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Welcome, to the Ultimate Smut Roleplay.

This server is newly created, however with an ambitious goal. To give a variety of different areas for people to Roleplay smut-like fantasies. The USR currently has three different groups for one to RP in, that will be dumbed down with three words below:

Master/Slave, Non-human, Fantasy
**Lewd Academy**
Smut School, Straight(for now), Human
Gay Nightclub, Omegaverse(with differences), Human

New areas may open eventually but for now, those are the only ones available. There is also two lewd channels and a good variety of OOC chats available.

Join now!!
20 minutes ago
Welcome to Devilish Saints. Where you can be both innocent and devilish at the same time. We are a new NSFW 18+ lewd server. We have members own content, giveaways, tons of lewd chats, and fun bots. Come join us and have a Devilish and innocent time!
1 hours ago
Hello we are a friendly school rp server that is looking for new members which can be students teachers and much more and lewding is allowed but don't get caught
1 hours ago
are you a furry and or brony?
well hop on in because this server caters to those who like to meet other furries and bronies out there as well as getting in touch with our community. warning: mostly nsfw.
2 hours ago
↬†ஓீ͜͡  Welcome to ภยɭɭเŦץ! ፝͜͡ஓீ†↫
We strive to have the most diverse and accepting community!⋆⁺˚
•Awesome people that will always chat!☆゜・。。・゜゜・。。・゜★
•M E M E S and aesthetics
•We have many areas for lewdies and NSFW lovers 〜♡
•Roleplay for those who like that!
•Many fun bots! Art! Music! Therapy! There's even a channel for roasting and toasting ❥
Join us! We are still growing and love suggestions to improve —
2 hours ago
Hey guys - We're a pretty chill 18+ community server with a few nsfw aspects. Come say hi! 
3 hours ago
Interested in a 18+ NSFW server only? Lewd Madness is a total NSFW based server with over 25+ nsfw channels and over 60+ custom roles!
3 hours ago
(18+) You need verification of the owner or Mods and NO NUDES. Role playing is in reserved rooms and please try to be chill and have fun!!
5 hours ago
Hello, and welcome to ALM (Anime Lewd Madness)!

ALM was created to create a big community of people that all enjoy the same things as everyone else, Anime and allow them to all enjoy talking to each other about their favourite anime or a particular event in the anime they're talking about we also want ALM's server to be a place where you can feel welcome and be yourself while talking to people within the server with whatever topic you wish to talk about without a big filter hovering over your heads everyone is allowed to be as lewd as they want but we do keep NSFW imagery hidden in 18+ channels as we all know younger people tend to join.

Whatever your reason to join ALM you're sure to feel welcome and be able to come back and know you'll have lots of fun memories to be created with your time here.
5 hours ago
we are a small discord that would enjoy some more members
5 hours ago
Hiya~ We're a growing server interested in building a community of quality roleplayers in order to play out any number of lewd fantasies! Feel free to stop by, take a look around, and join in if you think you'd have some fun here!
8 hours ago
Total Eros is an Awesome place to chill and have fun with other lewd people. we feature a rebuilt server fully optimized for maximum enjoyment. We'd love to host your erp and discuss our awesome views with you!
11 hours ago

Welcome to the server full of weirdos who likes geimingu/animu/talking shit about each other just be nice when you come and enjoy the lewdies ;)

We have selfie-channels and country channels now also photography and literature channels.

We support all the yaoi and yuri fans as well and you can go into a voice chat just to fangirl with your friend. Besides these you can cuddle with each other or slap the shit outta them. Also we have new games

No trolls/No fgts/Be naisu to ppl desu
14 hours ago
H x A follows the adventures of a person spirited away by aliens. You must woo your captors in order to return home - 2D video game in development. Come join and learn more.
16 hours ago
Welcome to the Hentai World! Where you can dive into our world full of Hentai and other porn! But that's not all! We have much, much more! But it would be easier if we invited you to show you ourselves! What are you waiting for? Come join the fun!
19 hours ago
Wanna be nude & lewd?! Wanna discover your voyeur/exhibisionist side? This is the server for you! Come join Exhibisionist Haven
We are a nudes/lewd sharing community. We distinguish ourselves from all other nude servers by not tolerating hate or harassment or drama.
Friendly and Fun Staff
Nudes sections for all gender's
Model sections where verified girls can have their own channels all to themselves
Verification system with a Verified section with all sorts of channels
Porn Channels

Come check us out!
1 days ago
{CLICK} H4A is synonymous with community, understanding, and feeling good; and was founded with two noble purposes in mind: For one to lead, setting the steps for perverts to climb, and to then give them all the hentai they need to go about their days!
1 days ago
Hentai server! Amazing community, great staff, 30+ hentai channels, emojis, and lots of fun. Come join us!
1 days ago
NSFW - A sanctuary for all your hentai, anime, manga and games needs.
Join the mature community and discuss your favorite kinks. We have something for most people!
And join in on the casual banter in #social
1 days ago
A place where you share your lewd and chat with people
1 days ago
We're a fairly new hentai server. We're looking for hentai ethusiasts and lewd people who share the same fondness for hentai, come join our server.
2 days ago
Come have fun where here you are going against monsters who have other intentions for fatigued rpers
2 days ago
Shitposting, own content NSFW channels, gaming, drinking & events nights. Chill people ONLY. We're a friendly and wholesome community.
2 days ago
Hi! Welcome to the lewd crew! We are a fairly small nsfw art community. We are looking for new members! Come chill and hang out.
3 days ago