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Inlonely 2.0 community Discord server!
Were an approachable discord server with a welcoming community. We are not all incels, anybody is welcome!
- Growing Community
- Well moderated
- Approachable staff! 🙋‍♂️
- Voice Channels. 🎧
- Gaming
- Fun Bots
- Venting Chat
Come say hi! 👽
TW: chat may contain sensitive material
No spamming
NSFW channel
Music Bots
Trivia Bot
Gambling Bot
Level system
Do you like hot egirls? Do you like furries? Do you like trash servers? If you said yes to any of these questions then you should join thots for life! It's a server full of e-thots who are always willing to send nudes!
Discuss inceldom and the blackball. Are you attractive? Are you ugly? Want to grow taller? Are you tall?
Come learn about heightism.
If you're not attractive you're ugly.
Welcome to the Hive! It was created as a hub for lonely, red- or black-pilled people to meet but has expanded to a community server.

We have:
- Self-react roles
- 100+ emotes
- Bots (Coming Soon: Custom Bee Bot)
- Minecraft server
- Dating channels
- Frequent game nights
- Level 3 Nitro Boost

If you don’t leave in the first hour, you’ll love it here.
Cool active place for retards and losers to chat
Minimal rules
Dont join if you are a sensitive faggot baby
This server is for serious gamers, weebs, and fags only! Don't join if you do not have severe autism! Thank you :)!!
please associate with us
We are a wholesome community built on positivity and uplifting attitudes. Everyone deserves frens, and everyone is welcome here!
"all incels will do if given an interested girl is ruin the relationship with their bitterness and paranoia"
"no use to have a girl in your life if you can't trust them for shit because u have been burnt too many times and don't know how to trust women anymore
gotta beat the inner demons before you can have a relationship"
We are a growing community looking for likeminded people, yet accepting of outsiders.
The Legendary Incel abode. Where the incel community started out on discord. Back in full power.
We do pretty much anything here, we got big tiddie e girls, incels, gamers, and an wide cast of unforgettable characters! oh and you can also say the n word
Shut ins Army is a discord servers dedicated to all the 4channers, incels, doomers, weebs, redpilled, black pilled etc folks out there. Will make you feel less lonely and depressed.
We offer:

-NSFW obvious channels
-C-O-P-E channel where we ventilate
-Memes channel
-Active mods !
-Cancer...more cancer !

No females or trans/homos allowed.
have you been blocked from joining a server because you're a MAN? are you tired of WOMEN thinking they're better than you? this is the place for you. MEN ONLY.