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Mario Party Ideas is a non-official growing server where we discuss ideas for future Mario Party games! This includes minigame concepts, game modes, characters, among other things! We also discuss current Mario Party titles.
Post your art, designs, ui/ux or anything regards graphics! You can learn much stuff! Join to be thinking free! :)
This server is for "Bohemians". What that means can be rough. If you somehow generally fit under it though, you're welcome to join. This server is generally for "Bohemian" Teens, but as long as nothing weird happens, anyone is allowed.
ZeduHow is an online informative community consisting of a growing database of how-to guides in technology, education, and business for young entrepreneurs. Founded in 2017 by Internet entrepreneurs from ZeduHow Team, the website aims to create the world's most helpful how-to instructions to enable everyone in the world to learn how to use technology tools, apps, and educational resources. At ZeduHow we simply resource so everyone can understand and use them in everyday life or education. Technology simplify, explained step by step. We are aiming to be soon, an open source, self hosted community sharing the knowledge and support.
Hello everyone! We are looking for members to join Game Vault Studios. We are not highly populated yet, but we hope to get there soon. This discord server is based on Roblox simulator game, which is gonna be made soon! Why not join it and give us an idea of what to add to the game.

We have good rules and are looking for as many active members that we can find. We are doing a giveaway now! Why not join it to enter the giveaway.
members, the giveaways depend on what the majority of the people want. We have places where you can sell, buy, and trade things. We are free to partner with any Discord server, you must DM the creator: Ride or Die#1755. In this group, you may talk about whatever
games you play, and you won't be judged by what games you play. The server recently got raided and loses a lot of members so, come and join Game Vault Studios if you would like to! The link to the

Discord server is:
Let's Talk Politics is all about politics. On our server, you can register as either a Republican, Democrat, or Independent. We love to talk about all our different views and ideas and we hope you do too. Hope to see you soon!