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A literate+ (2 para. or more) space roleplay with a friendly community and obsessive nerds making lore. The roleplay is not yet open, however will be in (updated: 5 days). We are accepting in the mean time!

Human characters are no longer being accepted. Alien races now only!

Long ago, a ship escaped the Great War of Solemn. The Solemn Galaxy had fallen to depravity and corruption, making normal life impossible for those who wished for freedom. The history books don't state specifics, the information lost to time. Many lost their lives in the escape to Trisett. Children watched out the window, crammed next to each other, as the ships behind them, carrying many they knew, exploded into pieces. Pieces that would forever drift through space, a grim reminder of why they were running. Only this very ship, would make it to the next galaxy. Free. Allowed to start anew, away from the corruption of the galaxy they left behind, now nicknamed Solemn. They would begin a colony near the brightest star, and as the years ticked on, expand. Flourish. Be born anew. Like a phoenix from the ashes of Solemn, Trisett has become a new existence of it's own. Serenity.

But the brightest lights can cast the darkest shadows. With their growth, more shadows were cast. Numbers grew, for both good and evil.

Some in the galaxy live on colony planets, mining for the corporations of the Trisett Galaxy. Others remain in the Royal's military, fighting on the borders of the Trisett to keep the Others from invasion. Others are bounty hunters, roaming the stars and asteroids and hiding in the scum underbellies. Hunters, civilizations, royalty, greedy corporate presidents, all types live in the expansive Trisett Galaxy, but the pride and joy lay by the star K-Neo M-II. L'yru-al Svi's Great Citadel, simply called the Citadel, is the center hub world for all activity in Trisett. All the types in the galaxy at one point or another pass through here, making it a prime home for the NSE, or the Nexus Station of Education. The NSE to this day is the top producer of Seekers, brave soldiers that fight for this galaxy, acting as galaxy wide police to govern peacekeeping. L'yru's pride and joy, these Seekers are the light of the galaxy.
1 days ago