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A supportive server for lgbtq youth and depressed kids, if you misgender or break any rules you will be banned
Welcome to The Biggest Gays!
We are a server welcoming anyone of any race, sexuality, gender, etc. Join to make friends, share memes, photography, vent- you name it!
*This is a PG-13 server (No NSFW)*

We have..
-Self-assignment roles
-Some snazzy memes
-Photography section
-Gay Shizzle
And a lot more!
Pride Time
- Ages 13-25
- Everyone in the LGBTQ+ Community
- Over 60 Self-Assignable Roles
- Interest Channels just for you
- Established rules to keep everyone safe
- Monthly Events
Come check us out today!
OFFICIAL DISCORD PARTNER! We are the furthest reaching and all inclusive LGBTQ+ Geek & Gaming Community that's been established for 8+ years on Facebook! 10K+ Members on Discord alone. Talking about anything from Anime to playing games and beyond! Wherever your geeky passion lies, and whatever letter in the LGBTQ+ spectrum you identify with (Straight Allies too), we have a place for you.
This is a server based around Sexuality And Gender Awareness (SAGA)

- For those going through meloncholy, we strive on a alternative form of support for that.
There are 3 distinct vent channels as well and general support channels for different needs.

- This is a Safe Space and will have verification and moderation in order to help with that.

- This server has many roles that can be self assigned.

It would be swell if you decide to join the wholesome community.
It's doing pretty well so far.
This server is a place where LGBT+ people can come and chat about touhou! Too often (I find at least) I'm a pretty uncomfortable minority as a trans lesbian in other Touhou servers, and since the series is near and dear to my heart, I thought I'd make a server where anybody who feels similar can come and feel comfortable.

Truscum, terfs, and transmeds are not welcome here.
lil server i made to chill with new peeps if you wanna
pretty censor free i dont care much for pc stuff
drop in and say hi :)
Planesfolk, those evolved with magick strong in their veins, have been living in hiding for several centuries after the constant hunting of their people. Having hidden in a pocket dimension with a sky that never changes, they grew tired of living in isolation. And so they came out from the pocket dimension, known as Eden, to make tight knit towns in secluded areas where they wouldn't have to worry too much about humans. Their capital, Kepler, was one of the first made. It's been going strong for over fifty years with only a few hiccups. Here recently, however, people have begun to notice.. Strange monsters popping up around town. How safe is this "safe haven" town now? How much longer before more people find themselves in severe danger? Only time will tell.

-LGBT friendly server!
-Improving lore and server!
-Small right now, so it's not as active as it could be! Join us and help make the server active!
-Small events to help keep plot going!
Hello~! We are a server that accepts anyone and just want to have a fun time <3 If you just need a community to join here and to talk/or date, this is the place!
hi this is a 13-21 dating server strictly!
i am currently work in progress with this server but i would like atleast some people in here.
⭐Welcome to LGBT+ Safe Space ♡ ! ⭐

❤》This is a server that runs as a safe space for LGBT+ people where they are able to talk freely!
🧡》 Allies are welcomed! This server isn't just for lgbt+, it's also for allies!
💛》This will always remain a safe space! If we have anything happen, we will make sure that staff take care of it, making sure everyone feels safe!
💚》We all are friendly and will take care of each other! Communication is key, so please communicate!
💙》Everyone is welcome here! No matter of what gender, sexuality, race etc. That doesn't matter! No matter what, you are welcomed.
💜》 This server is meant for you to feel safe and have fun! Come and hang out, make friends with people and learn from each other.
A group of close friends on the internet looking to meet more awesome people! Anybody welcome. Fun place to hang out and meet people that are a part of the LGBTQ community. We have nsfw memes. No younger than 15 and No older than 27
The server - Virgo Cult is a server filled with Virgos. Why did we think of this idea? Well, long ago the person @halie was once exploring about astrology with her Pisces friend Madi. She told @halie a lot of stuff and after then @halie got inspired and later to make the Virgo cult since Virgo is the 6th of the houses she wanted to make her fellow Virgos feel special. Every day she met more and more Virgos and became intrigued by how many there are. Did you know Virgos are the second well-known zodiac sign to be common? Virgos are actually the well-known sign to be the smartest. Fun fact: In astrology, you’re not just a Virgo but this server is just using the sun sign, Virgo because we matter! Here is some stuff about Virgos that you didn’t know.

