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Howdy folks! Find and post rp ideas, partners, and look at sum hentai, we got it all! Wanna fuck a sub until they pass out? We got it! Wanna cuddle? Go for it! Wanna do an action packed story rp? Absolutely! Music in VC, bots may be broken or absent for now but will be fixed and added by our WONDERFUL mods!

This server is an Erotic Roleplay [ERP] server for those who find their fantasies held back by other servers. For those who want to roleplay whatever they want, no matter how taboo or frowned upon elsewhere, there are no limits here.
Creating an all genders welcome Harem! Come bow before your new sex god and goddess Jay and Meg~ We might appear simple, but our cravings and desires know no limits, all who come will be met with nothing but pure pleasure~ Come become a part of your new favorite perverse family~
-Over 18
-Must be female or Femboy
-Must be Limitless
-atleast involved in one of the following fandoms
--adventure time
And finally
--Valve Games
The Eternament! What happens when the entire multiverse is combed for its strongest, smartest, and most impossible fighters to battle for the survival of their home universe? Join Eternament to find out!

Let's keep it simple: this is a server with one purpose- fighting. More importantly, unregulated, high power, intense fighting. Want to make a roleplay character with powers so op you don't fully understand how they work? Do it! This is the place you've been waiting for, to go all out! Join today, and become a member of the eternament before time runs out!

Fast character approvals, vast and varied multiverse lore, no sappy romance stories, what's not to love!?
Hello, and welcome to the Taboo Taverns! Literally any roleplay you can think of, you'll be able to do here! The world here is your fantasy, so go ahead and give it a whirl! :D Looking for Mods and Members!
Limitless's Discord Server......

im made this cause im bored, you can join if your bored too doe.
This is a server where your free to fuck to your hearts content the only limit Is the age 18+ and respect
Hey! You should join this server because it is not like others. You are free to do as you please in this server, you can say whatever you want, be whatever you want, and most importantly have Overwatch.
A castle suddently appeared in the woods, sending strange liquids and gasses that poluted everything. Without a choice, due to the ever-growing pollution, you must enter and live within it. The creator and ho7st of the castle, allows everyone from the lowest peasant to the king of kings to live within it as long as they become his servants.

The air inside is thick and slightly misty, it is filled with spores and gasses that work as aphrodesiacs, but be careful not to lose yourself in it, those whose minds become degenerated to the point of animality are locked and forgotten in the first floor.

Hello, this is my first attempt at making a server, we got bots for verification and many areas to roleplay inside the castle. We work on a simple system: If you are a dom and you ping a sub, they must roleplay with you as long as they are not busy irl. The server is new, so there aren't many people in it, so please keep that in mind and be patient as not everyone that is in the server at the momment can be online at all times.