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♡Certified Cuties is back and ready to be better than ever.♡

♤A wonderful dating server for all you discord cuties out there.♤

☆Friendly people all around and 24/7 Moderation☆

◇Enjoy the server!◇
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
Welcome to Egirl Saviour!
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
↳༉‧₊˚. We are a server that provides:
⇢ Friendly Staff
⇢ Active Chats
⇢ Self Assignable Roles
⇢ Color Roles
⇢ Entertainment
⇢ Partnerships
⇢ Egirls & Eboys
⇢ And Much More!
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
We do hope you decide to come and check out the server, if you do join, be sure to say what's up in the general chat, we want our members to feel welcomed and enjoy the server as well as make some new friends and meet new people!
────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
Welcome to the 'What is life' server. In this server we discuss the meaning of life, insights, spirituality, wisdom and life-lessons in general. This is a place for friendly discussion where any viewpoint is welcome. You can call yourself an atheist or messiah, as long as you're serious about it, it's fine.
Welcome to a small and friendly server. Enjoy yourself and meet new people, make new friends. Most of all have fun you are always welcome!!! :>>
If your lonely/looking for friends this is a great place to go. We're very friendly and most of us are single ;)

Eclipsoule: a friendly interactive server that prioritises the members inside it. Here you can make friends, find love, or just chat and have an amazing time. It's a safe place which intends on growing a beautiful community!

SO, what do we have that other server's don't?

o | a dating section where you can find love
o | a safe section if you ain't about online dating
o | looking for staff (here's your chance!)
o | a place to hang out and make new friends
o | great, co-operating staff
o | plenty of socializing channels
o | self assignable roles
o | events
o | daily polls
o | bot games
o | media channels
o | selfie channels

We hope you decide to give this server a chance and help it grow!
This is a server for anyone really, we have anything you could need, looking for that special someone? We got you! Just looking for friends? You too! Or even seeking mental help? We can help with that too! We have roles, amazing and fun channels, and it’s all for you! ❤️
We are a new community with friendly people we focus on making friends and m gaming,friends or even finding someone special!. Trolls will be instant banned..
Hello everyone, welcome to Bound by Romance.
[Warning: We are an 18+ only server]

We are a new romance based server.
We are hoping to grow into a nice active community that shares stories, love, and can find comfort in each other.
We are hoping to create a safe place for all members.
We are an LGBTQI+ friendly community, looking for more members.

We would all love to see you around soon. <3
We are a month old DDLG and Agere-server that tries to create a place where everyone feels safe and gets accepted and we want to create a safe space for littles in little-space.
We take care of everyone needing love and positivity <3
We also look forward to getting to know you and you meeting new friends and like-minded people :3

Well, the reason you should join us?
We have..

➻A very nice and friendly memberbase

➻good and active Moderation

➻Stuffie-Guardian (Server own bot c: )

➻over 110 reactionroles, including color-roles for more personalisation

➻over 250 Members

➻people waiting for you - you could find new friends or love here

➻an owner that includes the community in almost every decision or change of the server he makes

➻channel for many different topics, little and dom channels, memechannels, mediachannels and stuff like ranting and venting.

➻fun bots like Kawaiibot, Dank Memer, Marriagebot etc

➻regular Events where users get to vote on what to do/watch

➻many VC's

➻a little's school (currently wip)

➻economy feel free to join and stay!
🎈 SOCIALIZEME 🎈 💕You Love it.
🌐 Website:
🎃.Hey there, I'm Ginna from
🎈SOCIALIZE ME🎈 Join us, or I'll bite
your nose. 😌
PS: Im weird 😊

» D A T I N G - Chat. Meet. Love.
» S E L F - R O L E S - Various options to describe yourself
» M A T C H - M A K I N G - Dare to get matched?
» L G B T - D A T I N G - Supported at ease!
» 100+ P R O F I L E S / DAY - Quickly get into DMs!
PlayRoom provides a handful of fun options in meeting new people worldwide and nearby. Create your profile now and directly start chatting with other singles. We also provide a loving engaging community to seek bonds beyond a relationship.

