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The official r/Logic_301 discord! Come to discuss Logic and anything else with over 1000 members!
Welcome to the Rattpack

We are a close community who supports Logic and his label BobbyBoyRecords!

Our rules are common sense...don't be a fuckboy or you will get the boot.

Peace, love, and positivity is our motto, so leave your toxicity at the door, please.

Please do NOT dm anybody without their permission. If they have the role DMS closed, DO NOT DM WITHOUT ASKING. If you do DM them, and they reach out to a mod or admin asking for you to be kicked, you will be.

If there is drama and a mod or admin tells you to stop and you don't, you will be muted for 24 hours minimum. If you try to evade this, you will be muted for 48 hours. Anything after that is a ban.

Last but not least, please follow Discord's TOS. That should be a given.