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Do you like monster hunter?
What about nsfw feral monster hunter hentai? Come here and join us for feral and monster hunter related stuff!
We are MoC Men Of Culture as well and we don’t kink shame here, but here were all about those sexy monsters in monster hunter! This sever is need of people who also like monster hunter and or hentai of monster hunter!
this server is about the novel rpg heaven stones
where we build togetter a game

get level 1 for exstra features:

a place for Artis , Gamers , Music and Writers
Anime ,Furrys ,Futs
NSFW access channels
45+ real members
Game building
Private VC
and more
Wanna discover your voyeur/exhibitionist side? This is the community for you! Join Exhibitionist Haven
We are a nudes/lewds sharing community. We distinguish ourselves from all other nude servers by not tolerating hate or harassment or drama and having a strict verified only policy.

Friendly and Fun Staff
Nudes sections for all gender's
Model sections where verified models can have their own channels all to themselves
No access to nudes and lewds without verification
Porn Channels
Events and giveaways
A Fun small community where drama leaves the door
18+ Truth or dare

Come join us now but only if you are willing to verify!
💖 Welcome to Lewd Café 💖

🌸 We are a small community focused around A&M world.
🌸 We are happy to welcome EVERYONE with open arms, so feel free to join (and maybe lewd with us (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖))
🌸 We have a decent NSFW section besides general text and voice chats, a great place to kill some boredom! ^^
Hiya~ We're a growing server interested in building a community of quality roleplayers in order to play out any number of lewd fantasies! Feel free to stop by, take a look around, and join in if you think you'd have some fun here!
{CLICK} H4A is synonymous with community, understanding, and feeling good; and was founded with two noble purposes in mind: For one to lead, setting the steps for perverts to climb, and to then give them all the hentai they need to go about their days!
A new and cozy little place where to flirt and hookup ;)
All 18+ are welcome!
Divina Mundi is the place for discussion of all topics, SFW; Art, music, history. And NSFW; Sex and BDSM. Minors will be limited to the SFW sections.
The Melon Fest is a friendly community available for everyone aged 18+, but if you're into BDSM or DDLG/CGL, we have resources for you! A simple verification process gets you access to member nudes. We have voice channels and music channels available for you to use to your hearts content <3
This is a server for those who enjoy rping as a Mistress/Master or a Slave. We're all nice people, so don't be afraid to stop by and check us out!
Want a server where you can be yourself and meet people? Want a server where you can feel comfortable talking and sharing NSFW? Want a server where people will know who you are? This might be the server for you. Come FLASH with us
💋 NSFW Uncensored 💋
Come meet hundreds of sexy people in our friendly server! We have all kinds of enjoyable and pleasurable content available for you. If you're looking for some clean chat, we have that. Looking for some raunchy chat? We have that too! Or even on the down low looking for some, we got you covered.
🔞NSFW Content (Pictures & Chat)
✅SFW Content (Pictures & Chat)
🤝Free Partnership (Advertise to over 600 people!)
🎲Games & Gambling
💵Events & Giveaways (Cash Prizes)
😎Cool & Friendly Staff

If interested in any of these things then this is the place for you! Join us today!
Welcome to the Ultimate Smut RP

This is a para based RP room based on everyones darkest desires. With four RP settings to choose from as well as available ERP Rooms, this group has something for everyone. If it doesn't, Admin team is always open for suggestions.

Besides the rp this group also has a diverse welcome community that is open to all different kinds of people. If you are looking for a good place to rp or perhaps just want to tickle a fantasy of yours. This RP is the right place for you.

Current RP Scenarios:

Nightthorn Castle:

Nightthorn is a Fantasy based RP that focuses on the dynamic of Master/Slave. You can start as a slave or a master(or both) depending on what tickles your fantasy. Will you train the universes best slaves or will you become a broken cumdump for those thirsty.

Lewd Academy:

The Academy is a Human Based Rp where our ocs are studying the intricies of sex. Perhaps to become the next porn stars or for their one personal reasons. Will you find love? Or will you become just another school slut?

Frenzy Nightclub:

A Gay Omegaverse RP. This one takes place in a City but mostly at the nightclub that has a focus on letting those unbonded pairs find release. Will you be a lowly Omega or a powerful Alpha? The choice is yours.

BDSM Mansion:

Do you fall somewhere on the BDSM test? Well this mansion is open for all those that have this kink. Whether a Brat or a Sadistic Dom. This Mansion allows couples or singles of any kind. So grab your ticket and come aboard.

After these the group also offers a variety of:

- Lewd Channels(must be registered to see)
- Fun Bots(Pokecord, Ayana)
- Variety of OOC Channels

Now press that join link!

A place where you share your lewd and chat with people
Welcome to Lewd Empire™ [18+] !

Lewd Empire is a server full of lewds,
lewdies, and lewding!

· We've got:
A lot of Hentai and Porn
Self-Assignable roles
Optional verification
Active staff
Custom bots
Fun channels

What else do you need to know?

We are a server to look at an amazing selection of hentai.
We also are a place to hang out and chill with a lot of friendly and lewd people.
If hentai, silliness, spam, lewd people, or a large role-assign channel interest you then we are the place for you.
▬▬▬▬Things we have▬▬▬▬
☑ NSFW Chats
☑ Fun and active community and staff
☑ Active ERP and RP chats
☑ Fun bots to play with!
☑ Open staff positions!
☑ bdsm centre to train slave for masters. You’ll ever know if there’s a spot open to be a patient or trainer.
☑ fettish channels just for you and me
☑ VIP Roles for those who want to be verified and get benifits :Lewd:
(18+) send some lewd hentai while makin friends and Roleplay with others! please try to be chill and have fun!!
Welcome to the Hentai World! Where you can dive into our world full of Hentai and other porn! But that's not all! We have much, much more! But it would be easier if we invited you to show you ourselves! What are you waiting for? Come join the fun!
Hey guys - We're a pretty chill 18+ community server with a few nsfw aspects. Come say hi! 
Lewd Haven is a relaxed place for you to come be lewd as much as you want!! Weekly Fappenings,Daily Steam Giveaways,Share your naughty pics and chat!
Welcome to the Hope's Peak Brothel!

To replace some confusion here from the get go, this is a Danganronpa ERP server, but can also be used for regular Danganronpa RP as well. This is a new community, but we are looking for many more members to jump start this server. Do join if you hold similar interests and want to RP with us!

In this server, you can choose any character from the Danganronpa franchise to RP as. No matter which game, or even from the anime or novel, we welcome you! OCs are allowed, so is having duplicates. I do hope you choose to RP as a canon character instead. You may also have up to two characters at a time.
600+ Members | Ages 15+
SFW & NSFW server for femboys, traps and cute boys to socialise. Very comfy, super friendly server with some memes on the side. If you like cute anime boys, then this server is for you!
Mistveil is an adult-oriented Roleplaying server currently set in Medieval High-Fantasy, with a relatively open concept. Though the main portion of the server is restricted on its adult content, there is a separate section for adult content, being lewd roleplaying, pictures, and IRL content as well!