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**Canon Characters Needed!**
Frodo Baggins, Théoden, Celeborn, Lindir, Cirdan, Beorn, Grimbeorn, Denethor II, Halbarad, and more!

**Accepting Elves, Humans, Rangers, Rohirrim, Hobbits, Dwarves, Gondorians and canon Istari!**

**Monthly Giveaways for Discord Nitro!**

Our AU roleplay takes place about 30 years before the Fellowship forms in Rivendell. We are a character/dialogue driven, literate roleplay server that accepts canon characters as well as original characters (within reason). We strive to include a wide variety of races that Tolkien created through his books and the films that we have all come to love.

We offer a wide variety of locations including The Woodland Realm, Erebor, Rivendell, Hobbiton, and many more! We can't wait for you to come write with us!
Lord of the Rings Roleplay

Hello! This is a roleplay server for anyone who is a fan of J. R. R. Tolkien's works, and the world he created. We are set about 30 years after the war of the ring, effectively where the Lord of the Rings trilogy finishes off.

This server is very active, with a welcoming community and helpful staff members.

:: Pets and Steeds
:: Custom Weapons you can bring to life
:: Discover the magic of the LotR universe
:: We welcome all writing skill levels, from seasoned writers to new RP enthusiasts!
:: Quests
:: You can be nearly any race, faction or alignment you want!
:: Faction leaders available.

I look forward to seeing you there!
18+ only. OCs only.
~The Story~
The world has long since changed. It has been over two hundred years since the kingdoms of Middle Earth were united against a darkness that swept across the land; and for nearly two hundred years, that peace was kept. But the hearts of men are easily corrupted, and the gift of man abused.

The alliance that once bound men, elves, and dwarves on the fields of battle faded into darkness. Middle Earth was becoming the land of men, and it became clear there was no place within for others. The dwarves once more fell into isolation, locking themselves away in the depths of their mountain kingdoms, denying access to all. Those elves that remained were scattered, finding refuge in their ancient woods, keeping to their own kin. And men, men expanded their reach, growing their influence through Middle Earth.

Underneath the turmoil, another darkness crept itself onto the horizon, and its fetid presence was a threat to all who surrounded it.

In the kingdom of Mordor, in the ruins of the War of One Ring, a new threat was looming. Orcs, the ancient and corrupted enemy, returned to the desecrated lands, building a kingdom of their own, thriving in the destruction that once was. The twilight of civilization had begun, and night was soon approaching.
~About the Server~
Lord of the Rings: Darkness Reigns is a casual moderate-form roleplay server taking place in the expansive world of The Lord of the Rings. This open-world server is sprawling with locations to visit and stories to explore as it seeks to expand upon the world Tolkien gave us. Not interested in writing? You don’t have to! You are more than welcome to simply join the server, talk about the fandom, and have fun--the community is designed to be fun and welcoming, and place for all of those interested in The Lord of the Rings to congregate. We are 18+ only due to themes present and allowed in the server, and due to the timeline taking place beyond that present in the books, movies, and other media, the server is focused exclusively around OCs, and built around a unique underlying server plot.

Come check us out!
Hi! Welcome to our Middle Earth server. This server was created for the love of all things Tolkien. Our community, although small is a pretty wholesome community. We love to chat about lore, laugh at middle earth memes and just talk about normal things. Were a pretty normal bunch if you ask me so feel free to join us :)

We have:

🧙 The Tolkien/Lord of the Rings universe.
👑 Various kingdoms of the various races of men, elves and dwarves (we also have hobbits).
⚔️ Roleplay 💰 Economy.
Szukasz fajnej zabawy?
Zapraszamy do nas! 😄
- Super administracja
- Mili ludzie
- Znajdziesz towarzysza do gry
- Mamy kilka fajnych botów
- Znajdziesz u nas pomoc
- Tolerancja ponad wszystko
This is the Discord server for the RISE server.
RISE is a Minecraft server which uses the LOTR mod to get users a great experience! We also have plugins like Essentials and Ships.
Want to build a fleet, become a king of Gondor or build a kingdom?
Your able to do all of it in our server!
[LOTR: Battle for the One Ring]

Take whatever you know about servers and compare it to this unique place. Our server offers alot so much that it'll be hard to list everything

A Non Toxic Environment is a Biggie and this server offers it.

LGBTQ+ Friendly and Supportive! No worries here!

Custom Armies, Weapons, Characters, Everything!

Canon Allowed!

Your Actions will make up the lore!

A War System so claiming land can be fun and exciting.

The Chance to Rule Over your Favorite Kingdoms and face off against powerful foes.

We Take Inspiration from The LOTR Books, Movies and The Shadow of Mordor/Shadow of War Games!

