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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Witch-Hunt

Welcome to a rather fresh rp server based around JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure! The first and current part takes place in 15th century Europe after the great plague, set in the fictional land of Counaton. Society has steadily reformed with help from the church, which has now set its eyes on witches: people gifted with stands, viewed as miracles bestowed by God by the church.

The church has made it its mission to find any and all witches, either converting them to their cause as Witch Hunters, or killing them. Witches live suppressing their abilities in the city, or exile themselves to live a more free life in the outskirts of Counaton. However, nowhere is truly safe as Witch Hunters and other church members are everywhere, looking for them. Many witches seek safety in the moving bogs, this universe's devil's palms.

You enter this server as a witch or a standless human (perhaps one who has mastered Hamon or the Spin?), and you pick your own side in the story: from dedicated church member to exiled stand user, martial arts master to just a citizen trying to live in this mad world, the choice is yours!
Welcome to JoJo RP: The Alternate World! This server takes place in modern day Italy!
- Some things we have to offer are:
- Active community! 🤠
- Family names! 😱
- Action-packed and fun story arcs! 😎
- Stand FFAs! We sometimes have tournaments where you can use any stand! 😈
- Multiple areas for roleplay; such as a Colosseum, a gym, gang hideouts, plaza, and many more! 👌
- Gangs! Create your own gang and rise to the top, or join a strong gang.
- A friendly and open community with people you can talk to, relax with, or just post whatever your heart desires; like memes! ❤
- Occasional canon stand applications! 🔥
- Stand fights! ✊
If you want to have a stand battle, rise to the top, or just have a great time, join today!
A Cool server where you can make new friends and share your love for Jojo with other members

About the chat!

-Everyone is welcomed and accepted
-Oc stands are allowed
-Canon Characters are definitely allowed
-Must audition if you want to be a canon character
-Memes are always welcomed
-Nsfw is welcomed as well but keep it in its proper chat
-Art is welcomed aswell
Official server of u/angelo_katagari just a fun place to hang out and have fun
Hello! We’re a JoJo RP server, and we use canon stands! The RP is based in Paris, France. Here’s what we have to offer:

- Canon stands, original characters
- Rolling system for Stands (you will be satisfied with your choice!)
- Fun bots
- Nice staff
- Gang system
- Cool emotes
- Many channels
- OCs and original Stands as well!
- Many RP channels
- Helpful community

We hope you join! We have much to offer, and you can learn more by joining!
We are currently looking for mods!!!
This server is a server where you can hangout and meet new people.
Once in a while I may host a tournament.
The tournaments will be on (Minecraft, smash bros, or Fortnite)
Welcome to Road’s beginning!
This is a JoJo rp server that operates on a part system, meaning we get a new story every few months. Come on in and make your character, we have multiple creation options, including canon stands. We hope this server sets you on the road to a new beginning!
Play as your favorite character form jojo make your own and have fun and you ROAD ROLLA!! Through this awesome server
A great marvel and jojo’s bizarre adventure which always looking for ways to improve. Have fun in chats with great admins and very helpful bots. This server is a great place to meet new people with similar interests and you will have someone to relate with.
Some other things we have:
>a nsfw chat
>a serious chat
>simple rules that are fair.
>a debating chat
>a movies chat
>a bot commands section
>an easy verification system to avoid bots.
>and a pay phone where you can call others servers
Some great bots we have are: mudae, Yggdrasil, rythm and many more.
Please join our JJBA Roleplay server. There is no current lore. You will have fun here, trust me. Please do join!
Welcome to JoJo’s Bizarre Discord! Here, you can discuss anything and everything JoJo (and other stuff too, if you want?). We’ve got separate chat for each JJBA part, and a non-spoiler- and a spoiler-chat! This server’s pretty small, too, so you don’t have to worry about it being congested with people. Overall, Jojo’s Bizarre Discord is a great place to chill out, chat, and have fun!
Roleplay server for canon characters Make sure to read the Taken Canon characters before jumping to conclusions, we allow cussing and having fun! Love Jojo? We’ll talk about stuff and share art and etc etc have fun !! No ship wars please..please
Come on in and meet some friends and join our community!
We are all kind to each other and we are accepting new members everyday!!!
We also talk about jjba (Jojo’s bizarre Adventure)
We play a bunch of games including Fortnite, smash bros, etc.

So come on and join us!!!
Come join your fellow gang members in the Italian Mafia! We have rooms for talking about basically everything, we have rooms for anime and mangas, and we have rooms for gaming and the sorts. Feel free to join this new community and help it grow! May Kakyoin bless your soul with epic gamer moments.
We’re a server that is meant to filter bots away from the main roleplay server we have. Here’s the description of the main server:

Welcome to JJBA: Alternative Universe server! We’re a brand new RP server based on the anime and manga named JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Just like JJBA, we have different parts! But the all the parts are going to be original and unique twist! We also have awesome mods and bots so come join the family and make your original JoJo character!
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Fight Of A Lifetime is a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure roleplay, taking place in the sandy beaches of the Bahamas.
A server where we honor Hirohiko Araki by discussing Jojo and other stuff (it’s not an actual cult) (there are no rules yet just be a chill person:)
In the year 2022, president Blum Burgner came to power, recognizing stand users as a threat to public safety, he created laws to ban and oppress stand users in public areas, sending America into a state of chaos. Stand users have recognized Alkaline town, a small town in the middle of the desert somewhere in Arizona, as their safe place. They hide there from the law, and those who oppose them.Who can you trust? Could there be a new enemy lurking right around the corner? Find out, in time....
You have seen the other jojo RP servers right? Cluttered with spam? Mods deleted discord? Well join Shining fate for in depth-custimization,events, and an extra special combat system!
A relatively small jojo server in which you can use stands, discuss all things jojo and more!
Servidos de Jojos español, regalamos códigos crunchyroll cada vez que se puede :)