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We are a new 18+ only trans and non-binary server! We are not NSFW focused however we do have some NSFW categories. Our focus is to bring together trans adults so they can have a more mature environment to discuss trans issues and transition!
Hi!😃We are a discord server for fans of both Marvel and Starwars to come together and have fun.😎
✌We are all 13+✌
✍We still have open spots for more custom emojis✍
😶We are quiet at times but other than that, mostly active😶
😘All admins and members are welcoming😘
🌈We have an lgbtq+ room along with support and venting channels💕
❓We do qotd and have an anime channel🎨
Welcome to Chill Wave! We're your standard gaming hangout server for people -18. Since this is a -18 server we're NSFW free so no worries there! Come hangout and meet new friends! We have multiple categories and channels for everyone to choose. Along with a good server layout we have a couple bots for you to use. Can't find what you're looking for? No worries! you can always suggest new things. We're happy to add anything inclusive, and fun for everyone! We hope to see you in the server!
Welcome to The Grand Femboy Café! A safe space type of community for any feminine identifying peeps and admirers alike! We're a small community so we wish to be quite active, among others things like:
▐We have a Age Req for this server. 15 is the required.▐

≈A safe space where no hate or discrimination shall be happening in said server, nor Homophobia, Transphobia, Biphobia, etc.

≈Be with like minded folk who are probably the same as you!, we welcomed like a family always with open arms!

≈We have a variety of channels and bots to keep things interesting, like MewBot and OwObot! don't forget about Rhythm! We also offer the most cutest emotes and or the most quirkiest you'd see.

So please~! Welcome all and please sit down for a nice latte and a nice conversation.
The Chill Zone is a place where people from all around the world with different backstories can come and talk about various topics and hopefully make some new friends!

Everyone and anyone are welcome!
Hello! This a pretty old server that died recently.. we're looking for new members to try and revive it -,-
The age limit is 11-17, please no older or younger!
We accept people no matter your race/gender/sexuality, and try to prevent discriminatory behaviour.
The rules are pretty loose, just obey them and have a good time :)

We have:
✰ Bots for memes, games, trivia, NSFW things, and moderation
✰ Self-assigned roles
✰ Self-assigned username color
✰ Text channels for almost anything:
● Anime
● Debate
● Art
● Roleplay
● Memes
● Spam & Copypasta

✰ Voice channels for almost anything:
● Music
● Group Chat
● 1 on 1 chat
● Streaming
Hi Im Goku! And I have a server, Gohan helped me make it, so I guess you can join, hope to see ya!
Hello new friends! We are a friendly community, that is all about making people feel comfortable and safe. We are open to LGBT and Non-LGBT. We hope you will give us a try because we would love to meet all of you <3
we are a very accepting server, here to help new and old witches find information and create a little community! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
all are welcome!
Heyo! This is operation Priderise! Not pridefall! Here we stand up for those jerks and show them what we’re made of!
▍▐Hello, this server is a Haikyuu server!▐ ▍

✰What we have to offer -

✰Friendly and nice staff.
✰ An Lgbtqa+ friendly server.
✰Game nights, movie nights.
✰ Friendly Discussion!
✰100+ roles.
✰ Opportunities to climb ranks

Keep in mind, this is a new server! We don't have much members right now but, we'll try and be active!
A new and growing fantasy role play set in three sibling kingdoms: Mastral, Aclea, and Afrein.
The kingdom of Mastral is nestled in the cold, snowy mountain range it is so named after. Mastral is a kingdom of justice, law, and rules, and is ruled by young and kind King Ronald.
Aclea is a tropical island kingdom known for its imports, shipping industry, and free lifestyle. The ruler of this island kingdom is the loving and doting King Lazarus.
Balancing out the two, Afrein is a kingdom run by knights. Yes, noble families exist in the kingdom, but its king is chosen every ten years through a tournament of chivalry, skills, and wits. Afrein's territory is straight out a fairytale with lush forests, vast fields, and a certain whimsy for adventure. It's current king is Sage Fryer, a commoner-born knight who has worked hard since childhood to achieve his dream of guiding his beloved country.
- welcome to our server! here we have self-assignable roles, fun bots, and more!
- please keep in mind this server is fairly new, so it wont be active 24/7
- there is a nsfw chat, but you must be 18+ and verify your age!
- we do not tolerate toxic people! homophobia, slurs, racism, sexism, pedophilia, etc. is not acceptable and you can be banned for it.
- everyone here is accepted no matter your race, sexuality, or hobbies!
- unfortunately, we do not have any mods that speak anything but english, so any other languages are not allowed.
Server is lit, come and join us with our small streams!! LGBTQA is allowed and respected!
yep! this is exactly how it sounds! its for people who like putting on clown make up or just generally want to chat.
♡~:D&D Haven welcomes you! ~♡

