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Hello! we are a new LGBTQ+ group who only want to share love.
If you're part of LGBTQ+ and want to talk to others just like you, you should totaly chek out this server.

Eevee's Mystery Dungeon is a Pokemon-themed social server founded in December 2017. In the months since, we've been proud to offer our members a warm, safe, welcoming environment where Pokemon fans and those not familiar with the series alike can bounce in and make wonderful friends! ^_^

We're also doing various server events now - we're looking to make movie/anime watches and Pokemon Showdown tourneys, among other things, a regular thing on the server! ^_^
⊱ 𝐖elcome 𝐓o 𝐌iami, 1980.
━ 𝐖e are just another multifandom hangout server. Make new friends here, chill out and discuss whatever you want! We also got a cool 80's theme going on. Feel free to join, we are all very friendly!
𝐖hat do we offer? -
• Tons of active people.
• Friendly admins / mods.
• We do have rules, but only to keep the community safe.
• NSFW / SFW chanels.
• Voice Channels.
• Memes.
• LGBT Friendly!
• Artists, gamers, roleplayers, writers etc, plus channels to show off all your stuff.
• Tons more! Join us and find out!
Koi’s Pond is a new server, where you can meet different kinds of people to make friends. Start off as a common goldfish and work your way up to a golden koi fish.

↳ Self-assignable roles
↳ LGBTQ+ friendly community
↳ Tons of bots
↳ A (gay) fun owner
↳ and more!
A server dedicated to providing a Safe Space for all LGBTQA+

Our vision here at the Club is to produce a free and secure society.
hey, im bitcat and this is my server
its a nsfw server focused around furry fembois and shitposting
were a quickly growing server, we get new users every day!
we have a music bot, meme bot and furry bot, plus new content from the admins daily
come on in and enjoy your stay~
Real Trans Shit, a server for all your trans needs. We got a chill community, a diverse set of opinions in all of our members, and an overall truscum-friendly environment. We have a debate room and plenty of other channels for just about any occasion. You are required to fill out an introduction and your roles in order to enter, as we don't want to just let anyone in who may potentially be a troll. We hope you enjoy our server!
Hello, this is the Lewd Glitchy Bois server, it's a pretty warm and nice community that we are trying to maintain. You can talk about anything and everything here. It is partly NSFW, so if you're not into that kind of content, don't join or be cautious. Have fun!
Hi! Welcome to Cinnamon Roll Cafe! We hope you enjoy your time here and make some new friends!
Here at our cafe we’ve got lots of self-assignable roles! We’ve also got color roles as well!

We’ve got lots of bots and we have friendly staff! Since were pretty small we might seem
inactive but if you stick around you’ll see that we’re very active and growing!

Our server is for anyone and everyone who is 13 years of age and up!

I hope you’ll come sit down and drink some tea or coffee at the Cinnamon Roll Cafe and make some new friends!
*New* server with a lot of gay porn such as regular and furry. read the rules before you do anything. make friend be nice and enjoy.
A community where all the LGBTQ+ men 18 or older come to! It's a safe space for all of us to make friends, talk/share about the NSFW things and more!
This is a Pride server for people from the LGBTQ community, everyone can join even if they are from it or not, in here we are a family so come and have some fun.
This is The Furry Getaway
A relatively new server, designed to be a safe place for all furries, people of the LGBTQ+ community, or anyone else that wants to join, and get away from the troubles of life, and the real world.
The server is quite small now, but we rely on YOU to make the decision to join, and help us grow.
Run by a kind and responsible staff team, we've got many things to offer!

-Level roles with MEE6-

-Custom self-assignable roles-

-Other fun bots-

-NSFW channel, for those that are 18+-

-A server casino/economy system through Tatsumaki-

-Upcoming events, once the server gains more members-
And much much more!
Come check us out!
Worldwide server for Pokémon Go players in the LGBTQ community. Allies are welcome too!
John’s Mistakes is a small fun community of gamers looking to branch out and make new friends! We are a gaming server mostly for splatoon but, we also offer channels for Smash Ultimate, Pokemon, Mario Kart and are hoping to add more gaming channels as more members join. We also have a NSFW channel for gays and straights, an art section for aspiring artists, a lot of bots to play with, opportunities to become mods and so much more! If you would like to meet some cool new people, play some games or just have fun, Please Join today!
BoyToy is a community of gay men who want to meet new people and share the love of men with each other. Our server is for men ages 18 and over only.

