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Empire of Totalia
The Empire of Totalia is a Government still being setup. We were inspired by Osmania and wish to have a nation similiar to their's in the beginning, then begin our own Independent Adventure.

What do we want from you?
We have many things that are required and would be lovely to have from people like you. This includes:
Political Parties that control a Citizen's Parliament for laws.

Kick Starting an Economy!

Constitution, Law, etc.



Court System

And so much more!

So, please, come on down and join us! We're offering positions too!
Join this fun server where you can join a party and run for positions in parliament! If you get elected you can make new laws to run the country! If you want, you could stay a citizen and enjoy a nice community while voting on who the next members of parliament will be!
The Democratic States of Lashnakia is a newly-created micronation, with the ambition of growing and giving people with political interests an intriguing experience. You can be appointed to the cabinet, win a senate seat, or be nominated to the Supreme Court. You could win the election to be Prime Minister, or be elected to the highest, mainly ceremonial role of President of the Democratic States of Lashnakia!

Come and have fun in a friendly community!
Advertiser: Alpha_Imperial
Group Name: Traininf Robloxian Federation / Called (TRF)
Description: You can start a new adventure with your comrades and meet new ones.
- We builded a nice training place for members.
- We have active developers.
- We have 48+ members!
- We have roles and jobs!
- We have laws and rules.
- We are doing roleplay and trainings
- We have lots of types of trainings!
- We have roblox group too!
📣 CHANGE MY MIND™ is a new and growing Discord server dedicated to folks who want to have open and unregulated debate on any particular subject.

This is NOT a safe space, so if you're sensitive to any subject matter, this server might not be for you.

This server is neutral in all views, but will not tolerate violence, threats, or illegal content / anything in violation of Discords inherent policies.