Claim Your Place in the Lord of the Rings Universe!!!
The War of the Ring RP server is a casual roleplaying server for people who are interested in the lore of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit! Our server takes place 1 year before the events of The Hobbit, and we are continuously growing our server to make it better! Here are some things we have to offer:

-Personal Abodes for you to RP in with your friends
-Unlimited character creations with only minor limitations
-Be apart of and explore Rohan, Gondor, Arnor, and other factions and territories
Our official Tolkien lover / lotr/hobbit/silmarillion enthusiast discord community server for all the fans, diehard Tolkien lovers, and more!

We love everything about Tolkien's brilliant works as a writer, inspiration, and incredible, and quite unforgettable thinker.

Join on in the journey to Middle Earth today!
A roleplay inspired by Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Different locations, lore and characters but similar aspects.
Orta dünya temalı Türkçe bir Discord sunucusudur. Irkını seç ve aramıza katıl!

◽️ Yüzüklerin Efendisi evrenine göre düzenlenmiş sunucu herhangi bir kuruluşa bağlı değildir.
◽️ Vampir-Köylü, FRP, çeşitli oyun turnuvaları, sabaha kadar süren sohbetler ve daha fazlası.
◽️ İyi ve kötü taraf için hazırlanmış ırk seçimi. Irklara ve taraflara göre düzenlenmiş odalar.
◽️ Çevrimiçi süresine bağlı olarak düzenlenmiş adil rol sistemi.
◽️ Her ay başı yapılan Cadı Kral ve Yüce Kral seçimleri.

(orta dünya, orta dunya, discord, sunucu, türk, türkçe, turk, turkish, lotr, yüzüklerin efendisi, frp, roleplay, vampir köylü, pubg, mobile pubg, league of legends, rocket league)
We are a Faction in a LOTR Middle Earth Genre, our intentions are to introduce more people into the genre and help it grow. We are also looking for Capable Officers and Yes we are a military organization as well.
So, I'm assuming you've heard of the Hobbits movies or the Lord of the Rings? Yeah, I wasn't really such a big fan until recently when I found out how awesome it actually is, and you know, decided to make a roleplay server on it. Well, let me tell you, you will *not* be disappointed by how cool it is already. Trust me, it's heading towards greatness. You want to get a role that is in power? You're definitely going to want to join quickly because if you don't, trust me, it's going to be taken very fast. Join Lord of the Rings: Another Universe for a great experience today!

Strict Rules

The rules of Lord of the Rings: Another Universe are going to be strictly enforced and followed or else there will be punishment. It will be a non toxic community that you can enjoy yourself and have a lot of fun in!

Good Staff

The staff of Lord of the Rings: Another Universe are so far great staff that will definitely help you out and do the absolute best they can to maintain order in the server. You need help? They've got your back and will support you as long as you're following the rules.

Join Lord of the Rings: Another Universe for an amazing experience and to become apart of a wonderful community! Join today!
A mature roleplay community where one can finally play as one of the many canon characters of Tolkien's Universe as well as original characters planted straight into the story. We are open and forgiving of real-life situations, which means we are patient and always welcome to any and all who know nothing from fans of Tolkien's work that are well-versed as well.
1. Go to
2. Download technic launcher
3. Install and open technic launcher
4. Log in
5. Click on modpacks
6. Search for modpack "Legends of the ring: LOTR"
7. Click download

If you're playing on forge the only mod you have to have installed is the latest LOTR mod.

Trouble installing? Our staff will be happy to help you!
Are you a hardcore Lord of The Rings fan? Well here's just the place for you. This RP is set in the First Age, 440 F.A. Angband is still under siege where the Long Peace thrives over Beleriand. However, the Dark Lord Morgoth plots in his halls for the inevitable conflict that would soon arise. Would you be his servant and command armies of Orcs, Trolls, and Werewolves? Or be the Elves and maintain peace in the region, or the race of men, and dwarves, the choice is up to you.
Seeking an active place for Tolkien themed thrill rides and lively interactions? Tolkien Tourniquet is the home of spirited banter, mischievous humor, and light-hearted witty discussions. Join us on one of my servers to just chill with casual impropriety, jokes, and fun! 18+ please.
The age of Kingdom takes place in a medieval fantasy world, where mystical creatures roam and where some characters are at eachother throats. This is a episodic story-telling roleplay, but something it's free roam. where anything you do changes the story. The kingdom of Adisea and the realm of Eysia are where the storylines are at, some other places will come in later. But if you like Medieval roleplay with Dice rolling involve this is the place for you.
Hey, if you are somebody who knows the lore of lord of the rings we would love to have you. We are getting started and already have a combat system in place. This text role play server is different as we host daily events for different time zones so that no matter where you are, you can have fun. What are you waiting for? Be Sauron, The Witch king of Angmar, Aragorn and many more all in this text server.
The server is made to play Lord of the rings after the one ring has been destroyed, however orcs, goblins, and all kinds of terrors still roam the lands and cause chaos in middle earth. The races of men, elves, dwarves. Now live in middle earth more peaceful then ever before, but the rings of power still remain and will continue to remain. They are residue of celebrimbors craftsmanship and saurons demise. Who knows what such rings can fully do now with sauron no longer influencing their wearers.