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Welcome to JoJo RP: The Alternate World! This server takes place in modern day Italy!
- Some things we have to offer are:
- Active community! 🤠
- Family names! 😱
- Action-packed and fun story arcs! 😎
- Stand FFAs! We sometimes have tournaments where you can use any stand! 😈
- Multiple areas for roleplay; such as a Colosseum, a gym, gang hideouts, plaza, and many more! 👌
- Gangs! Create your own gang and rise to the top, or join a strong gang.
- A friendly and open community with people you can talk to, relax with, or just post whatever your heart desires; like memes! ❤
- Occasional canon stand applications! 🔥
- Stand fights! ✊
If you want to have a stand battle, rise to the top, or just have a great time, join today!
A lax server for chill people to hang and chat.
Jojo based and shitpost centered, this server has been a safe, cozy home for fans and nonfans alike, whether you don’t know if you want to start or are caught up on the manga.

We have fun bots such as:
Kawijoto pets
Paisley Park/Battles

We have friendly, active mods who help to make sure everything stays nice, safe, and fun for everyone!

We have NSFW channels for various levels of kinkiness and a channel for more offensive memes, which can be muted or not at the User’s discretion. If you find this much too unfitting for your taste, you’re welcome to leave at any time.
Likewise, if you start drama and conflict on this server, our mods may see you out.

We at JooJ hope you enjoy our server!
Rural Renegades Server is a Jojo's rp server for those that enjoy making your own stands and throwing them into the universe you love. Alongside roleplay you can also discuss your favorite parts and the best of memes. We have partner roleplays to offer that dabble in different animes.

This server is run by Anime Antihero and Nervous_SunEater.
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Dead In The West

Welcome to our JJBA RP server, wanderer! As a follow-up to our previous Part as an RP server, Witch Hunt, this new Part takes place in 1899, Wyoming, in the end of the Wild West era. The Pinkerton and other Agencies are current modernizing the Wild West with amazing success!... to some degree, anyway. There are still a few states that remain infested with outlaws and other filth that lay waste across the western region of America. One state in particular happens to have it worse than the rest, Wyoming.

The state of Wyoming can be described as simply breathtaking when it comes to the geographic layout of the land. An abundance of resources and, most importantly, new land to take! However, as great as that would seem, the crime rate has been in an all time high. This would of course be due to the amount of attempted bank robberies, several massacres, and people disappearing in Yellowstone National Park by several gangs across the western state. Most of these crimes can be traced to a single group, ruling over Wyoming (or at least, in terms of crime) with no signs of stopping.

The leader of this dangerous gang has his eyes set on the two towns of Jackson and Cambria, the first being an mining town and the second having a rather large bank. The general public is reasonably fearful, hoping for someone, anyone, to put a stop to these people. Unless someone comes and Stands in, the commonfolk fear noone else will...
(The universe of parts 1-5 are continued! This is NOT the same universe as Part 6)

It’s 2019 in the quaint town of Morioh. The events of DIU have long since passed, though the numbrs of stand users have only grown.
Common people, students, even idols and actors could very well posess a stand. What happens now, you ask.
Well, isn’t that up to you?
-Color-organized profession roles!
-Multiple locations, including a residential area to get your own house!
-A Reimi Sugimoto of our own design! (A haunted building spirit)
-A daily Morioh Cho radio host who might just answer your character's questions in the daily radio channel!
-And additional fun add-ins we've created!

-Experienced, friendly staff!
-A small, but growing (we hope) community!
-Canon and OC stands!
-Frequent events and engaging storylines!
Trying to make my server into a community. My current goal is 100 members, if we reach that I’ll host a giveaway

It’s an australian server, but that’s not a language, so i’m putting it here.
Welcome, to Jojo’s Kinky Adventure! A server where you can create your own character and stand to have the kind of fun most servers don’t allow! We’re very open ended with a friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere, fair ruleset, and more. So, come join us for some lewd fun!
A jojo’s roleplay based around the Steel ball run!
Custom and canon stands available
Spin is allowed!
Set in California and around the Steel Ball Run irp!
Enjoy yourself and be nice (:
hey !! thanks for checking the description !!

Here are what this discord includes:
- many kin things, kin safe place pretty much
- one nsfw channel (not including the vent channel, it's rarely nsfw and even basic then)
- art channels, cosplay channels, semi-custom roles
- bot games, music bots, nsfw bots

there are other things too, but they don't stand out too much.

it's a very teeny discord, most people aren't really active if that's something your scared about. :)
Welcome to jojo’s Guns N’ Roses an alternate universe where the events of jojo’s part 6 never occurred! Stand users are now common showing up everywhere it could possibly even be your neighbor. Here we offer a range of choices to make your character from a vampire, hamon user, and or stand user, with the possibility of getting a canon stand or a custom stand if you want! ^ ^
The year is 2007. The town Missoula, Minnesota has been seen as the perfect place for a cult known as Faith of the Divine. They are a cult made up of stand users, they believe their newfound power was sent down upon them as a gift from a supreme being. DIO after his defeat with Jotaro communicated with multiple people in the area, one such person was Moreson Manson, a religious man who has received a new stand. DIO gave the man 3 requiem arrows and said for him to create an organization to abolish anyone in the area with a stand and make DIO reincarnated. Moreson gathered as many stand users in America as he could and founded the cult.
🐞ErkErk's Strange Journey🐞
•Extensive lore
•The Beggining
•Colour Ranks
•Colour spelt with a 'u'
•Erky and Perky
By far the best JoJo server, no, anime server, no server in Discord, no, e x i s t e n c e .
A small JoJo RP server.
-Boasts a wide amount of play styles
-Contains tons of chats to just enter and RP around with
-Contains no spoilers for non manga readers
Roleplay server for canon characters Make sure to read the Taken Canon characters before jumping to conclusions, we allow cussing and having fun! Love Jojo? We’ll talk about stuff and share art and etc etc have fun !! No ship wars please..please
Hello fellas, hop in Moneky’s Jungle so we can just chill and talk ab out anime and play games. We got a very calm community so if you like games you should join. Thanks and have a good day🙏
It is the Great Depression, 1931 in New York City. There is 4 gangs plaguing the city. The Gambinos, The Graces, The Alucards, and the O’Conors, and they are all racing to be the top running the city. The police and FBI are rushing to stop them before they can cause any more trouble in the City of New York. It doesn’t help that all 4 gangs are full of stand users, and the family heads have the most powerful ones. Who’s side are you on?

Featuring: A large interactive rp space, laid back rules about stand creation, relaxed and helping staff, simple and easy to understand rules
Welcome to JoJo’s Bizarre Discord! Here, you can discuss anything and everything JoJo (and other stuff too, if you want?). We’ve got separate chat for each JJBA part, and a non-spoiler- and a spoiler-chat! This server’s pretty small, too, so you don’t have to worry about it being congested with people. Overall, Jojo’s Bizarre Discord is a great place to chill out, chat, and have fun!
It's a bird, No it's a plane, Nope It's a JJBA Server you Fool ! Welcome to JoJos Unbreakable Crusaders ! This is a Small Jojo server in the hopes of growing some day ! Drop by And see what we've got, From Roleplay To Art To JoJokes, This is a server for you to chill axe In and soak up that Good JoJo Juice !
In this server you can roleplay and hang out with some EBIC people
We have rp events and we do partnerships as well
Make your own stand and put your abilities to the text!
Join now!!!