Our server offers:

-NSFW and SFW image channels.
-Many image channels.
-Active chat.
-Friendly users and staff.
-And much more!

We welcome you to join our 18+ gay men's server!
Hello and welcome to Devil Town! This is a social server based mainly around alternative rock music.

☄ We have self assignable roles!

☄ And over 30 channels!

☄ LGBT+ Friendly!

☄ Ages 13-25!

☄ Active and non-toxic members!


It's a really fun and drama free space, perfect for everyone except assholes. :P So if anything I said above looks interesting, join! Hope you enjoy! :)
A server made for all sorts of people.◢

here we offer:

➺self-assignable roles
➺channels for support, memes, etc.
➺bots to play with
➺places to promote your social media, servers, and writing.
➺a vent to release your pain with talking
➺and more :p

˚✯❀we we'll see you there soon!
A chill server for friendly chat or political discussion. Includes several bots, and staff hosted events such as karaoke and movie nights.
Set in Japan in a mysterious location, a small camp known as Camp Comet makes itself at home. It remains a safe haven for every wandering teenager who needs it, boasting a reputation for being a place where anybody who needs it may stay.

A long time ago, twelve comets struck the Earth and imbued the human occupants with magic. Named after the astrological elements of our skies, each cabin features its own unique powers. From Mercury's dark magic to Earth's elemental magic, from Sun's illusion magic to Moon's shadow magic, there is a magic for you and your wonderful OC.

There is never a lack of drama or romance, and we are consistent in keeping the server spicy and seasoned with plenty of active RP and fun plotlines for each individual! Join this camp for an opportunity to experience magic, drama, romance, and more. We boast cool lore and powers for you like Dark Magic, Healing Magic, Telekinesis, Mind Magic, Invisibility & Stealth, and much, much more. Have fun roleplaying with us!

-Extensive lore
-Very developed powers/magic that's both complex yet easy to RP with if you're new to the whole RP thing (whatever your speed is, we can support it)
-LGBT+ friendly romances
-Literate roleplay (but always down to teach newbies ;D)
-Active staff or discorders always down to RP!
-Plenty of channels for your creative smol hearts
-Constant plot and events to keep RP stimulated!
-A supportive community both in character and out of character

Freeform RP for everybody with a developed universe! Don't be worried though, if you join, you won't regret it! We promise. We've recently undergone a massive staff upheaval and we're ready to provide for your RP needs now for real with no OOC drama and all IC drama, just like we all like it.
LGBTQ+ Lounge is a community that welcomes all, regardless of gender or sexuality, come to our server to enjoy yourself and make new friends and involve yourself with some of the events and activities that the staff will organise.
Kööpa's Army is a pretty active and friendly Trap/Femboy/and trans server. We have an NSFW section for sharing nudes. We also have a general chat for meeting new people and other channels about:

>Video Games
>Heavy Metal/K-pop

Most of our members are LGBT but anyone is welcome so long as they are friendly and respectful. We also have a level up system and tons of cool emojis
Hello! We are a brand new server, and hope to see you in our sights!💖

The owner created this server to become a beacon of light in the teenage friend servers on discord. Many turn out to be toxic or unenjoyable as a whole, due to trolls. Our goal is to stay active and big, yet wholesome for all!

Our server features:

🎀A safe place for all to refuge, as well as venting chats
🎀A desire for staff members
🎀Fun, interactive bots like Tatsumiki
🎀Wholesome community that all can enjoy to be around
🎀LGBT are gladly welcomed!

..and many other wonderful things, if you’d join! We hope to see you soon :)
We are an LGBT+ server that focuses on women and why we love them.

Participate in our various chats about crushes, relationships, and beautiful women.
Spend some time in the fan corner where you can talk about your favorite fictional ladies and ships.

This is wlw only. No men allowed.