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A new NSFW haven for Hoes who just want to keep hoein. Come and join us! 🍑❤️
🍭Collars & Candy🍭
Here you can come and mingle with other doms, dommes, subs, slaves, Littles, Caregivers, masters and mistresses and educate yourself or share your info, tips and guides, as well as Post and sell your patron & Onlyfans (ask Lina first)
🥰what we offer🥰
💎 multiple channels for BDSM Education purposes and discussion
💎lewd voice channels
💎venting and relationship advice
💎hentai, porn and BDSM channels
💎cute emotes
💎a wide variety of kink roles
💎NSFW hidden behind 18+ Verification
💎Trivia and waifu bots
💎movies weekly for littles(also when requested)
💎friendly & experienced staff
🍑come join us
The Slut palace an ERP server where we glorify being a slut and try our best to get men off. This community of like minded individuals talk and socialize and we focus on having a safe environment for everyone. We have a review system in place for those slut who ERP, share pics of themselves if they are verified, and for ones who do their dirty deeds in public. After each session give those sluts a review and tell people your opinion on the experiences. We have a good community, our chats are active nearly 24/7, tons of cute emotes, and a caring staff. so come on in and join us in our quest to please men whether you want to be pleased or want to please!
Mikio Bot Support--

Hello! We are a server for the bot "Mikio" (support server) but we also are a community, join us now!
Hi, I'm greatlewds but you can call me senpai. Join my server for free hentai and ecchi lewds as well as onlyfans leaks.
˗ˏˋ Hello! Welcome to Puppy Chans' Hentai Cafe ˎˊ˗

We are a fairly new server that is improving every day. We are centered around sharing all kinds of hentai! Whether you're vanilla or a complete degenerate we have something for you! ღ

What we offer! ↴
୨୧〜 Channels for basically every kink.
୨୧〜 Laid back owner and staff that are for the freedom of speech.
୨୧〜 SFW channels to talk about whatever you please.
୨୧〜 Our own shop
୨୧〜 Lvl 1 boosted
୨୧〜 The option to request your own kink channels. - ̗̀(๑ᵔ⌔ᵔ๑)

Hi I'm krist! I am half german half filipino/japanese and I've been monetizing my content for many years now (ex cam model) ^_^ I'm a full time SAHM now who makes content to help each other out 💖 I sell nudes and more. I even do some graphic designs for twitch streamers :) I also have a super kawaii voice ;) FREE Lewds on my free onlyfans page, doesn't cost a dyme to follow 😍
Potate-hoes 18+

*a completely age verified server*
We are centred around hyping each other up! reactions are well loved
While we are a NSFW server we do also play games, share art, pictures of pets and even have a kink channel!
*we are porn free because we are the porn*


♡︎ ~ 18+ NSFW/NUDES channels
♥︎ ~ Active, Friendly, Helpful Staff
♡︎ ~ Fun nudes/lewds challenges every week
♥︎ ~ Game and movie nights
♡︎ ~ A helpful and friendly Staff team
♥︎ ~ Your own custom emote after you hit lvl30
♡︎ ~ a channel to post your sex-work links after you hit lvl 10
♥︎ ~ an amazing and welcoming community
♡︎ ~ a GULAG to shame people who break rules

ᴇɴᴊᴏʏ ʟɪғᴇ sᴜᴘᴘʟʏ ᴏғ ʜᴇɴᴛᴀɪ & ʟᴇᴡᴅs. ᴍᴀᴋᴇ sᴜʀᴇ ᴛᴏ ɪɴᴠɪᴛᴇ ʏᴏᴜʀ ғʀɪᴇɴᴅs! ♥‿♥
Yo yo yo!! Come join our place where we make friends and share our likes and dislikes.
Discussing like anime and being lewd?
like sharing your favorite Moments and wanna share?
well come on down and join this server and lets grow to be a community!
Just a high iq meme server, and lewds if the owner lets you in. we have: Traps, Furry, KSP, russians, germans,
A server for chatting, roleplaying, OC discussions and ideas, memes, lewds, games and making friends!
***Heya there you wandering soul***
Looks like its almost time for you to go to heaven! And by Heaven I obviously mean **Heavenly Hentai Explicit Traders**

Our little dose of heaven has a little bit of it all~ Amazing categories of hentai, tons of irl porn vids (New every day!), and even a lovely little place for roleplaying!

💔Not in a lewd mood? Well thats ok! We have a whole sfw section just waiting for you! Show your art or just make some friends!

So come one, come all- youre all welcome in heaven whether you're sinful or not ;)❤❤❤

We're a chill place where you can hang out, make new friends, and have fun. We have an NSFW section as well as a models section. Anyone verified as 18+ may ask to be a model. Everyone is welcome to do so, despite gender, sexual preference, or how naughty your pictures may get. Our models section is used as a way to increase the self esteem of others, and their self view. A lot of us are somewhat anti-social, and have a low self esteem. This is sort of our way of fixing that.

→ Verification process in place to keep minors safe. ←
→ Bots such as MEE6, Rhythm, Yui, and OWO are featured here. ←
→ Everyone is welcome. No racism, sexism or homophobia allowed. ←
→ Our members are nice. And if they aren't, they won't be members long.←
→ Staff is pretty laid back. No BS warns or bans unless you deserve it. ←
→ Role picker, which will be updated with more roles soon. ←
→ We aren't a dating server. But no one will really stop you. ←

Stay respectful to others, and others will be respectful to you. Follow the rules and we'll all get along just fine.
This is a pretty cool server that has its own little community, which we are trying to expand. We welcome all new members, and everyone who wants to join Panths Old Lair! Wasnt really sure what to put here, might fix later, Peace!
***If you don't intend to stay then please don't even join in the first place! It's seriously getting on my nerves!!**

I am looking for female pets that aren't afraid of doing IRL stuff and are willing to have me as their Owner. If you're male or not willing to do so then you'll be asked to leave. There is no merit in staying here without verifying as you will not be able to see any of the channels. You will have 2 hours upon joining to verify.
Kelsey's & Claudia's Emoji hub, with over 10+ servers of cute emojis for nitro users. Enjoy :3

Tags: Lewd, 18+, Little, Middle, Little space, Ageplay, Daddy, Mommy, Caregiver, Pet, Bunny girl, puppy girl, Brat, Emoji, attitude, animated emojis, emoji, nitro, discord nitro, cute emojis, cute emoji and more~ :3
buy my content!
hi! im 19 y/o my names alexis and ive been struggling to make ends meet inbetween classes. Im not new to this so i wont tolerate scammers or people trying to waste my time. thank you sm and hope you consider joining my server and buying my content
Welcome to Absolute Anime!!!

We are a server dedicated to making friends and having meaningful conversations on many different topics, such as art, anime (obviously), food, gaming, and life in general. To us we treat you as family.

We are also a community-run server, so we let you guys tell us what to add and what's wrong.

Our goal is to create a close-knit community full of people with common interests!!

We have a very friendly and welcoming staff

You could even advertise in our server (you have to be very active though)

Our helper form is always open so feel free to apply (must be weeb role to apply)

((and if you get the NSFW role you might be pleasantly surprised))