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Lord of the Rings Roleplay

Hello! This is a roleplay server for anyone who is a fan of J. R. R. Tolkien's works, and the world he created. We are set about 28 years after the war of the ring, effectively where the Lord of the Rings trilogy finishes off. At the moment, we are discouraging taking over canon characters in order to create our own world. However, we are more than willing to try and support whatever you want to do here. I look forward to seeing you there!!

:: Pets and Steeds
:: Custom Weapons you can bring to life
:: Discover the magic of the LotR universe
:: We welcome all writing skill levels, from seasoned writers to new RP enthusiasts!
:: Our very own bot expert is here, bringing a whole range of technical options to the table.
:: You can be nearly any race, faction or alignment you want!
:: Faction leaders available.

I look forward to seeing you there!
A community of Tolkien fans, not exclusively limited to fanfic writers. We discuss games (lotro, Cards Against Arda), have game nights, talk about fanfic and share fan art, have both fandom and general discussions in our voice chats, read and listen to Tolkien's works, share info about conventions and cosplay, and delve into scholarly topics including history and languages. There are expectations on behavior in the channel; we are a friendly, supportive community open to the opinions of others -- if you can't play nice with others, you will be made to leave the sandbox.
This server spawned from the LOTR Memes subreddit. Since then it has developed into both a serious and funny discussion of all Tolkien related works. There is channels for serious Tolkien related discussions but most of the chat here is off-topic. There is a channel for everything you are interested in. We have different games to play such as LOTR Hangman, Pokemon, Akinator, and more! Start by picking a LOTR race and location (i.e. Elf, Rivendell) and start your fun time with us in Middle Earth.
This is a Roleplay (RP) server run by fans of J.R.R. Tolkien's work, who wish to become a part of his world; whether they wish to be Aragorn, Mayor Will Whitfoot, Azog The Defiler, Bill The Pony, or Haldir. We host events, and when events are finished, new faction options will be unlocked; for example, we are going to be doing an event of The Hobbit soon, and when it is over Beornings & Wargs will become viable options for characters! When we finish a Lord of The Rings event, the dwarven kingdoms of the Glittering Caves and Khazad-dûm. Come join today to become a famous character from the in-depth world of Tolkien, or your own custom character!
Hello! Welcome to Middle-Earth. We are a relatively new server which is looking for members to join us in Role-Playing! Maybe you can help us.

You can live and RP anywhere in Middle-Earth and if we are lacking a location you would like to see, you can always request it!

Anyone is welcome to join. From experienced RPers to new ones. From someone with a lot of Lord of the Rings knowledge to someone with little.

This Role-Play takes place in Alternate Universe in the Third Age. We will have our own custom story line and villains, and if you want you could play an important part in the story.

In addition, you can also submit custom lore for characters, weapons or anything else really. We encourage creativity, as long as it doesn't go overboard!

We hope to see you there!
The third age has ended and now begins the age of Man. Elves continue to leave middle earth setting sail to the undying lands while the remnants of the dark lords armies flee to the darkest reaches of the land.
4,000 years ago, the War of the Ring ended and the Age of Man began. Now, the Fifth Age is beginning and it is unsure who's Age it will be.

This is an AU in that the elves never entirely left Middle Earth, only the canon elves left or died. Now, there are new rulers in place for the multiple kingdoms.
LotR RP (owned by scummy#6969, caxapйoдa#4258, and 2019 Emmyth#1837)
This RP takes place during the War of the Ring, in Lord of the Rings. It is not 100% lore accurate, since we might be including non canon things, and of course, fan made characters aren't canon. But we will try to stay at least somewhat accurate to basic LotR lore. As of January 11, 2019, we are planning our first event: the attack on the Woodland Realm. We need active members, so feel free to join if you're interested.
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This discord is the community chat for Elessar MUSH, and online roleplay set the 4th age of Tolkien's Middle Earth. Join our server or check out our website to learn all about us, and how to join us!
It is the year 185 of the Third Age. Sauron has been vanquished, and his orc legions lie in ruin across Arda. But the war is far from over. In his place, the deadliest and most powerful servants of the Dark Lord have risen up, intent on bringing the planet to it's knees. Now, all of Arda is trapped in a deadly arms race. With war inevitable, it is up to the choices of the few, to shape the lives of many.

-An active and friendly community.
-A massive world to explore and conquer!
-Random events, to spice things up!
-The choice of six different species to choose!
-And much more!

A Lord of the Rings inspired server, we have done our best to make sure that anyone would feel welcome here!

Will you be Orc or Elf? Hero or Villain? Savior or Conquerer? Join the World of Arda, and have a roleplay experience to stick with you!
An intensive and friendly community server based around Tolkien's marvelous Legendarium.
Welcome to the Rangers of the North Discord! Here we strive to have a diverse base for discussions and submissions from a wide array of genres and topics. Enjoy your stay and have fun using some of the most unique, custom emotes available on Discord!
Very detailed and well-formatted discord, for roleplaying based on Lord of the Rings. We work hard to create a happy and friendly environment, Please join if interested!
Braveriel is a medieval fantasy styled roleplay server. Set in a Nordic continent you'll find yourself many friend and foes, depending on what you do. The location is set in Arnoth, a continent, consisting of 8 provinces. Each time the roleplay is concluded, a new location will be set. Have fun!
Welcome to Middle-Earth!
This is a server for all fans of J.R.R. Tolkien´s books, The Lord of the Rings.
Currently not a very big server, looking for techies who can help me set everything up!
Will eventually add a role-playing section!
Please stop by and say hello!
The server is meant to be focusing around all the subjects concerning the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. (main focus is Middle-Earth)

This means The Middle-Earth, Languages of Middle-Earth, Tolkiens other works, Music/Songs, pictures and art. etc.

Special Features:
Music bots, Mee6 etc.
Wir sind ein Multifandom Server mit den Themen Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Mittelerde, Final Fantasy und Doctor Who!
Wir freuen uns über Neuankömmlinge :)
Joint und lernt viele neue Geeks und Nerds kennen! ^-^
A roleplay server created around the First Age of Arda. Interesting lore events will happen within the roleplay, your character can be apart of these lore events! A wide selection of races and a character template which allows one to express their characters as much as they can.