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Just join we've got the best, and it'll be better with you, we have roleplay and its really meme-y. plus you might even get yourself a pet ;3
✷✮✧Welcome To The Lingering Lust Cult✧✮✷
where we worship the unholy act of lewds~!
We are a new server that plans to offer many things for your sick little enjoyment~
We have!
🌟18+ verification roles!
🌟Hentai,Ecchi,Porn and even a 18+ room for posting..rather sexual images of yourself~!
🌟Roleplay rooms with tid bits of lore. Wether it be normal roleplay, or erp we have rooms for it!
🌟Buyable roles! To give you something to strive towards and show off how "quirky" you are!~ (heavy sarcasm)
🌟 Rhythm Bot to listen to your music~!
🌟Extreme rooms. for those kinky bastards who enjoy the..more interesting side of lewds~
Hopefully you will consider joining the cult, and remember. Stay lewd~!
We recently had a attack from one of our own mods and it has caused us to shrink. We believe this is due to an attack from the user brittney. Please do not believe her false review, it is filled with nothing but lies.
|✨ VALHALLA ✨| A lewd community up in the heavens, beyond the pearly, golden gates. Join us for an eternity of fun~ Join in for one hell of a time either chilling socially or even roleplaying! Did we mention the huge porn vault as well? Hush hush.. |✨18+✨|
A social server with fun members and rewarding activity roles you get for being active and having fun with members! We even have a ERP section and a porn gallery!
Thighs is a rapidly growing community looking for you to join. Looking for a chill place to discuss gaming, anime, thighs and many other. you're very welcome!

We have the best of the best people around all professionals in the art of breathing oxygen and consuming food for protein and nutrients, Some might even say they are above average wholesome. Worshiping Thighs is a gift not a curse. If you feel you might like what we have feel free to join.
Hey everyone I know you're tired of joining the most toxic and boring ass servers. Well, we are too, and that's why we created Depression♡clock. Join in before the DEADLINE, spots will be taken QUICKLY,in here if you were depressed and looking for love and support we will give you that
It's a lewd BDSM role-play server. Need i say more? (probably)

I invite you to Lock 'n Key, an ERP server based around BDSM, I hope to gain a user base of non-toxic BDSM enthusiasts like myself.

There are music channels, NSFW channels, RP channels and a suggestion tab so that the server can be bettered and improved upon.

I hope to see you soon.

¿Do you have GB of porn / hentai / yaoi / yuri / lewd / memes? And do not know where to publish it? Join this server, all content is allowed.

New server in growth.

A dedicated server for the best of the hentai, you can share your content, pages, videos, images .... Everything !!!

What are you waiting to join? 🕶️

🔞 Giveaways every 20 members join !!!
🔞 Multiple channels
🔞 The best bots
🔞 Active server
🔞 Many roles
🔞 Hentai lovers
🔞 All genders
🔞 Channels vc
🔞 Everything is allowed
🔞 Music
🔞 Chill
Just another hentai/porn server in the works join if you feel like it

This is Hentai Reborn! We are a server dedicated to hentai, anime, gaming, art, memes, and more! We are here to promote a relaxed and friendly environment for every member of our discord community and family. We have tons of NSFW content for your browsing pleasure or you can simply chat it up with fellow weebs, otakus, gamers, or normies in our large variety of text and voice channels. We also host events weekly (movie nights, anime nights, etc) so join in on the fun!

Everyone is welcome to become part of this family.

Let’s start 2019 with a party!
100% NSFW! We've got anime boobies, tentacles, memes, custom bot, all that stuff and lots, LOTS of Hatsune Miku lewds!
Are you tired of those other servers with strict rules? We have NO RULES at all! Join and get new hentai pics every day!
P.S. We got art, gamedev and competitions too
Hi my name’s Pennie and we have a lot to offer here, so come check it out!

~ lots of text channels
 (memes, creativity, deep thoughts/vent, and more)
~ frequent movie nights

~ friendly, caring staff

~ entertaining conversations

~ self assignable roles
~ custom emojis / emotes
~ pretty role color scheme

~ vc can get active
~ lewd! NSFW channel!
Welcome to Wet Panties
we are a community of fun loving people. Want to have fun? want to socialize? We offer Role-play memes teases & nudes from our verified members as well as weekly events.E-girls always dripping wet sticky and moist.


