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A great marvel server that isn’t just centred around that. This server has several themes to it such as jojo’s bizarre ,Detroit become human , telltale games and either just memes. There is a suggestion channel in the server where you can suggest new things to be add such as emojis or recommendations for new admin elections etc.
>serious chat where you can vent
>bot commands chat
>easy to follow rules
>self promo
>server partnershipping
>music bots
🔞There is also an nsfw chat🔞
In the year 2022, the government has officially recognized stand users as a threat to public safety. Because of this, special prisons were built to contain stand users all over the world. One of the most secure prisons in the USA is located in Rock Castle, Washington, under the watch of someone who is rumored to be one of the strongest stand users alive.

If you like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and you are a fan of Roleplay servers, then this server may be for you.
You have seen the other jojo RP servers right? Cluttered with spam? Mods deleted discord? Well join Shining fate for in depth-custimization,events, and an extra special combat system!
Welcome to the pizza time server.Its mainly a meme server made to mess around and nothing is taken very seriously (besides pizza time, but that’s another story).Also we got some Rp and some jjba related stuff
Roleplay server for canon characters Make sure to read the Taken Canon characters before jumping to conclusions, we allow cussing and having fun! Love Jojo? We’ll talk about stuff and share art and etc etc have fun !! No ship wars please..please
A relatively small jojo server in which you can use stands, discuss all things jojo and more!
A JoJo Roleplay server where in 1700, the technology is already caught up with our own technology in real life. However, even with these technological advancements, history still plays out. The Age of Exploration, the American Civil War, the Great War and World War Two. More events will play out, and it'd only get weirder. When you join, you don't need a character, but it'd be appreciated if you make one to roleplay with us.
Play as your favorite character form jojo make your own and have fun and you ROAD ROLLA!! Through this awesome server
Hey. I can’t really think of anything to entice you into joining other than “It’s good, join please.” So Uh, it’s good, join please. :)
Here you can do some simple quests and get a stand. We also appreciate La Squadra here.
Hello users!
This is the jjba fandom where •We talk about JoJo
•We rp JoJo
•We ship JoJo
•and care for each other!

Welcome to Nilesong, Louisiana! A small town located in Calcasieu Parish, in Southwest Louisiana. Here in Nilesong, we pride ourselves on our traditions and our simple way of life. Of course, we don’t care much if new people come in, everyone is welcome! Even if you’re just a stupid tourist coming to see those mysterious Temples that were found in the swamps. It would also do you best to ignore the rumors about mysterious dissapearances around the swamps and forests, and the talk about the Mathers family, they’re perfectly normal, we swear! Or that annoying conspiracy theorist running around, claiming that the government is breeding “Hybrids in the swamp”. Finally, if you hear noises outside of your door, just ignore them, and most certainly do not step outside, just a precaution, nothing more.
Welcome to our server! But, why would you like to join? Well, we have a few things to offer.

- Kind Admin
- Non Toxic Members
- Quite Peacful
Greetings! We (and by we I mean myself) are currently a small Jojo roleplay server. We allow you to choose up to 6 characters, cross parts, and many more things! So please, come and join us for some Bizarre Adventures!
This is a roleplay community for fans of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure! As our title suggests, our primary focus is roleplaying but there are plenty of other things you can do such as discuss JoJo and chat! Please make sure to read our rules, but more importantly, have fun!
A growing server for discussions about the anime/manga Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.
Welcome to A Bizarre Adventure server! Where it’s all things JJBA related. Everyone here is friendly, so don’t be shy! Everyone is welcome to join and stay. Enjoy~