Hello! D&D Haven is a Discord server directly aimed at providing a place for LGBTQA+ people and allies can play Dungeons and Dragons together without worry of judgement. We're trying to foster a community of people who appreciate each other as they are, so come on down and roll some dice!


Important things about the server itself:
- Friendly community!
- Channels for art and music!

Come on down and play some games with us! We'd love to have you!
Roll dice with us!
WELCOME TO ♡𝔻𝕒𝕕𝕕𝕪 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝔹𝕒𝕓𝕪𝕘𝕚𝕣𝕝𝕤 𝕂𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕕𝕠𝕞♡

We are an adult ONLY (18 years or older) community that is centered around meeting new people, ddlg and other kinks alike.

What We Offer
•ID Verification upon joining
•A bunch of self-assignable roles
•Venting channel for those that need it.
•Server events (game nights and movie nights)
•LGBTQIA+ friendly
•Text and vc channels that will fit your sfw and nsfw needs and wants.
•Economy bot to earn money and buy roles for yourself or another server member
A server for aromantics, asexuals, aro/acespecs, and aroaces, to find any type of partner! Friends, romantic, QPP, you name it! This server is system and kin friendly!
A new venting, support, and advice server that is LGBTQA+ friendly! We are brand new and seeking new members as well as staff!

The Club is a cool place to hang out and find a ton of new friends! We are very friendly towards everyone and anyone (unless you're an asshole)!

We have:

~Nice and helpful staff
~friendly community
~Almost uncensored chat, which means more freedom in your words, but not too much
~A good owner
~Cool people
~Fun bots
Come join us! We are supportive, chill, and accepting community.

What we have to offer:
~Self Promotion
~Mod applications
~playful bots
~and so much more!
Welcome to Marvelous Mayhem!!

We are a new 18+ Marvel Roleplay Group! We are looking for canon heroes and villains for any marvel franchise, any will do! We are LGBTQA+ and kin friendly, and we accept all kinds of headcanons. We do NOT discriminate if you haven't read comics or watched the movies! We are not following the events of Endgame or Infinity War!! This timeline split off before IW.

:: STORY ::
It was almost like waking up from a really bad nightmare. None of it had happened, Thanos was a distant thought and everyone we know and love is safe. Was it a warning? We just aren't sure.. But we know we can't face whatever this is alone. Not this time.

OPTIONAL: We built a mansion on a planet outside of our galaxy for anyone who wants to leave or needs the... space. Bus ships would be at every headquarters on Earth for anyone who wanted to leave, even if it wasn't permanent. Of course you may bring whatever you want, but it is completely off the grid. No fighting is allowed, unless you're training, but otherwise, make yourself at home. There are over a hundred rooms, each with their own bathroom. The rooms are grouped by teams and surround their own common area with a kitchen. The ship is never under the watchful eye of government, you will never have to worry about neighbors, and you know it'll never be boring with so many personalities under one roof.

Once you join, please read the rules and fill out an introduction to claim your characters!

- Clint Barton
- Hank Pym
- Drax the Destroyer
- Scott Summers
- Bobby Drake
- Danny Rand-Kai
- Vance Astrovik
- Tony Stark
- Daisy Johnson
- Illyana Rasputin
- Sam Alexander
- Peter Parker
- Jean Grey

Let mayhem and chaos ensue!!