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◟quíєt whíѕpєríng. . . ꜜ

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╭──➭ )) vínєѕ curlíng αrσund mч αrmѕ...

│ ⁃⁃ trαppíng mє hєrє wíth чσu. ❞


✧*̥₊˚‧☆ミ Information!¡ •ଓ.°

Valirruiden is a fantasy roleplay server based around all things magic. Many different species are offered to make or choose from; affinities and such included. We are still a growing community but we welcome all you new members like family. Start your quest now, on Val, buy things in the shop, travel the six regions by yourself or with a partner. Meet new people, spark up new friendships, and most importantly have fun here in our cozy little server!

︶︶︶︶︶︶︶˗ˋ .*ೃ✧₊˚.❁

│ No nsfw content, so all users can feel safe.
│ Bots, for all purposes you could imagine.
│ New currency being worked out, so every can buy things from the shop.
│ Free form, semi lit, literate, and advanced lit roleplayers.
│ All different kinds of topics, anime, kpop, rp, gaming, etc. to chat about!
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┏━━━━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━━━━┓

│ -ˋˏ jσín tσdαч; wє'rє wαítíng! ˎˊ-│

┗━━━━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━━━━┛
Current Generation:
Gen 3:
The 2012 E.G.M.P. Incident
The EEGMP (Elemental genetic modification project) was a government run test facility deep within Alaska, below the Bering sea and along the Bering river. The rest facility itself was a highly secretive government run project, with a designated “secret city” surrounding it, giving the laboratory workers and their families access to basic amenities, while keeping them completely segregated from the rest of the world, to prevent a leakage of the experiments being conducted. The experiments themselves were being conducted on object 523, a nuclear compound which had been fragmented during the original elemental explosion, from inside the nuclear reactor. The object had been subject to intense elemental bombardment, leaving the radioactive compound to carry elemental remains within its radioactive emissions, creating a compound unlike any other on the planet.
The testing facility was built to try and harness the power of the combined radiation and elemental power, to genetically modify humans into having elemental powers, or combinations of them, without dying from radiation exposure. The intent was to create a batch of “super humans” that would usher human evolution to new heights. The object was stored in a lead-lined room, and was highly off limits to all base personnel. The city itself had a population of 500, with a school, market, police station, and other basic city buildings.
On March 15, 2011, a routine experiment on the object accidentally released a significant amount of radioactivity out of the chamber, and into the base. Fortunately, all staff were evacuated, and the base was completely scrubbed, erasing all traces of the minor leak. However, a set of Russian planes, who were patrolling over Siberia, detected the brief spike in radiation, and broke of their routine patrol to fly over the source. As a result, they found evidence of the city, and the testing facility as well. The Russian government reacted poorly to the news, demanding to know the nature of the United State’s experiments, and the potential environmental concerns of such an unexplained project. The United States did not respond to any allegations or questions, denying the existence of the city.
The Russian government was frustrated with the American unwillingness to expose potentially environmentally unfriendly projects, and thus sent a small squad of spetsnaz to infiltrate the base, and report back. The mission finally finished planning and was launched on February 14 2012. The Russians landed paratroopers south of Stuart Island, and swept to the base under the cover of an intense blizzard. Upon arriving, they managed to make their way into the compound, slowly making their way through to the central test chamber. Upon arriving, they quickly set a silent breaching charge on the chamber, noticing its importance, and its lack of doors. However, they accidentally placed high power explosives on the breach charge, and when they detonated the room, object 523 completely shattered along with the test chamber, spreading its fragments outside of the chamber, and facility. The result was immediate and intense exposure to the objects intense radioactivity and elemental powers, killing most people in days. The American aid arrived to the scene in 3 days, finding a highly irradiated ghost town, filled with small fragments and remains of the object. The incident was quickly swept up by both the Russian and American government, and the entire zone quarantined.
This is a world with mages and humans. They were brought to war by a little child name Rose but they kicked her out. The new adventure starts once some people join. Hope you enjoyed the server!
Zdravím! Jsme Písně chaosu, originální fantasy textová RP hra s velmi přátelskou komunitou :) Hrajeme přes fórum, reálie máme na vlastních webovkách, ale naše komunita sídlí na Discordu. Přijďte se k nám podívat!

Unfortunately, due to strong language barriers of many members, our server and game is Czech-speaking/Slovak-speaking only.
Vrethage is the land of magic. Elves, Angels, Demons and more, it's the realm of peace and we hope for more.

