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Lil Peep's Community and fun Server this is a fan-made server just to support the rapper called Lil Peep.
>>share your music and art
If you make music or art come here to talk about if and share your creations.
If you just want to find new music we have channels full of suggestions.
>> We have memes
There's a channel where memes are spammed literally constantly from the best subreddits.
We have pokecord along with other games like idle rpg and boxbot. These games are limited to the games channel which you can opt in or out of seeing via self roles. So if you dont want them bothering you then they wont
>>>>Self roles<<<
We have a lot of bots. Everything from economy bots to music bots.
Theres also porn for all you meat beaters out there.
Discuss music, get help with lyrics, get help with beats, get beats, and loads more!
Were a Jah and Gustav lovers aka XXXTentacion and Lil peep lovers
We love them so much we miss em alot. Were a really fun server and a new server. Sometimes were active and if were not you can make it active 😄😀. XXXTentacion and Lil peep Will always be in our hearts locked in. :)
Come back when your sober pt 1
Come back when your sober pt 2
3 minutes in falling down
2 legends
1 song
0 alive
We're a friendly goth server, we accept anyone and if you join we will give you a cookie 🍪🦇
Hey, welcome, you’re probably reading this because you wanna know more about the server right? Great cause I got you, this is an edgy, not too depressing, not dramatic, not boring, & love talking about and spreading our music, when you join you will find many channels to give feedback on others music and you can even post your own. be sure to enjoy your stay
This is a fan based server on Lil Peep and his music. If you love his music and still listen to it in his memory. Feel free to join and get along with people.
chat about gore, crime and anything else horror related
Your favorite edgy discord server! We have lots of lil peep fans too:)). tons of cute egirls and heckin eboys
Hey, welcome to star shopping !
A server dedicated to making friends and experience some sad nibba hours with us
We are a very laidback community
We have:
<3 Bots
<3 peep appreciation channel
<3 Voice channels
<3 Soon events
<3 friendly community
so come join today ! we hope to see you there
welcome to castaway
self assignable roles
looking for staff
last server got nuked ) :
safe space
your join would help<3
Welcome to Pillow Peeps!! Our server is for those who love lil peep and/or wanna have a fun and fresh time! We're friendly and have self assignable roles. Please join and have fun!
Im not using x or lil peep for server joins.
Here in this server we love lil peep and x. We can make music and partner up with other servers. X and peep will forever be in our hearts. If you just come to say we use x and peep for joins we dont use him for server joins or anything like that.

Drake sucks
People suck
Lil peep
Rip peep
Falling down
welcome to darkdazing, where you can talk to other people about the rapping communtiy, gaming, or just hangout and have a bit of fun, its a fresh new server with more mods needed so please join :D
Work in progress server for those who love gaming, depressing ass rap, and want new people to talk to. Currently has Rythm music bot installed and still adding stuff!
we're a great community for talking and finding friends we offer lgbt support and alot of us are lil peep fans (:
🗡⛓ welcome to castaway 🗡⛓
💉 self assignable roles
💉 nsfw channels/bots
💉 great staff
💉 edgy based server
💉 simple rules
💉 hiring staff
trying to grow, your join would help:)🖤
welcome to h e l l
- edgy community
- lil peep fanbase
- grunge aesthetic theme
- looking for staff
- u should join:)
hello! we're a random server with an edgy theme and a great community, we respect all opinions and we have self assignable roles, and colors. we're trying to grow so it would help soooo much if you joined! luv u <3
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