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Hey, welcome! Thanks for checking us out, we are a very active server and we would love to have YOU. Yes You, come join the fun and games! Haha, get IT?. . . NO? Okay I'll stop. Anyways we would love to have you, if you have any questions please feel free to ask! Kindest regards - the admins
Welcome to Killing Time: Bleeding Timelines! This is a server based off of a backstory completely thought of and created by me, and a lot of hard work has gone into it!
The Story goes as follows:
The plot of our Story starts around 100 years, prior to the current year of the roleplay; it being 2018 now. A man named Dr Tanoshin was born into a family known for it's supernatural power, passed down through generations. This power was being a complete Controller and God of Time. Powers such as Stopping Time and even completely Rewriting Time. However, there was also a clan that had not yet reached the potential to completely control their power. It happened to be the exact same power as the Family of Dr Tanoshin's powers. That Race was know as the "Time Bleeders". Their true goal was to gain full potential of their power and completely rewrite humans out of Time, allowing them to rule all of the known Universe. They aimed to kill Dr Tanoshin to prevent the power from being passed down yet again. However, he knew of their plans. He sealed the full power inside a Scythe constructed of Metal never seen before, impossible to break. He hid it in his lab before being murdered by the "Time Bleeders". They to this day still think they've won. But they've not. When a Teenage boy named Unique discovers the Scythe and gains it's powers, although not it's true potential due to him not being a descendant of Dr Tanoshin, the lives of every Time Bleeders flips upside down. And their current goal changes to stopping Unique. A War outbreak is coming. One like no other. And there's only a short amount of time for Unique to unlock the full powers of the Scythe to fight against them. His friends could help, but only if the power of the Scythe could be duplicated...
Your invited to a school called Lonely Melody High School, it doesn't seem to look normal and it's well-known for other's creepy rumors about it. Turns out, it's a killing game that Karen Mizuno planned. Find, Make the Clues Clear, Find the murderer!
This server is not only for roleplay, it also has Anime and NSFW channels just in case and everything else. It's open! We need more roleplayers and members! Also in WIP too