A server, made for fun and interactions with people with the same interest: anime and manga! ^^
A cozy lounge for meeting new people, socializing, or those just looking to warm their feet by the fire 🔥🌲

We'd love to have your company, so join today! 😁

18+ only please
A hotel for lonely teens looking for love. A friendly, cozy and safe space to get a drink at the bar, relax at the pool, or meet people in the lounge! This server is intended for **teenagers**. Please do not join if you're over 19, or under 13.
This is a safe place for yanderes that might have been treated poorly for being a bit extreme on the yandere spectrum. We hope to provide you with the help needed. To see if you qualify, answer a few questions. Enjoy your stay, never leave us!

> ☨ Servants of God ☨
> Are you looking for a server where you can open your heart, find out more about God and be constantly encouraged, all while in a loving Christian environment? Look no more!
> Perks:
> 1. Experienced Christians
> 2. Loving Community
> 3. Active Members
> 4. Promotion Ranks
> 5. Sermons, Prayers
Seeking moderators. Requirement: be a humble and loving Christian <3
> Plans for the future:
> 1. Events (Prayer, Bible Study, Testimonies)
> 1. Music Bot, Bible Bot, Chess Bot
> 2. Gallery: please post your art <3
> 3. Allies: Christian servers + A true prophet's channel and site.
What are you waiting for? Join us!
Welcome to the Devil's Lounge
We are a DATING and NSFW based server and want to keep everyone at least 15+ here.
We have many channels going from general chats, memes, media, to NSFW Channels of role play, fun bots and chats ;))
Feel free to join, please keep in mind to have 18+ for the NSFW Channels, but anyone else is free to see the rest of the server :))
Join us today ;)
🥵🍒 J-City 🍒🥵

We are a growing, simple server with an aesthetic touch and lots to offer. We have chill/welcoming members with interesting conversations, and are willing to accept all different kinds of people.

We love Japanese people!

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬༻ ♡ We have ♡ ༺▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

🔻 Assignable-roles

🔻 Bots with fun choices

🔻 Chill voice channels

🔻 Nearly no pings at all

🔻 Picture chats for media and more

🔻 Aesthetics


▬▬▬༻ ♡ server link ♡ ༺▬▬▬
Bienvenue sur Ascension ! (DES NITROS A GAGNER (PREUVES + BAS)

Preuves des NITROS :

Quoi de mieux qu'un serveur créé par des filles ?
200 membres, un serveur très actif et continuez à venir et être actifs(ves)

- Un tout nouveau serveur où tu peux trouver l'amour ❤️, l'amitié 👫
- Des giveaways avec preuve, cadeaux (COMPTE NETFLIX, NITRO, VBUCKS, RP RIOT, SPOTIFY PREMIUM et d'autres choses.) 🎉
- Des filles et gars qui recherchent des choses (à toi de découvrir 🔞)
- Un serveur communautaire où tu peux faire de nouvelles rencontres 💍
- Salons libres chats/vocaux (très actifs) avec des nouveautés constamment
- Une équipe staff très ACTIVE et COOPÉRATIVE et surtout COMPÉTENTE
- Divers sujets de discussions : parler d'actualité, de tout et n'importe quoi.

Un super design du discord en fonction des thèmes (saisons) : Noël, Halloween etc.


Alors n'attends plus et viens nous-rejoindre afin de voir par toi-même ce qu'il se cache !
Looking for the BEST dating server? Well you just found it!
Join our ride 🎢 of amazing fun and find a spark ✨ in the server for True Love!
You got passed that line? Well good! Because that means you can keep reading about what we have to offer you!
We have:
-Self promoting!✅
-Friendly staff!✅
-Fun bots!✅
-Lot's of VC!✅
-Lot's of channels to share about yourself!✅
-Lot's of places to share picture and videos of things!✅
and it's NSFW FREE!✅
Hate NSFW? Good because you can finally join a server with out NSFW!✅
Unlike most servers, we put time and effort to make sure you get the fun and help you deserve, I mean yeah sure that chat dies sometimes, but 17 hours a day it's very active! I don't put up with shit, so if you want to join a server that's very rare to have fights, then join us! Just look at this intro you are reading my friend, you think this is good? Then stop looking for dating servers because you found one called True Love, it's not just a fun community! It's your community!