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This server is a Jojo's Bizarre Adventures Roleplay server. This takes place in an Original Timeline, where the Universe was reset, but there is no reincarnations, except for the fact that the main families of the Brando and Joestar exist, and they have a hatred for each other.
---Server Introduction---
Hello and welcome to the JoJo's Bizarre Roleplay Server! This is a server for JoJo fans and roleplay fans alike to come on in, and have a good time. In this server you can make your very own JoJo character and Stand with our Character Creation and Stand Creation channels. “Anything else I can do,” you ask? Well, we have plenty of channels to interact with others. You can show off your memes, listen to music, and showcase your artwork! These are just some of the things you can do. There will be even more features in the future as the server grows, so be sure to share us with your friends!

---Server Lore---
Approximately 50,000 years ago, a meteorite crash landed on Earth around an underpopulated region of  Cape York, Greenland. This space rock had a luring power that can, and will, change the world forever. Many millennia later, in 1538, a man came across this rock in search of great, godly power. However, when digging this up, he would leave a chunk in the ground. This man would go on to create stand arrows. However, this is not a story about the stand arrows. Over a century later, in 1672, a blacksmith would be excavating the area for minerals to create powerful weapons. This is when he would come across the remaining chunk of the meteorite. The man would take it to his workshop and spend many hours of the day and night to forge this meteorite piece into 3 separate daggers. These daggers, like the arrows, can give anyone a stand. These daggers are known as the Stand Daggers. Can you take these daggers and weild ultimate power?
Ever been looking for a place to discuss Jojo's with fellow fans? Well, we got a perfect place for you!
Jojo Gamers is, as you can see, a server for the anime Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. We giveaways at least once a week, active mods and admins and a ton of cool bots (Including but not limited to: Mee6, Aki and UNOBOT)
If you don't join Jojo Gamers, you're not a true gamer.

Join for some epic funnies.
A server dedicated to giving you all your JoJo's Bizarre Adventure needs.
A community for people who like Jojo's bizarre adventure, nonrestrictive rules and a welcoming community.
This is small roleplaying JoJo's bizzare adventure themed server. Be sure to check out rules. Everyone is welcome even if you dont knoe what JoJo is.