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Welcome to our little Kingdom Hearts Roleplay Server! We're set after Kingdom Hearts 3 for our general plot, but have channels available for each game to roleplay in. We also utilize "social media" channels for quick, fun interactions between characters.

Our server is semi-literate to literate and 18+. We accept all canon muses as well as original characters (within reason) and pride ourselves on being a fun, friendly community. Come join us and build relationships with both characters and typists alike while geeking out about one of the most nostalgic games of this millennium!
Kingdom Hearts fans, come cry over whatever you want here without judgement. We welcome you with open arms. Ships, headcanons, fanfics, fanart, and whatever else you can imagine is welcome. Just want to vent all your emotions in one place? You've come to the right place. NO underage nsfw or minor/adult ships allowed.