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‎|::|・🍒:๑✧。・.𓌝𓂅᠉ ࣪:🎀: ՞ ᖴᗩᒪᗰEᔕ

₊˚.*⁀➷ 🎉

₊˚꒰ ✨ ꒱༉¨。Hey there! We're a brand new server set up by a couple of my real life friends and online friends! My name is Claire, and I'm the owner of this server. Ever since the coronavirus had us all staying in our houses, I started spending a lot more time with online friends, which is why I created this server. It's so people everyone can join together and become a close and fun community !

₊˚꒰ 🍻 ꒱༉¨。We have bots that you can interact with, and will add more upon request. We currently have about a dozen people in the server, and are hoping to get more people so the server can be more active! It may take a while, but it starts with one person at a time, and you can be the next person to join this server and contribute to our community !

Hi guys, welcome to Stay Comfy!
It's a gaming and non-gaming community where in you can meet other people who might have the same interest as yours.

> We have giveaways like Classic Nitro, Spotify Premium, Garena Shells etc.
> We also have some events like Kara-OK, Kakegurui (UnbelievaBoat), Movie Night (every night) and Jamming Sessions.
> NSFW is also enabled on our Kimochii Section

Feel free to join our server. Don't worry, we don't bite. HAHAHA ♥
We are a roplay server based off the popular american TV show Game of Thrones. We are a new Community looking to grow bigger and stronger, if you are not interested but would wish to get into it join one of the Houses, we'll also be having a QNA every week for the Community to ask me, or Staff questions about the Server.
Join if you want to interact and have fun with others while talking about things you want to talk about!
Welcome to our Batman and dc fan community where we accept anybody and feel free to role play in our gotham which is set in the Gotham city the criminals backyard where no person is safe from harm or talk to our community members about any topic and remember the most important thing is to have fun!
Welcome to the garden! A place where you can come and relax and enjoy the wild life~ For centuries we have maintain this garden and we take much pride in it. Please and enjoy your stay and remember dont feed the animals!
Server Location: US Eastern
Mobile Gaming Community

Do you play mobile games? Then come to our server where we have tons of members. Play, listen to music, interact, etc! With more excitement and fun bots, voice channel, etc!