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Egos Galore is a new server based around the Markiplier and Jacksepticeye egos. It's minor friendly, LGBT friendly, and very small. Why not give it a spin?
Welcome to the JSE Fan Discord! Created on the 19th of July, 2017.
➜ Twitter Account:

«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»

We are a small server based on jacksepticeye, to bring the fanbase even closer together than usual, by live chatting, voice chatting, playing games together, etcetera! Of course someone who doesn't watch Jack is welcome to join as well.

This is a SFW server, so don't worry about any lewd content, as there is none here. (Besides a few Dick Jokes)

Our Verification level is LOW, and if you don't know what means it's basically you can only send messages in our discord server after having verified your e-mail on your Discord account. If you are new to Discord and you can't type, that's probably why. Verify and come say hi! Our rules are simple, you can read them after you have joined. If you need any help, don't be afraid to ask!

All in all, we offer:
» Active chats (text & VC)
» Friendly Membes & Staff
» Obtainable Roles
» Daily this or that/TWR questions
» Monthly Events
» Bots to fuck around with
» Custom JSE reaction GIFs
» Custom made JSE emojis

We're a new place for you to feel welcomed. We would be more than happy if you joined us!
This is a jacksepticeye #PMA little discord server that was created after the FEB 2019 charity live stream. Everyone is welcome here. Just make sure to be friendly and respectful of others.
Hey there! Looking to have fun with multi fandoms or just to talk? We have that! Want to theorize or fan-girl? Come on in! We have very fun people and if you stay long enough you might even become a mod! Please don't come in to hack or spam! It will end in a automatic ban.
Hello and welcome to the 'fun with the egos' server! This is a roleplay server for those who love to roleplay as the egos! Everyone is super nice here, we're a mini family! If you're interested, come and join! I hope to see you there!
In 2034, the world is on the verge of world war. So the UN has been given a large amount of power and has created a army. North Korea has been running bombing runs on the USA, Russia has been pushing into Europe and Egypt is taking over Africa. The world needs heros, so the population was censused. The best were picked.

- Helpful mods
- Active members
- Something for eeveryone
Hey. Do you like YouTubers and things like Youtuber Egos?
Well hey, have I got a small server for you!

In an alternate world, sitting upon the only island in the vast, clear blue ocean, the Manor crests the hill.
A strange entity sits out, gracing the glassy sea, looking out through its empty eye sockets. Through those sockets is a one way trip to an eternal void.
In the manor, YouTubers, Egos, OC’s and all kinds of characters arrive.
This is your story.
Do what you please..
Just don’t anger certain locals, and don’t listen to the Chained Void, and maybe, it will all be ok.
Enjoy your stay~
A Server where we have roleplay, Basic ooc talking and a channel just dedicated to NSFW if you don't feel safe with one server dedicated to it. I hope you feel safe with your visit~
Egos: The Musical is a musical fan project of Markiplier, Jacksepticeye and Heathers! With fan-favourite egos being artistially portrayed living in the musical, this will be one of the biggest projects the fandom has ever seen.
Welcome to Tainted Manor! An.... interesting place to say the least but a wonderful one nonetheless! This is a semiliterate Rp server, meaning actions should be written out in sentences. Mild warning, things here can get a tad... interesting and your character will die, at least once. It’s based around Markiplier and Jacksepticeye fandoms, however OCs are welcome so long as they aren’t op. Any nonhuman OC must be okayed by mods to be sure they aren’t op. Want to Rp a free ego? All you have to do is do a small audition to be sure you fit. Overall, a fun and welcoming place for RP, at least for us muns but for characters thaaaats another thing seeing as they’re probably gonna die. Multiple times. Characters can be violent what can I say. Below is an in character written description of the server, enjoy~

Welcome to Markiplier Manor, a house of demons, mystery and frequently murder. Though it is luxurious and beautiful if you are the right person, it is also now your prison. You can not leave it permanently, you can not escape it even in death. However, this is a courtesy that will catch you up on occurences of significance and the nature of those who control this place.

