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A welcoming community for fans of Kagamine Rin and Vocaloid in general. Come and celebrate all the music, art and creations featuring our cute idol Rin. Rin-chan now, Rin-chan now, Rin-chan now... We also have a cool bot that you can feed oranges and headpat.
Just wanted to make my own vocaloid server because I couldn't find any I really liked all too much

We're fairly loose, just a hangout spot for vocaloid/Miku/whatever fans, featuring general chatter channels, a vocaloid-song-of-the-day, an attempt to update members when new songs have been released on youtube, Rythm Bot to listen to music together, and some art and music sharing channels

Please be 15+

*Party x Party by Hitoshizuku x Yama is the namesake for the server*
Do you like the Kagamines? If you want a place for chatting, news, song/fanart/merchandise recommendations, and music sessions, join the KAGAMINE server! Worship Rin and Len with us, and connect with fellow fans!
~,` welcome to the funclub! i shake you warmly by the hand! ,‘~

first of all, let the tags speak themselves! ~


More into it, we have:

。cool self roles that unlock secret places :0
。we can be very very weird at some times o.o
。kagamine rin and only kagamine rin
。we're pretty chill tbh
。very new server to the extend that barely any channels are used xd
。no stupid verification!
。i worked so fuking hard on it pls click join <33


、joe tazuna cult
、miu iruma cult
、kagamine rin cult

fun fact: the rin cult is the only used cult.

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Please join our sever
This Discord is dedicated to all things VOCALOID Anime Gaming and more, feel free to talk about anything you like in one of our channels