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Welcome into this server of inazuma eleven! We want to make this server as active as possible! I just started this channel, so it's not rlly that active yet, but we will become a great group!

You can share your oc/rpc here, rp with them or even send art or fanfics about them.

~Brittsu <3
Hey you!
We're a small community that first met on amino and decided to make a discord server, and a cool one!

We got tons of chats for what you need, memes, polls, games, shitpost, cosplays and so on...

We got bots like Tatsumaki, Mudae, Ayana and Pollbot.

I don't really know what to add but you can join and see for yourself!
So don't be shy and we hope to see you there!
Bonjour ou bonsoir, notre serveur concerne principalement l'animé Inazuma eleven, toutes saisons confondues que ce soit les premières ou encore celle d'ares, orion, Go...
Nous avons comme tradition, que chaque personnes venant sur la communauté, incarne un personnage de l'animé !
Alors si tu es fan d'inazuma eleven et qu'il te plairait d'incarner l'un de ses personnage, ce serveur est fait pour toi !
Bonne journée/soirée à toi et des bisous !