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Brand new 18+ LEWD server. BDSM & LGTB friendly. Lots of bots to play with as well as SFW/NSFW channels and media.
This is a NSFW Discord server dedicated to posting and appreciating Asian females, Kpop Idols, Ulzzangs, Korean BJs (broadcast jockey), Jpop Idols, Gravure Idols, JAV Idols, and more.

We have REAL and VERIFIED 18+ Asian discord users who post their own NSFW/SFW content!

Feel free to chat, browse around, and contribute to the server! ( ´ ▽ ` )
Lewd lovers is a server where you can lewd yourself out, find a mate, or even earn money.
This is a lewd server that provides erp, events, music, games and more! To view nsfw content you need to be 18+!
Welcome to Lewd Empire™ [18+] !

Lewd Empire is a server full of lewds,
lewdies, and lewding!

· We've got:
A lot of Hentai and Porn
Self-Assignable roles
Optional verification
Active staff
Custom bots
Fun channels

What else do you need to know?

Server for all you lewdies and non-lewdies to hangout. We are a fun, respecting, and friendly environment where you can express yourself and your love for ecchi, yuri, anime and other things. We try to keep it chill and free of drama.
💕LGBTQ friendly

♦️Secured NSFW Channels for 18+ members
♦️Plenty of SFW Channels for 15+ peeps
♦️3D + 2D Image Channels
♦️Gaming + Stream Link Channels
♦️Self assignable roles
♦️Fun + Level Up Bots
♦️RP/ERP Channels
♦️Anti-raid protection
👋 Welcome to our Café! 👋

❗ We're a community focused around anime, manga, gaming and making new friends! Don't turn your eyes away at least take a look at the list of our features!

📃Here's a list of what do we have to offer:
☕️ Fantasy Café Themed ROLEPLAY Section;
☕️ Discussion channels on which we're chatting about everyday things and stuff;
☕️ Huge NSFW, Hentai only section;
☕️ Event Section, from where you'll be able to obtain new, unique ranks or other prizes;
☕️ Many ranks to get! Color-changing roles, your beloved game genres and so on;
☕️ Chance to become a moderator => admin, we only require activity and such basic stuff;
☕️ Voice chat channels on which you can talk with another visitors or listen to bot's music at karaoke channel;
☕️ Support section for any kind of problems;
☕️ And much more!

We are a new ~18+~ kink server, but will be growing quickly! All manner of talk is encouraged. From silly conversations with friends to deep discussions about dildos! Come join us make a great community of like-minded friends!
Want a server where you can be yourself and meet people? Want a server where you can feel comfortable talking and sharing NSFW? Want a server where people will know who you are? This might be the server for you. Come FLASH with us
New server ....where we are all getting to know each other....we role play with eachother...u can talk with other people, talk lewd...share ur mind
Strong Community | Economy | Giveaways | Loads of Hentai | Forums | Discussion Boards |
Hentai Folder is the #1 growing Hentai Community. Join us
Sugar Cental is focused on creating a safe interaction between camgirls, sugar babies, and buyers.
We have:
🍬 personal channels for sellers to advertise and post previews
🍬 verification systems: see which buyers and sellers have delivered before, know who to trust.
🍬 unique emojis!
🍬 friendly environment
You want to RP/ERP? Are you tired of those servers that you're not allowed to swear or say a racial slur? Well you're in the greatest place for your dirty desires!

We currently are low on members... but It will slowly grow by the time-!

Features include:

-Personal, Role-access rooms


-NSFW channels (Including those Fetish-Related)

-Cute/Custom Cosmetic roles

-Multiple Characters

-A small art section

-Nice and nontoxic people

-An attempt to keep out lurkers(lol)
Hey guys - We're a pretty chill 18+ community server with a few nsfw aspects. Come say hi! 
G'day dudes and ladies. This is basically a server in which you can simply enter and chill or laugh on with other people over someones autistic outbreak or sometimes pathetic attempt to flirt with someone xD. So just come in here and have some good time with others.
Sweet Home is a community-based dating server where you can find your lover and might even meet new friends ;)

➸ Friendly members
➸ Custom emotes
➸ Find love
➸ 1:1 m:f ratio ;)
➸ Chances of getting an e-girl/e-boy is 100% ;)
➸ LGBT welcome!
A place where you share your lewd and chat with people
Welcome to Lewd Lords.
This is a nsfw server.
We accept almost all nsfw posts, except beastiality and lolis.
If theres something you want in the server, you can let us know and we'll add it as a category!
We're still a small server, but we can't wait to meet you guys owo
Owner is female.
Active admins
Have fuuuun~
700+ Members | Ages 15+
SFW & NSFW server for femboys, traps and cute boys to socialise. Very comfy, super friendly server with some memes on the side. If you like cute anime boys, then this server is for you!
Welcome to the Ultimate Smut RP

This is a para based RP room based on everyones darkest desires. With four RP settings to choose from as well as available ERP Rooms, this group has something for everyone. If it doesn't, Admin team is always open for suggestions.

Besides the rp this group also has a diverse welcome community that is open to all different kinds of people. If you are looking for a good place to rp or perhaps just want to tickle a fantasy of yours. This RP is the right place for you.

Current RP Scenarios:

Slave Market:
Join one of the Master Families or start as a lowly slave. This rp lets you rp buying and collecting slaves for your master to play with. Fantasy is allowed here although it isn't the main focus. This location also has a currency system to have fun!

Lewd Academy:
The Academy is a Human Based Rp where our ocs are studying the intricies of sex. Perhaps to become the next porn stars or for their one personal reasons. Will you find love? Or will you become just another school slut?

Frenzy Nightclub:
A Gay Omegaverse RP. This one takes place in a City but mostly at the nightclub that has a focus on letting those unbonded pairs find release. Will you be a lowly Omega or a powerful Alpha? The choice is yours.

BDSM Mansion:
Do you fall somewhere on the BDSM test? Well this mansion is open for all those that have this kink. Whether a Brat or a Sadistic Dom. This Mansion allows couples or singles of any kind. So grab your ticket and come aboard.

An RP Based on SCP. This rp doesn't have to be lewd and offers a bit of fun for those that just want to rp. Of course the scientists still might want to test some things of its patients. So not all is well in this Asylum.

After these the group also offers a variety of:

- Lewd Channels(must be registered to see)
- Fun Bots(Pokecord, Ayana)
- Variety of OOC Channels

Now press that join link!

We are a server to look at an amazing selection of hentai.
We also are a place to hang out and chill with a lot of friendly and lewd people.
We have monthly giveaways.
We have 100 emojis!
If hentai, silliness, spam, emojis, lewd people, or a large role-assign channel interest you then we are the place for you.
We're a hentai chat, please be civil and don't fight.
We are a loving community! Please feel free to join and send as much hentai as you like! Plenty of bots that send lewds as well <3
-self assigned roles!
-gaming channels!
-DM support from Admins!
Feel free to join if you're looking for some hentai or even if you just need a loving community :3