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I‘m not a pro, when it comes to bring people to do something or inspiring to do it yk but I hope I can get your interest to come to the server hehe. So some people are shy to talk to people bc you dont know them and what they are up to(even me).I want that it’s easier to talk here and find any friends or someone to chill with. I hope anybody feels interested ✌︎.
We are big ken kaneki and kakashi fans and every week were post 1 ken and 1 kakashi pic.
Also free tacos.
Newly created Tokyo Ghoul server! Come enjoy weeb's talk with us! I'm sure there's a thing you'll like. You're interested in RP? There's a channel for that! You love using bots? There's also a channel for that. We also have a OC submission channel, so you can show us your own character if you want! We are open-minded, if there's anything you want to add to the server, bots, channel's suggestion, role, etc. feel free to tell us, we'll do whatever we can to make it happen. We also do streaming nights sometimes, so we watch an anime (that we voted for) and we enjoy it all together!

We have:

-Many self-assignable and leveled roles (and still adding more).
-Many bots (and we can add more if you want specifics ones).
-A friendly community, there's almost always someone to talk to.
-A role-play channel.
-OC submissions channel.

What are you waiting for, join us already, I'm sure you'll enjoy it :P