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A mostly lawless porn server. Be a faggot, lolicon, furry, murder-chan... IDGAF. No real CP tho, lets not go down that road.
A mostly lawless porn server. Be a faggot, lolicon, furry, murder-chan... IDGAF. No real CP tho, lets not go down that road.
Nyaaa, come here :3
fluffy cozy community that shares hentai, traps, cgi, pics... lewds and weirds
gentle moderation, packed with encryption so you can be as open as you want
we might even have lolis
Join a cute and fresh new hangout server. Osu, anime, games, memes all that good stuff everyone likes. But wait! There's more... Themed around our favorite lolis and ready to debate who's got the better waifu. Come be a part of a new community that's interested in growing with you. Don't be a baka, make the right choice!
A new server made for anime and meme enthusiasts that want a place to go (also have NSFW if your into that)
Sharing is just another average anime server where you can meet new people and hopefully make new friends.
a new cute server with Multiple text channels and a gaming channel too. we watch an anime movie once a month and gacha bots. Free emotes and a cute cafe atmosphere
This discord server loves Lolicons! We accept anyone who join our server and we don't have any strict rules. So you can do whatever you want in this server! ^-^ We already had 3 server recreations because the previous ones always goes wrong. Right now this server will last longer than the other 4 and will be the best server I have ever made!
We hope you enjoy your stay.
A small but growing community of friendly people. We just need a few more active members to get the server going again~!
❤︎ Cozy atmosphere
❤︎ Voice chat
❤︎ Kawaii emotes
❤︎ Kawaii level up roles
❤︎ Kawaii people
❤︎ Dead server

It's a friendly server , you can chatting about anime and gaming
You can advertise in our server :^)
Want to showcase us your waifu? Come on down to Waifu Central! We cater to 4 types of waifus, serious, not so serious, lolis and legal lolis, and traps. We also have different channels besides these. So, come join us!!
A mostly lawless NSFW hangout server. Themed around mostly
anything 👻 General hentai and clean/ish loli. Cum fap or just worship the cute in the SFW sections. See you there!
this is just a simple porn server, post whatever, lets see what people like!
we awe a thug wife owo sewvew whewe chiww peopwe (ovew the age of 16) can sociawize. Ouw smaww community featuwes kawaii emotes, a wevew up system with wewawds, pwenty of owganized channews, and wots mowe. We'ww awso be hosting events in the neaw futuwe fow aww of ouw inmates to enjoy (ow suffew thwough). Join! it's time to stawt sewving youw wife sentence owo
A simple no rules porn server, post whatever!
Welcome to random hero server in this server random hero is a YouTuber who has 2k subs so please come and join and support to his journey to 3k
A simple porn server, let's see what you guys like! Post anything
This is a new server revolving around anime, NSFW and I don't even know. Just join I guess. Ill tell you about how pathetic I am. We have a darker sense of humor and we're active. Memes are accepted and may be spammed. Please join if you have a GP-5
This server is where you can share your favorite loli/shota pics and talk with other lolicon and shota lovers.

Pedophiles arent welcomed btw.
just a loli trying to expand her social media and literally procrastinate on doing homework just to voicechat with more people lol , come join if you'd like; we're all friendly

youtube : kattmilkk
twitter : mumaskii
Kitty's Café〜♡
A chill server for wholesome weebs〜♡

♡Active chat
♡Voice Chat
♡Laid-Back Environment
♡Level System w/ rewards
♡Color Roles & React Roles
♡Cuteness & Wholesomeness

Come join a healthy & cozy community (ノ´ヮ`)ノ