Admins 24/7 Online

You-tubers and Streamers

Friendly Community and Staff.

Self Assignable Color Roles.


Dank Memes.

Well Organize Server.

Cool Gaming, Profile & Music Bots!!!

Art Channels

VC channels & Gaming Rooms

And lots of other Kinks!!!!


join in the fun!
This is a lewd server that provides erp, events, music, games and more! To view nsfw content you need to be 18+!
👋 Welcome to our Café! 👋

❗ We're a community focused around anime, manga, gaming and making new friends! Don't turn your eyes away at least take a look at the list of our features!

📃Here's a list of what do we have to offer:
☕️ Our own bot with our currency, gambling and SHOP;
☕️ Fair, funny server-based LEVELING SYSTEM;
☕️ Discussion channels on which we're chatting about everyday things and stuff;
☕️ Huge NSFW, Hentai only section;
☕️ Event Section, from where you'll be able to obtain new, unique ranks or other prizes;
☕️ Many ranks to get! Color-changing roles, your beloved game genres and so on;
☕️ Chance to become a moderator => admin, we only require activity and such basic stuff;
☕️ Voice chat channels on which you can talk with another visitors or listen to bot's music at karaoke channel;
☕️ Support section for any kind of problems;
☕️ And much more!

Multipurpose server.
-Friendly and correct staff
-Roplayers, lewd and non-lewd
Place where there's something for everyone

The SXY Crew consists of three different groups : The Enforcer Crew , Brothel Crew and Shadow Crew. Which group do YOU belong in? That's your decision. We try our best to provide a fun and welcoming experience for anyone looking for a new environment to spend time in. We hope you enjoy your time with us, we strive to give you experiences you'll never forget and meet new people to call your friends and even family
💙 Welcome to the Lewd Academy!~ The place where you get all the succ!
💜 You can create an character and sign up for the academy, after that you'll have plenty of areas to play around with People! etc!
💜 We are a big ERP server that evolves around lewding each other, but also sending hot pics. We are even going to offer Plot RP! What do we offer?:
💕 1,5:1 Male Female Ratio
💕 Real Egirls + Traps
💕 Quality RP & Amateur & Beginner RP!
💕 Hot nudes & hentai
💕 Gaming-Sections
💕 Collaring each other! Owning someone!
💕 Our own discord bot!
💕 Events like our own Minecraft server
💕 Giveaways
💕 Pokecord bot!
Go take a look! Also a fun economy bot!

Are you a pervert gamer that loves to jerk off? So are we! Join us for some naughty fun~ Meet all kinds of horny gamers that masturbate to the hottest babes in gaming! We love perverts that love to wank while gaming and oogling our favorite 2D virtual hotties <3 It's the best club you'll ever join~

We will host all kinds of sexy events that'll make you rock hard ;)

Here you will be able to find anything 2D/3D NSFW related. You can choose whatever you want to see in a respectful server. The administrators are active almost all day long, very open to anything and very friendly! We like NSFW stuff as much as you surely do.


You can post pictures whenever you want and search for others. We are still a new server, and we hope that you will have fun.

It has hentai, ecchi, asmr, video games, and even more stuff! Furries are also welcome, and have their own category.

Come join us! 💞


― NSFW Server. (Hentai, porn, etc)
― Active & friendly staff!
― Free to post!
― Self assignable roles!
― A lot of different channels!
― (we're friendly, we swear! Join us!)
A place to post and share corruption hentai... You know that one thing where the ladies have been either corrupted, brainwashed or what have you and then become lewd, yeah that.

~★ Active, Friendly, and Non -Toxic Community
~★ Memes, Shitposts, Art, Gaming, Discussion, and more!
~★ NSFW channels for your late night needs
~★ Many bots to play with and use
~★ Many voice chats to socialize and make friends in
~★ Active staff and we are open to suggestions for the server
~★ Cool roles to personalize your profile with!
We hope to see you there~
❤ NSFW Channels
❤ 18+ Friendly
❤ Self assign roles
❤ Shitpostings
❤ Gaming
❤ Friendly active members
❤ Own Content
❤Active voice channels
❤Events (movie nights, karaoke nights, nsfw nights, ect.)
❤Littles Playhouse (cute cute cute)
18+ server
Still a baby server so dont expect to much from it, please leave any suggestions that could improve the server in any way.