters. Characters inspired by, but not taken directly from, a source are allowed.
• We are an English server, and so the ability to speak basic English is required. We don't care too much about grammar, so long as what you say makes sense.
• We are not an NSFW server. This means no internal ERP. You're free to do this in DMs, but it should not be considered canon or brought up in the main channels.

If you feel like Akinea is right for you, then feel free to join us! We look forward to meeting you and seeing what impact your characters can make, and wish you luck elsewhere if you don't feel like it's your style and decide to leave.

- Theorem#2708, server owner.
In this rp world. There is Arbious the world you live in. Ages ago the great collapse of a unknown empire. The cause because of human ambitious nature and Arcana. In this world. Gods are created by the thoughts of humans. If you are well known. And the collective see you as a wonderful person. You will be. If you are not then you will be. Every choice you make will have a impact on the world. But will be good or bad.

I offer some custom lore. It can be added on by you
Custom kingdoms that you can make
A good oc system.
A very lean owner. I'll pretty much give ya what ever ((no I won't give money))
"Once upon a time, a group of refugees set sail, from their horrid country. Though their voyage had been an overall success they got lost in a horrible storm. Several ships disappeared but a few of the ships managed to find the Cursed Isle of Celes. The islands had always been considered uninhabitable, said to be haunted with demons and other worldly predators. These brave humans had no other choice than to make due on the island. The first hundred years proved to be almost impossible as war with the creatures tore them and the land to pieces, but the colonizers persevered. The water around the cursed islands was stained red from all the blood shed, that's how the Red Sea got it's name. The curse placed on the land, damning the creatures there seemed to make the human's stronger, granting them powers inconceivable to anyone else. Of course, the monsters remained stronger, as law of the islands. The colonizers continued to grow, advancing at an alarming rate, though once they hit medieval times advancement seemed to come to a halt. It was enough to keep the creatures at bay and keep the human's happy, leading to peace over the isle centuries later. They were content in the idea that they were safe on the 'Cursed Isle of Celes'. This, my dear children, is where we are now. Safe and content on the Isle. Though beware, the seas are dangerous- for no one can leave.”

Welcome to The Isle of Celes. We are a new Roleplay server that always enjoys new members!

Don't like the so called elite rp's where you /must/ write a paragraph? Not to fear we don't have any of that here! With this post- on 6/27/19 we are starting rp very soon, feel free to join or just check us out!
Lush is a discord roleplayer community that offers a world in which resides a wide array of fantastical beings. We are first and foremost a mature community of 18+ literate roleplayers looking to add more quality writers to this world! We write anywhere from novella to a minimum of paragraph length, offer clean organised OOC chats, and a team of dedicated and responsive staff.

Even though our lore is fairly extensive, it is split in a way to ease access for new characters in must-read and optional sections. We welcome original characters who are looking for a natural progression through Lush be it through learning magic, acquiring magical items or accessing high society in a moderated way.
Atriex Academy: Rebirth

Setting: 2025, Lake Louise, Canada
Neighboring City: Calgary
Atriex Academy is a safe haven school for all supernatural and super powered beings of all states, located deep in a hidden forest reserve up north.

For some unknown reason, magical energy has been awakened, both in nature and within ourselves. Breaches in the multiverse bring creatures and beings from other dimensions, things and people we wouldn’t have thought possible. Those who have been blessed with this potential have no solace in the ordinary world, unsure of how to handle their powers and what to do with them. That is why, under a secret cooperation with the government, a school was created to help teach this new generation to handle these new threats, and to explore their own capabilities and powers.

Whether it is for better or for worse, whether it will fail or it will succeed — only time will tell...

.............꧁Acacia Academy꧂............
......................1st Semester......................

Welcome to Acacia Academy! Yes yes, it's
another magical high school roleplay.

But what sets us apart is the fact that we
have no real plot, we just allow you to chillax.
Roleplay isn't meant to be boring and scripted,
it's meant to be fun and full of things from your

Also please don't be scared of
all the channels and pings, they'll
make your rp experience in Acacia
much more enjoyable :)

So, what can we offer???

◈ 11 Clubs for your OC(s) to join! They can
also create a club if it's approved by staff.
◈ Limitless creativity, as long as you don't
try and play god.
◈2 music bots ready for you to play with them!
(In a non-sexual and non-creepy way)
◈Regular events for everyone with an OC
to participate in.
◈Get-to-gethers on the voice channels,
we are very open to music sharing.


Interested? Then what are you waiting for?! Just join!!!

Seriously. What are you waiting for? We need you in this server ASAP!

Now drop down and give me twenty...

...Lines of your magnificent OC ayeeeeeeee.

(Btw you don't NEED twenty lines of OC, we just like reading backstories and personalities :)
One there was nothing, then there was her, the elder goddess Arisu, she created the world as we know it and everything in it. Arisu created it in her vision and then created the gods who would look over the world as it grew, she then created the very first Humans and the other races as humanity started to thrive. After many years she created the very first Dragon to see how the people would react to this new creature, the people ignored it until dragons where are common sight and dragon attacks where often. Then came the first war, this war was called the thousand year war, Humans where in war with a cult that a risen and Arisu intervened, creating the Colossi to balance the forces of nature and magic. Years later she gave birth to a child and gave it to the king and queen, they raised this child and he became the first person to ever learn magic. Arisu then went silent and the gods did as well, becoming almost forgotten by the people of Nira. Now something is rising, will you be the one to stop this rising evil or will you join it and destroy the world?

