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Have you ever wanted to Find that special someone or Find a best friend? Well, You can Now!
We are a small community based on friends and dating. Anyone is welcome and we would love to have you here!

please join🥺
many emojis slots left, send emotes and ill add them
server is at level 1 (2 boosts)
friendly community
lgbt friendly
make sure to look at rules before talking
looking for partners
nitro giveaway ends 7/9
For really anybody, come and chat if you’d like! We have an amazing server with many art channels, NSFW channels, and gaming channels!
|▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ⋘Information⋙ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬|
- The Lovely space is a place to meet new people and make friends, sometimes more than friends
- We have a colour list with a lot of colours and adding more if people want more
- We have roles for everyone and happy to make more if you think the role is needed
- We listen to our members
- We are friendly to new people
- Looking for staff
- Staff always wanna help
- supporting of all genders and sexuality.
|▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ⋘⋙ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬|
This is a chill server where you can find yourself a love or maybe a friend!
have fun
Kitten Kisses is a dating server for anyone within the discord ToS ages (13+)

We have fun bots if you aren't making friends or maybe more

The staff are quite friendly and easy to get along with

You're guaranteed a warm welcome when you join

Don't be alarmed when you join that you can't see anything, you need to get verified first!

We'd love to have you and can't wait for you to be there!
So many hearts <3
Share the love with these loveable heart emotes!
Join and use in any server you like.
(nitro required)
Check out our other Emote Servers in the #other-servers channel.
or find them here on Disboard at ...Emote DLC
Search for your next love & make new friends at Discord Friends!
Discord Friends is an active and growing community. We offer you a nice
experience to get in touch with other people through our discord server.
You can choose your own roles such as your age, gender and more
This server was earlier known as Discord Dating.
Many giveaways!
Many roles to win or even custom roles!
We try to hold an event every week!
Nice uplifting community!
Active Voice Chats!
13-18(+) server!
Join us to make friends or to find your next love!
Server Link:
An 18+ non-toxic discord server of about 19k users. 💗
We aim to make females comfortable 🍥 DM roles, VERY Active staff 🍥 Anti Bullying 🍥
Nsfw Sellers ✨
Nsfw Posters 🌸
Model Channels 💦
Sexting Requests 💦
Movie Nights 💫
Vanity Roles ⭐️
Active Voice Chats 💐
Venting Channels 🌹
Much much more! 🌟
🎉 Welcome to Arkania! 🎉
This is a new server to talk, make friends and have fun!
What we have:
💬 Various chat sections💬
🎨 Lots of fun roles🎨
🔥1:1 Female to male ratio🔥
😎 Nice and helpful members and staff😎
🎮 Gaming channels for all kinds of games (We stream every week)🎮
🤖All kinds of fun bots🤖
📝Staff application📝
🆕And a lot more coming🆕

Join now to be part of a great and growing community!
❤️ A safe place for everyone to make friends!
Here you can vent and talk to others!
Hope you have fun! ❤️
💝Hey! Welcome to Ataraxia. We are a chill, laid back server. We are also here to support you! If you ever just need somewhere to come chill, or need some support this is the place to be. We hope you come and join us, begin your journey with us 💝
This is Wholesomeness!!
It's brand new, so we would love for you to join us!
We've got bots such as marriage bot, OwO bot, and more!
It's for wholesome boyos and gorls, so come vibe with us :3
welcome to the unknown. we as a community are going to be hosting gaming events and etc. we will also be having a from of matchmaking later on in the future. there will always be active staff online and i will be asking around for more staff to come as we grow this server. We hope you enjoy your stay here in the unknown
💛 Loving community
🏅 Rank-up system!
🎭 Self-role channels!
💖 Fun channels!
🙌 Hand-picked Staff!
If you would like to support consider bumping the server :)

► | Server info:
👥 Etai#7738
Couples that wanna spend time together
NSFW is allowed just do not do it in the chat.
Most Importantly have fun!!
Welcome to Kindred Spirits!

We are a server open to everyone, in every community! We are a dedicated mental-health and community server, with a little something for everyone.

We have:
- Giveaways
- A comprehensive list for self-select-roles to find people who are similar to you.
- A self-help section, for you to vent your feelings, find help with real-life struggles or simply find someone who can help you with your homework.
- An active fun channel to pass away time with bot commands, counting or one-word stories
- Many channels to share your art, ideas and thoughts (and especially your pets) to the community
- A dedicated self-promotion channel

We hope you enjoy your stay!~
🍑 » SELF ROLES: Give yourself roles to describe yourself.
🍑 » 18+ ROLE: Check to see whos 18 and who isnt.
🍑 » MARRIAGE: Get married to your significant other.

Love is the fastest growing discord server for meeting people. Meet your significant other within hours of joining.
🎀----------- 𓂀 ♡ Cutie Club ♡ 𓂀-------------🎀
╚═▬▬💖💞▬▬═╝╚═▬▬💞💖 ▬▬═╝

💖 Cutie Club ➽ NSFW D A T I N G DISCORD [18+] 💖

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬⊱ **We offer** ⊰▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
💞 》 DATING ➽ Chat, Meet, Love, Date
💓 》 SELF ROLES ➽ 100+ roles to describe your identity
💕 》 MATCH MAKING ➽ Get Matched & Date!
💝 》 LGBT ➽ Totally friendly!
💘 》 NSFW ➽ Separate section for all dirty stuffs ;)

Cutie Club also offers thousands of features for those who seeks a relationship! Meet new people worldwide or nearby! Get matched for a speed date! Create your dating profile to meet other singles! We also provide a safe and loving community for those who seeks friendship or bonds!

Hello! Welcome to Cafe d'Amour{18}.
Currently a new set up place to meet people!
Yeye don't worry there is enough place for everyone, we don't judge and (yes there is plenty of nsfw activity). An active group of friends wanting to expand their horizons. We want a nice place for you to meet new people and have fun. PlEASE YOU HAVE TO BE +18. If you are a Chris Hansen Wannabe or catfish you will be banned instantly!!. We have a flexible staff but trolling and breaking rules is not acceptable.

So... I don't know why you haven't joined yet...

Looking forward to meeting you!
Welcome to The Nook! Wether you’re looking for a friend or a love interest, we have just what you’re looking for! Though new, this server is definitely open to ideas and suggestions so feel free to join and help us improve where we can! :3

✨ Active staff
✨ Super friendly
✨ Maybe find love ❤️
✨ Roleplay
✨ Memes!
✨ Music channels for vibin 🎶
✨ New and fresh
✨ NSFW ✅
✨ Staff is here to help with whatever you need!
✨ Open yo suggestions!
✨ Fun design!
✨ A good place to relax and just chill
✨ All people welcome!
✨ LGBTQ+ Friendly
the warrens offer:
-a chill and aesthetic community
Hey, here is smile and fun at will !
It's a English server for talk and laugh with others membres.

Wendy's therefore propose :

• An active staff listening !
• An active and welcoming Community !
• Many games and vocals !
• These are fun vents !
• Fun and smile all the time !

⇌ Open to partnerships
⇌ Open to suggestions

Created with smile®.