Dark, Mark, and Wilf are in a polyamorous relationship, harming one will bring the fury of the other two down on you. This was proven recently as Host gouged out Dark’s eyes, ate one and left him for them to regrow on their own. While Dark is the only one who is capable of this ability, rendering the attack one of no permanent harm, his lovers decided to rectify the situation. By means of several bullets and brutally removing Host’s eyes. Again. And leaving him for dead. Again.

However, when in the Void after you die, which will happen eventually, ignore the whispers. They are not your friend and only wish to corrupt and control. A persistent entity has gone after multiple residents of the Manor, going so far as to push them into murdering others. There is no apparent goal beyond inflicting pain. They are violent but prefer manipulation and indirect tactics to their own dirty work.

You will have a room of your own that matches your personality and things for yourself. Everything that you need will be provided and if you gain favor with Dark, you can get a pass to go back to the real world. It will be a brief visit, but it can allow you to go somewhere else or to see a loved one.

The most mysterious aspect of the manor is its ability to corrupt those who enter. Hold onto your sense of self, but appreciate the small gift. The taint of the manor binds you even in death. Instead of fading into nothing, you must wait in the Void for Dark to bring you back. But be warned, you will only come back for free once. After that, there will be a price of his choosing.

With this information, take a word of warning. Despite the ability to come back, this manor is unforgiving. The inhabitants are harsh if you cross them, but if you gain their trust they are mostly loyal. Except Mark, Mark will fuck you up whenever he wants.
Welcome to the JSE Headquarters Discord Server. Where you can find all things Jacksepticeye (also Markiplier). We have a great community so far! Nice people who are loving and accepting no matter who you are. We have contest and events. We have so many channels to talk in. The owner and admins and mods are actually active, so you don't have to wait forever to get something done. Dont be fooled by our numbers we have over 100 members! You can roleplay or create stories and share your work with others. We have other fandom chat for all things; non Jacksepticeye related as well. You can also request a fandom. We are a fun loving community. Come join us today!

Note: While we do have NSFW channels, we are not limited to NSFW.
Hello everybody! Do you happen to be a fan of Jacksepticeye or just generally want to chat and make a few new friends?
Well I’d like to invite you to the Jacksepticeye fandom ! We’re a growing server that will always welcome new people!

We have:
:green_heart:A lounge to chat casually in
:green_heart:A friendly community
:green_heart:Simple rules
:green_heart:And more to come!
I hope to see you all very soon LIKE A BOSS!! hi fives all around and punch that join button in the face!
-Log into ChattrBox now!-
-Love *Night In The Woods?*-
-Make Minecraft or Fortnite videos?-
--**Then ChattrBox is for you!**--
~ChattrBox is a server surrounded on specific fanbases! Such as:~
<**Night in The Woods**>
<**Game Grumps**>
<**PewDiePie**> [subpls]
<**Slime Rancher**>



-Why not come check us out and help us just by chatting!-

Fun with the egos is a rp server where anyone can come and enjoy either playing as one of Markiplier’s or Jacksepticeye’s egos, playing as one of your oc’s, or you can just be yourself and interact with everyone else. We welcome artist and writers as well!
- A new server with many exciting channels to to in!
- A friendly and active staff!
- Suggestions made by members taken into account!
Welcome to the unofficial Pewdiepie Fandom discord server! Hang around! Talk in Voice chats if that's your thing. We have music bots as well if you can't afford Spotify xD
We got NSFW for the big bois and wahmen, and SFW main for the 9 year olds (basically everyone)
A chill place for people who watch Jacksepticeye, Markiplier and CrankGameplays to find people they relate to and make friends

(Really not professional, don't expect big things from this XD)
Everyone is welcome!
There is nsfw roleplay and regular roleplay.
More channels coming soon.