(King and Queen positions open
An RP that takes place within the Fairy Tail universe but without canon characters. It has its own, ever expanding plot. Its own villains. But don't worry, that means you get to create your own mage, your own guild and even your own magic!
♦❤**Hello and welcome to Kings Deck!**♠♣

We are a gang rp server set in New York City which has been renamed by the gangs as Kings Deck. There is two gangs one called the Spades and one called the Hearts both of them being powerful in their own right! You can help the gang get more and more power by helping them with events or if you want you can be a citizen and do your own thing!

**What we have-**

⚔- Combat and passive events that are controlled by staff to keep the peace and make sure no one is god modding or ruining the fun!

👑-Built in ranks to show how long you've been here and how well your rp skills are!

🏫-Wonderful staff who try to improve your experience

🔥-We also allow abilities!

:red_circle:-We also allow ERP
Imagine you have just been accepted to become a student in a school that focuses on the Art of Magic! You can now forge your existences with these new found skills and become a powerful Magic user!

We are a preset magics server! (We do take suggestions for other types of magics)
Choose two elements that don’t oppose each other and prepare to achieve prestige!!
Fire Magic 🔥or Cold Magic ❄️
Plant Magic 🌱 or Metal Magic ⚙️
Air Magic ☁️ or Earth Magic 🧱
Electric Magic ⚡️ or Water Magic 💧
Light Magic 💡 or Dark Magic ⚫️

Come and earn your prestige and become a power Magic user!!
Join the Magic High School RP!!!!
In this world, Ragnarok is coming, the human white spirit has been swallowed by dragons, the white spirit of wolves has been reborn as a mortal.

On the other side, wolves have been searching for paradise, a safe haven, provided with the help with a lunar flower, however the group will need the help of the white and black spirit, Sköll and Hati.

Humans are on the hunt for the white spirit, Sköll.
Esnium, a shining beacon of trade and culture and the largest city-state of the world of Aedre, situated in a small mountain range on the Esnan Isthmus, between the continents of North and South Inoctsam.

Almost half a millenium ago, the world saw a new kind of magic emerge. With it came the existence of all kinds of creatures of magic, including dryads, sprites, elementals, vampires, and more. This magic also altered the nature of a great volcano on the ocean, the traditional homeland of the dragons. At first the changes were small, and subtle. But even as things got worse most dragons refused to acknowledge it, until the magic itself became corrupted and warped, twisting the volcano and its inhabitants into a hostile landscape full of mindless feral beasts.

Across the ocean however, life is much more peaceful. Diverse life roams the land, great cities stand stalwart against monstrous beasts, and magic flows strong. If you think life in a city of magic, with artificers, alchemists, mages, dashing rogues, brave Templar knights, and more sounds like the life for you, then come on in!
A world where a tiny fraction of the population have powers. They call themselves Lucents. The government, and, society as a whole, view them as impure, lesser beings. Scum of the earth that should be purged.

Lucents hide from the government in hidden alternate dimensions, called pocket dimensions. Very very few lucents have the ability to create them.
This a server about a magic high school come along learn new spells and meet new interesting people welcoming everyone
Welcome to the realm of magic! A World just like ours, except....MORE MAGICAL!! So many things to do!:

-Posses Magic from 3 different categories!
-Own a Familiar, who takes the form of any creature your heart holds dear.
-Become a student or teacher at the Hellebore High school!
-And much more!

The possibilities are endless!!

We currently have:
-Music Bot
Part of the Aftermath Universe:

1st of September 1998.
The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is back to its former glory. Old and familiar as well as new and improved. Many things stayed the same, and many others changed, but most importantly the school is open again and ready for a new generation of students to attend the school.
With new students, many new professors and school staff also came around. The rules have changed and the school is safer than ever.
New Headmistress was appointed and Minerva McGonagall made sure the school was ready for everyone.
Houses stayed the same: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin, with the latter being open to muggle-borns, half-bloods and purebloods alike. The Sorting Hat earned new patches and still smelled slightly burned, but it worked with its croaky voice rumbling more and more than before.

We are a new server, which is a part of Aftermath Universe.
Whether you want to be a student or a professor in the Harry Potter universe we welcome you. We are open, literate roleplaying community with friendly and supportive staff.
The main server of the Aftermath Universe.

Enter the universe of Harry Potter from a different perspective, explore the Wizarding World after the Battle of Hogwarts as wizards pick up the pieces, directly after the devastation done by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

The year is 1998. The Battle of Hogwarts was won and the Dark Lord is defeated! The time of joy and celebration for many has begun, but the threat is not completely vanquished. Many Death Eaters are still on the loose, either in hiding or fighting a losing battle. The shadow of war still looms over the world and Aurors are still hunting the known Death Eaters. The battle is won, but the war is not truly over yet.

We are a server with welcoming staff and a literate community, with more and more along the way!
Nisi Isles (16+ Server)
If you are looking for an unique twist on fantasy rp then come check us out. We encourage creativity in custom characterization allowing a large variety of approved races. We currently have 40 white listed races with human races simply being listed as human though all human races are allowed. We offer a large map that is mostly unexplored as well as the option to build up the main town adding new buildings. We allow each person to choose up to 2 specialized magicks or powers for their character and the limit to what you can do with them is up to how logically creative you are. We have a level up system in place allowing people to progress their characters and the lore more and more as they level up. Our islands Backstory is set though new lore is entirely up to the rp.