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Sine Nomine is an upcoming NSFW social network that'll be programmed in Python. It's goal is to be one simple place for people to share NSFW stuff and make friends with others who also like NSFW stuff. Please check out our Discord.
38 minutes ago
Just a chill place to hang out, voice chat, meet some friendly people, and share random things. We have gaming bots, NSFW-OC channels, kink channels, roleplay channels, etc. Pretty much everyone is welcome.
4 hours ago
Community 46
Brand new server looking for mods & admins. Shitposting, own content NSFW channels, gaming, drinking & events nights. Chill people ONLY.
6 hours ago
Anime and Manga 41
Hello, and welcome to ALM (Anime Lewd Madness)!

ALM was created to create a big community of people that all enjoy the same things as everyone else, Anime and allow them to all enjoy talking to each other about their favourite anime or a particular event in the anime they're talking about we also want ALM's server to be a place where you can feel welcome and be yourself while talking to people within the server with whatever topic you wish to talk about without a big filter hovering over your heads everyone is allowed to be as lewd as they want but we do keep NSFW imagery hidden in 18+ channels as we all know younger people tend to join.

Whatever your reason to join ALM you're sure to feel welcome and be able to come back and know you'll have lots of fun memories to be created with your time here.
18 hours ago
Anime and Manga 6
This is the group your mother would be proud to find you in.
1 days ago
Community 19
A dedicated server that is all about porn and hentai. We are a REALLY small server looking for new members! We don't care who you are, everyone is welcome!
1 days ago
Anime and Manga 458
1,000+ Members | Hentai & Anime | Self-Assigned Roles & a Leveling System | Waifu Bot & tons of hentai channels to post in.
2 days ago
An organized, uncluttered server made exclusively for adults. Features lewd talk & sexy vocal exhibition with weekly events. No drama. No bullshit.
Our target demographics are audiosexuals & people who like listening to, and participating in, group VC faps.
All voyeurs and exhibitionists are welcome.
12 days ago
Anime and Manga 391
Welcome @everyone to~
The Hentai Squad
A server to satisfy all your needs and kinks. From Hentai to straight irl porn we have 40 nsfw channels for your pleasure (even if may that be bdsm, feet, big tits, small tits, etc.) We’re a top class porn surplus, so why not come in and add to our collection?


Our server also has...

~ Active staff
~ Member art
~ Cute animals!
~ Music bots for days
~ Bots for your general entertainment
~ Roleplay
~ Waifu claiming
~ Active community

Owner: @Queen Sadist
14 days ago
NSFW Server | Female owned and operated | We're a group of friendly, nerdy, and lewd cuties who like to spread the love, roleplay, and meet new people.
15 days ago
**Whalecum to the realm of Furry Empire where all your dreams come true!
We have a lot of lewd to go around, be sure to spread yours too!**

We have, Hentai, Furry, Trap, Tentacles, and lots of cummies!
20 days ago
A active server for Marvel Cinematic Universe. Chatting, voice chatting, roleplaying, memes, etc all in one server!
22 days ago
This is a small community of gamers and weebs! We love to game and we love to lewd! Just try to respect the rules and keep NSFW in the NSFW section!

Please enjoy your time with us! Its all about peace, love and positivity!
31 days ago
Desperate Society🌹 ギゑ悪 is mainly a hangout and chill server. you can talk to people and make new friends with common interests from all around the world. Channels we offer: 🌸Aesthetics, 🤳Selfies, 🔥SFW/NSFW lewds, and a lot more! Feel free to join!
31 days ago
Anime and Manga 13
A server for panties and the people that love them. Mostly 2D girls, but some real ones. NSFW / 18+.
32 days ago
Anime and Manga 6
Yutaku Online is an SAO-Based Roleplaying server.

The year is 2020, and the beta testing is started for an open world VR game called Yutaku Online. Three years later, the game is fully released in Japan, all the stats are wiped, and people are rushing to the stores to buy it. The thing that they didn't know. . . is once they got into the game, there was no getting out. . . and there's been a rumor going around that if they die in the game, they die in real life. There has also been rumors that somewhere in the Lava Lakes, there was. . . the final boss.
43 days ago
Anime and Manga 7
The Lewd Lounge is a place where you can join and stay to share hentai or porn, make new friends, talk to other friendly people and have fun. We have our own level system, special roles for members that follow the owner on Twitter, a good choice of hentai or porn channels to share content in. Must be 18+. Our main language is English but other languages are welcome in the global chat. I hope you join our community and enjoy your stay in the Lewd Lounge!
45 days ago
Community 95
Kaiserreich is a new chill NSFW/Anime and gaming community looking for members.
You got some nasty kinks? So do we!
63 days ago
A place where you can be lewd or just make friends.
66 days ago
Community 55
Join for a good time and an even better community, lots of friends and a cool atmosphere!
81 days ago
Welcome to the Pet Playground, home of pet play, BDSM, and all the lewds you could need. A social 18+ lewd server aimed at ERP, chill times, and lewds.
103 days ago
Welcome to (whatever this server is called right now)! In this server, you can do literally whatever you wish! Change the name, make your own roles and more!
172 days ago