‘’Strengths: Loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, practical
Weaknesses: Shyness, worry, overly critical of self and others, all work and no play
Virgo likes: Animals, healthy food, books, nature, cleanliness
Virgo dislikes: Rudeness, asking for help, taking center stage’’

Virgos are always paying attention to the smallest details and their deep sense of humanity makes them one of the most careful signs of the zodiac. Their methodical approach to life ensures that nothing is left to chance, and although they are often tender, their heart might be closed for the outer world. This is a sign often misunderstood, not because they lack the ability to express, but because they won’t accept their feelings as valid, true, or even relevant when opposed to reason. The symbolism behind the name speaks well of their nature, born with a feeling they are experiencing everything for the first time.
A space meant for friends, gaming, and much more. It's a space for anyone who needs one, with an emphasis on acceptance and community!
boys, men, fetishes and more - visit our
high quality pic server. For access to 18+ channels u need to verify.
Channel topics like:
- bulges
- undies
- speedo n shorts
- (caught on) snapchat
- candid
- nudism
A welcoming community where you can talk about all your obsessions and fandoms, chat with other fans, and chill (bros). SAGA and LGBTQ+ friendly!
Rainbow GAMERS

We are a community for LGBTQ+ & Mental Health Gamers. However, anyone is welcome to join. Our primary focus is around games; however, we do not solely focus on games. Our community also focuses on real-life aspects, which is perfect if you are not a gamer but still want to join our community.

We have
ლ Discussion Areas (Gaming, Roleplay, Entertainment)
ლ Gaming & Fun (Owo, Pokemon, Dank Memer, Rhyme)
ლ Level System (Level up to gain interesting Perks)
ლ Economy system (Gain money to buy things within the community)
ლ Creativity Hub - For all your creative desires
ლ Discord Roles (Nitro, Early Supporter, Hypesquad)
☆彡 Yo yo, welcome to LGBTea Haven! This server is mostly LGBT, but of course, anyone is welcome! Different opinions are welcomed here too, because we have a debate channel! Just be respectful buds. Indeed, the tea will most likely spill over this counter top. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

We currently have seven rad bots, a ton of games, over nine conversation categories, awesome emoticons, self assigning roles, a chance to (or to not) find love, active moderators, and more just waiting to be looked at. By who? You!

This who purpose of this server is to socialize and just have fun!
(you must be 13 years or older to join)™ ☆彡
Apple Grove (18+)

Hello! This is an 18+ NSFW dating server, we are open to all kinds of people and have a hefty amount of self roles. Rules are pretty strict until you become a member where you can just chill out.

Some of our features:
- Verification when you join!
- Self roles
- Partnerships and staff apps open~
- LGBTQA+ Support
- NSFW and SFW Media channels
- Nudes + selfie channels
- Planned events
- Lots of great staff!!

If you don't want to verify or answer the questions at the gate then do not waste our time by joining
Teen Safe Space is a server for people who want an inclusive and safe place to meet and talk to new people. Teen Safe Space can offer guidance and also people to vent to if you need it.
Welcome to Café Harmony <3

This server is made for you and to make you feel better about yourself and others. This is a safe place, and we are accepting of everyone from a furry to a confederate (lol), come join nd make friends, we are pretty cool ngl.

Just a friendly place for LGBT+ people to hang out. I'm hoping to create a chill and accepting environment where people can talk and make friends.
We're a friendly, new (started 2.23.19) LGBT server hoping for all LGBT people of all kind to come join us! We have voice channels, bots, partners, events of all kinds, contests and friendly staff :) We hope you enjoy your stay <3
LGBT + Mental Care is a server for both those in the LGBT community or just looking for a community to be a part of and get support when needed. We are an 18 + Server so please respect that if you are not the required age you will be removed. We want this server to be a home for people. we are a new server