There are lots of plot ideas we are willing to try out, we use 100+ roleplaying channels for any kind of rp. Plot ideas include things such as (Wars, Storms and etc). If you have a plot idea you'd like to try out then tell the Owner!

The kingdom of Rowan and the kingdom of Brook are two friendly kingdoms that allow you to pass through their land however much you please. Hopefully that wont change, Brook seems to be distant from Rowan recently...
You have the option to be a human or mystical species (Elves, Angels, Demons, Werewolves, Vampires, Warlocks etc)
You may start out wherever you'd like in the story. Ask some peeps to rp with them or try it out alone, whatever suits you.
Every 6 months we choose new Moderators for the server. Of course now, we already have some.

We await your visit!


-Lots of RP channels
-Plenty of outside activity
-Pokécord (Pokemons)
-Dank Memer
-Ranking (try and beat your friends!)
-Colored Roles

Have a great time here in Vrethrage !! <3 <3
Join us in a medieval world of fantasy and adventure.

He we have two different kingdoms, of which you can live in and travel though. As well as four unique factions. Choice between joining:
The Mages Guild: a place for those who hold the magical arts to meat other mages and train in there talents
The Mage Hunters: a group that hates all mage and fight to kill every mage and magical creature
The Silverstar Knights: a organization of noble fighters seeking to rid the world of evil
The Order of Ebony: a order that values freedom in all cases even if you wish freedom form the law
If none of these choices appeal to you then join no faction and live how ever you want, or you can try to make your own factions with other players and fallow your own rules.

In addition to factions we have many different types of magic to have. From making illusions, raising the dead, healing, controlling fire, making potions, and more. You can go to many master in the world to train your talents, so you can be the best mage you can be.

And if magic is not enough for you there are a number of magical creatures that you may also encounter and even on occasion play if you wish. From the cursed being such as vampires, and werewolves, to those who are created by magic such as skeletons and shadow people, to those that are born with magic like fairies and mermaids. There are many different inhabitants in the world all with there own special powers and weaknesses.

So please come one and all to this world of mages, magic, ghost, magical creatures, and much much more. weather you want to become the most powerful mage, or hunt them down, weather you want to do evil or destroy it, there is a place for you here.
Welcome to New Exodus! a Roleplaying server about mages attempting to survive humans trying to kill them at every corner! In New Exodus, You can choose from a variety of different types of mages. Each type of mage has its own sets of abilities, allowing the mage to survive being hunted by human "Mage Hunters".
On the opposite end, you can also choose to be a human, or one of the Mage Hunters! The goal of Mage Hunters is to hunt down and kill any mages they find. Warning: Mages, Humans, And Mage Hunters are not allowed to attack eachother in purgatory, a small neutral tavern inside all of the major cities!
If you have any questions, You can ask one of the Advisors or Coven Leaders for information! We'd love to have you!
Like RP? Like magic? Like D&D? Like Fairy Tail? Like Harry Potter? Wonder what it would be like if they were all intertwined? The Realm of Ekkelar provides just that. With intricate magic systems, a deep lore, and many races to choose from, this is an ideal place for those to immerse themselves into an RP world full of magic.

⊸ Over 30 types of magic.
⊸ 18 races to choose from, influenced heavily from D&D races.
⊸ Brand new server publicly opened on 1/2/19 with many possibilities for starting out.
⊸ Bots like Tatsumaki, RPGBot, Miki, Dyno, and more.
⊸ Active Staff that will help wherever needed.
⊸ Potion and alchemy system being created!
⊸ Non-Toxic Community.
⊸ Quality Rp (no one-liners allowed)
⊸ d20 Roll-based combat with weakness and resistance systems.
⊸ Fair rules for general and combat.
⊸ Equal Treatment of all players.
⊸ Guilds in each of 5 major cities.
⊸ Mission and currency system in the making.
Rookshaven Academy and University RPSL
Rookshaven is a modern group story set in a private magic university in Northern Scotland. With civil war threatening the community at large, students and teachers will find themselves targeted by Castors seeking to overthrow their way of life and kill off the royal magic families. Ghosts and demons amass beyond the iron-charmed gates of Rookshaven, slowly seeping into the magic-steeped grounds. Fight or flight is the question on everyone's minds - which will you choose?

Additionally, if you're not sure if this is the game for you, there's an NPC library for applicants to checkout characters like books. Give the character a spin, see if you like the setting, then apply.